Why do anons always express outrage at the fact that women want dominant men...

Why do anons always express outrage at the fact that women want dominant men? The real question isn't "Why do women want dominant men" but why are you so against it? How do you rail against feminism while being such an unmanly beta faggot who cries about women preferring "assholes" over passive-aggressive "nice guys" pussies like you?

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define dominant op.

>50 shades of gray
nice bait

Because all the idiot women and men in education,my family and the media told me to be a nice fucking guy only to learn it was all a big fucking lie just so women post wall will have a wallet to attach to like a fucking leak. So yeah I hate the women but I hate those fucking liars even more.

You're simply not a nice guy. That's the problem. If you jump to blaming other people first, then your at fault. If you think you're not actually nice and you realize it, then your nicer than what you would expect. It's a foolproof stratagem for detecting cucked basedboy beta manlets.

Because that feel wen tfw no gf.

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because being dominant means you have to be in charge and know what to do. it's fucking stressful having to do all the time. yet women pretend they don't force men to do this shit and instead they whine about "toxic masculinity", even though the "toxic" traits they describe are a direct symptom of what they ask out of men

It depends on the woman.
People are mean, so it helps to be able to know how to stand up for yourself.
I haven't talked about this topic in years but I don't care about it anymore almost 100 percent.
I've known I'm not the nicest person around for about 9 years now. Maybe more.
It's just the way it is and there's no point getting depressed or angry about it.

This is why I only date Slavic men. Western men are too pussified.

Fair enough. Take away women's rights, forbid them from working and reinstate a dominant patriarchy.

Because it's deplorable to be that kind of human being. To not only want some prince to come in to sweep you off your feet, but to want that same person to degrade and humiliate you. There's no overstating how disgusting the idea of that Bella knockoff's lifestyle is to a man, to not just accept the yoke, but beg for it. And it's all a fake cover of submission, because by submitting they simply make themselves the shadow-masters of their man. In a sub-dom relationship, it is incredibly the sub who decides what happens, and for how long, and the "dom" who puts all the effort into making everything happen. So even while they're pretending to be slaves, you're pouring in all the effort, and they're merely accepting it. Why should anybody respond to that kind of wish with anything but politely contained disgust?

from an asian perspective, not all of one race is pussified. There are probably some good people out there but are obscured by the sheer amount of sik fuks who just wan a quik fuk.

women have no sense of responsibility though. that's why there's women who will be completely supported by their husbands income even if the husband would be fine with her working, but still bitches nonstop that he's not buying her enough gifts. they're fucking entitled. they know they can just post on twitter saying "cashapp me $10 see what happens heehee" and money will flood in, or log onto tinder and get free food by pretending to be interested in a guy so he'll take her on a date

I hope you get the shit beaten out of you by your "dominant" man. It's usually what happens. Then you move on, cry about it to the next sucker about how "abusive" your ex was despite you selecting for those "abusive" traits.

this, I used to feel sorry for women with abusive boyfriends until I realized they bring it upon themselves every time

Imagine crying about something you literally asked for. You asked for a dominant, taller, stronger, brutish man who literally does not give a fuck what you think and could not care less about you.

I can't help but smile when I see another dead cunt killed by her boyfriend or husband.

Holy based user femfags btfo

based beyond belief.

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thanks for the (You) along with the absolutely based post friend

The majority of us don't have the stone marble jaws or steroid bull levels of testosterone that you're looking for

It's funny, women flip their shit when they're criticized for their weight (in their control) but men need to shut the fuck up when they're criticized for height/dick/frame/face/etc which are all out of their control.

The basedboy look didn't exist 20 years ago. Obviously men are choosing to look that way

you can control your dick size if you eat the right stuff and support your dick from an early age. sorta like that with height and frame too.

You can't control your face though, and can only do so much for the previous attributes, so it's not entirely a choice, but you can still make an effort to make it not as bad.

You can control your weight by not stuffing sugar down your gullet

>you can control your dick size if you eat the right stuff and support your dick from an early age.

Because little kids choose what they eat, right?

Just as "nice person" means nothing coming from oneself (funny, I see normalfags do it all the time especially when they're blatantly contradicting themselves), it doesn't necessarily mean anything coming from anyone else. You can be the "nice person" one day and not the next. Or "nice" according to one person and not "nice" to the another. Pursue virtue, not to please.