Rate Each Other's Lives

Jason Ramirez
Jason Ramirez

I'll start, as is customary...
status: failed normie / cyborg
22 male
am flunking out of university as a freshman
transferring to a community college mid semester as a saving throw
forty dollars to my name, spent all my savings from my last job on weed and impulse spending
last job I worked was in a lumber yard in Alaska with my cousin for two years
before that I was a NEET for two years
horrid acne, but not too ugly besides that
not a virgin, but have only had one girlfriend despite getting laid over ten times
have browsed Jow Forums since 2010
on multiple psychiatric medications
somewhat of a musician, have made money on the side from playing live gigs

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Mason Sanchez
Mason Sanchez

Thats easier than my life. Youre just lazy

Asher Flores
Asher Flores

I know. I am just a lazy slob and basically put myself in the situations that I create.

Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson

failed normie
28 male
worthless degree
live at home
never made more than 16/hr
fucked 50 roasties and 65 hookers from overseas
work 20 hours a week at a meaningless job for 16/hr
don't want to live anymore but don't want to kms either
basically just want shelter and internet without having to work

Gavin Mitchell
Gavin Mitchell

5'7" 130 lbs
failed normie
diagnosed with AvPD
spent a year as a full on NEET after dropping out of college in early 20s
work as a computer support tech
virgin until 27
currently have 25 yr old Asian gf

Jaxson Brown
Jaxson Brown

thats aIl you need to know

Cameron Sanchez
Cameron Sanchez

I rate you 4/10
You get 3/10

Luis Robinson
Luis Robinson

high-functioning aspie
23 male
was the weird cringey white kid in high school
ultra-christian upbringing, narcissistic boomer helicopter parents who cared only about having control
dropped out of high school AND community college
been an on-and-off neet ever since
several thousand dollars saved up
was a nomad living out of my car for three months
I actually like my current day job and it pays 14 an hour, unfortunately it's seasonal
6'5 but in a lanky awkward way, not the handsome chad way
gay virgin, because I'm insecure and can't be arsed to try
the idea of living a sterile 9-5 existence with a wife and kids is horrifying to me, and I feel like I'm being particularly pressured into it more than others for some reason
sheltered as fuck, no experience with pot until maybe six months ago

Jaxson Wright
Jaxson Wright

Are you good?

Cameron Richardson
Cameron Richardson

29 male
make 6 figures working in IT
had only one Stacy gf in HS, made her do disgusting things for me in order to appease my foot fetish/cuck fetish
have spent thousands of shekels on porn and camwhores - like well over 10k
Have average 5/10 chubby gf
she has no idea I'm into all this crazy shit and hide my porn addiction from her

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Carter Parker
Carter Parker

This isn't so bad user. You probably aren't even so short next to your chinky gf. Are you bald?

Eli Gray
Eli Gray

somewhere in the middle, not failed normie yet
21 male
5'9, 140 lbs
do muay thai and enjoy it a lot
studying a course in uni that i like
dont really have a gf and still a virgin but my time will come
dont have any deformities or acne
talk to women everyday
looking pretty good rn robots, after a awful time in high school i think its finally my time to shine

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Levi Reyes
Levi Reyes

1st world country, engineering Master, currently software engineer.
Tried tinder but no luck, feels like I'll never meet a female ever
Hobbies are magic the gathering and videogame that are like it (magic arena or those auto chess clones for example)
Lost some fat but still chubby so not really attractive. Losing the rest is really tough.
Always tired, wish I'd never have to wake up to work every again

Ayden Allen
Ayden Allen

18 male
fourth semester of college (third world education)
so far my grades are pretty good except for one subject
had my first irl gf earlier this year
lost my virginity but got cheated on
done drugs thrice
good-looking but skinny-fat body
been browsing Jow Forums since 2018
want to become a movie director

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Easton Reed
Easton Reed

wizard almost 3 years
dropped out of uni after two years
went back at 26
physics teaching degree
never stepped foot in classroom after student teaching
janitor supervisor at uni
tfw no gf ever
haven't even been on date in 7 years
no chance at gf because only girls I meet are my underlings and >muh ethics
not even mentally ill or ugly or anything
just never tried very hard

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David Cox
David Cox

ty friend. She's 4'11" so I get to feel tall next to her and no, I'm not balding. My father didn't have issues with balding either.

Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson

The way everyone's posing makes this look like it could be a poster for some action movie or capeshit. If my laptop wasn't fucked, I'd make an edit.

Jaxson Nguyen
Jaxson Nguyen

went to elite college and graduate school on full scholarships, no debt
5' 8", maybe close to 5' 9" in the morning.
5/10 face. Kind of crooked teeth because poorfag childhood, but healthy. People have to have an emotional connection to me to find me handsome, but no huge barriers.
many friends, at least half women. Often seen as the smart, talented one. A little eccentric.
normie interests like reading contemporary lit and hiking. Always hide my power level until I know someone will find it quirky and harmless
no casual hook-ups, but been in 5 relationships that each lasted 1-2 years. Most ended amicably when I moved for work.
live in NYC
make just enough freelancing to pay rent and have a lot of free time. Eat out once a week and grab a few drinks with friends.
good at talking to new people.
Year.5 since last relationship/sex. Haven't really put myself out there but have been rejected the last few times I expressed interest

What do, anons?

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Cooper Brown
Cooper Brown

idk, I usually hear positive things

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Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz

Those look nice, user.
Lonely but sweet.

Isaac Wilson
Isaac Wilson

comfy. dont stop, especially with this style and formats and themes

Oliver Walker
Oliver Walker

Extremely comfy. I too draw lonely landscapes. Nothing marketable, but doesn't need to be.

Kayden Bell
Kayden Bell


remember to confuse the data-mining algo every chance you get robots

Isaiah Wood
Isaiah Wood

24 years old
white (but raised around beaners)
lives in first world country
shitty unbringing (poor, both parents drug addicts)
normie (depends on your definition of normie)
lives with gf in studio apt
has a cat
full time drug dealer (primarily meth)
has a criminal record, been in state prison
been selling dope for years, only form of income but it pays well (make a grand to a couple grand a week est)
always busy, overwhelmingly so sometimes
average sized penis i think (5 inches or so but decent thickness)
gf goes to college, has a job, and is not involved in any criminal activity whatsoever, apt is in her name.
98% of people in life are scummy
live in a relatively quiet apartment complex on a decent side of town
most likely being watched by law enforcement
not ugly. Can attract females easily
life (very little) outside dopegame is quite comfy

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Aaron Mitchell
Aaron Mitchell

I have a hard time imagining a normal looking, much less attractive crystal meth dealer. You probably have a very high opinion of yourself. Are the females you attract generally the kind you find in trailer parks?

Also do you cook your own meth or do you buy it from someone who does? Nothing about your life sounds comfy or even ideal.

Carter Miller
Carter Miller

status: cyborg
26 f
college dropout
was a NEET from 18 to 25
174 lbs
hapa of the shitty Asian variety
Jow Forums circa 2005
Inattentive ADHD and existential anxiety
Play Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, and learning how to play the hurdy gurdy
Decent artist
still get irate if someone brings up mass effect the rejection from the cripple still hurts
used to be really into video games. I pick one up every now and then but the last game I beat was sekiro. Looking forward to death stranding
DM/GM regularly

Jordan Phillips
Jordan Phillips

Here are my rates

5/10 with room to grow. What are you taking meds For?
3/10 gross about your sexual record
6/10 at least you got the girl and have a job
6/10 I'm glad you found a job you can tolerate
2/10 degenerate
7/10 ive been wanting to get into muay thai. Ive only had experience with boxing/kickboxing and karate
4/10 mtg players are the worst people to deal with in tabletop stores
3/10 Don't give up on your dreams
4/5 waisted potential
?/10 why are you here
2/10 degenerate

Kayden Jackson
Kayden Jackson

Dopegame has changed, user. In my state (and a lot of the southern states) methamphetamine has surpassed cocaine as the primary party stimulant. A good portion of my clientele are middle class people and partysluts. Ice seems to have lost its stigma of "white mans crack, trailer trash dope" and its SUPER popular among the gay and tranny community for some reason.
do you cook
No. I dont even know how to or the basics. Majority of methamphetamine nowadays is produced in Mexico. I buy from beaners who ship it up from the border. I do not encourage using or selling it. Methamphetamine is very psychologically addictive, and physically, its literal poison for you. Its trash for the body and mind and brings out the worst in people. Dont do it, brobots.

It's where the moneys at, though

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Dominic Morgan
Dominic Morgan

grew up poor, looking like a chubby lesbian, even though I am male
got bullied into social autism, or at least I like to think so so I would have someone to blame for my failures
be 24 now
5/10, actually passable as a normie at first glance, but I have that mega creepy aura
completely healthy, if you ignore the mild acne, psoriasis, and the 5 inch pencil dick
bad at talking, yes, bad at talking, you'd think I have a speech impediment, since years of barely talking to anybody made me stutter, forget random words
awful memory, makes it even harder to talk to people since I don't even remember any details from my favorite movies, games, etc.
haven't had a legit friend since I was 12
have never had a conversation that lasted more than 2 minutes with a woman I'm not related to
closest I came to kissing a girl was when one came up to me out of nowhere at a festival and asked me if I wanted to kiss her, I said, and I quote "haha no" and walked away
accidentally stumbled into a high paying software QA job and now constantly extremely anxious people at work will find out I'm a fraud and I will lose it
I probably spend 362 evenings at home in a year, I'm legit uncomfortable or even afraid of being around people, so I never go outside anywhere besides the job and the grocery store to buy food
Last fun fact about me
keep spending my money on all types of different vitamins hoping I will find one that could make me normal human being, cause nothing else is helping
tragic is my middle name

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Jackson Lewis
Jackson Lewis

7/10. has degree and is a normalfag
5/10, actual robot with a gf
8/10 for height alone, tutorial mode
8.5/10 for salary alone
9/10 seems at peace with himself
9/10 for degree alone
7.5/10, still has a lot of potential despite height
6.5/10 very average
7/10 doesn't need help
7.5/10 interesting profile
roastie on rookie diffiiculty n/a/10

Angel Rogers
Angel Rogers

status femborg
College dropout
Been at work for over half year, only that
Assist at community center currently
Short, nearly flat, pale
Got borderlines, PTSD, anhedonia
Bit alcoholic
No friends but got committed bf, live together
Been to Jow Forums regularly since 2010 used to translate for jaypee.
Annoying Jow Forums is my only full time hobby.

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Wyatt Reed
Wyatt Reed

The happiest person here is a meth dealer. Relly mkes you think

Brody Price
Brody Price

2/10 undiagnosed gender dysphoria but based mongol rape baby genetics

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Anthony Cook
Anthony Cook

No friends but got committed bf, live together
next time put this at the top so i can stop reading thanks

Adrian Cruz
Adrian Cruz

Damn bro, you're making it 10/10

Nathaniel Diaz
Nathaniel Diaz

18 male
starting college or something, no real plan for life
lost what i had left of my social life in elementary when i became a recluse neet
somewhat attractive i guess, i've been told i'm cute
5'6 92lbs
kissless virgin, a girl hugged me once but i think it was out of pity or a dare of sorts, i've been scared ever since
was almost diagnosed autist (pda) but sperged out on the assessor (threw chairs, etc) before i could get a full diagnosis
i often think about hanging myself

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Robert Carter
Robert Carter

live in a literal brazilian favela
born with facial deformity
father was always an alcoholic
went to college but had to dropout to work
company I worked for went bust
can't find a normal job (economy is fucked)
work online for $2/hour
no friends
no gf
handholdless, eyecontactless virgin
spend all my free time on Jow Forums and other forums
don't even have money for mcdonalds

My life is nightmare mode, anyone ITT would suicide on the spot if they had to live even a single day under my skin

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Nathaniel Perry
Nathaniel Perry

31 going on 32
125 pounds and 5'11''
basically unemployed
college dropout
live at home with parents
never had gf
no friends
spinal stenosis
irittable bowel syndrome - c
conservative but live with liberals who have the news on always, msnbc ofc
depressed for 5 years now
no insurance for ssri meds

keep coming to Jow Forums, never enjoy it

pretty sure im the worst one off here.

Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller

this is how i feel, theres no pride or accomplishment in me continuing to exist, but it takes so much effort to keep it going.

i have to double dose on sleep pills to just get to bed, otherwise i lay in bed wanting to kms.

I go on x and pol while i wait for it to kick in and distract my self, but being aware that I am disassociating my self from reality.

I really miss being able to eat food and being able to exercise. I feel like I am in a metaphorical wheel chair that no one else can seen. I also want to know what having a gf is like, but that too will never happen for me either.

mostly I am tired of my thoughts and how they are always sad and I cant get rid of them.

Ian White
Ian White

18 male
somewhat attractive i guess, i've been told i'm cute
5'6 92lbs
father absent since i was 6 or something, he was abusive towards me and my mother, i have bad memories of it
starting college or something, no real plan for life
lost what i had left of my social life in elementary when i became a recluse neet
kissless virgin, a girl hugged me once but i think it was out of pity or a dare of sorts, i've been scared ever since
was almost diagnosed autist (pda) but sperged out on the assessor (threw chairs, etc) before i could get a full diagnosis

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Jaxon Ortiz
Jaxon Ortiz

Me and my bf would be YEETed in this region if this was the case. Probably hate faggots more than /pol/ + Jow Forums combined.

Brandon Collins
Brandon Collins

status: normie
22yo male
now in a master's studying literature
top student, have been recommended by multiple teachers to some of the top universities for my PhD
/fit/ after 3 years of working out
over 20k in the bank from multiple scholarships, no debt
large social groups whom I hang out with regularly
poor family, dad died in an accident when I was 12
worked as a farmer as a kid, unpaid
had to kill animals from as young as 10
mother got raped at work
got bullied throughout school, some kid broke my arm on purpose at one point
depression hit me all throughout high school, got shit grades, almost failed HS, failed suicide attempt at 18, hospitalized and put on meds
meds would leave me with total apathy, wouldn't even masturbate or play videogames, would literally just spend my days in bed
still a kissless virgin in spite of speaking to girls regularly

None of this is a lie. Hit me.

David Fisher
David Fisher

thanks, I'd post more in gondola threads if it wasn't for the original post crap

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Nathan Taylor
Nathan Taylor

status: shutin loser
20 male
get decent grades in university, studying computer science, its the only thing I have motivation to do anymore
$300 to my name (all saved from birthday gifts from parents)
never worked a day in my life, applied to hundreds of jobs and internships from my field as well as minimum wage entry level jobs like mcdicks, but was flat out rejected or failed the interview of every one
virgin, never had a gf, kissed, held hands, or any of that. It's been years since I've had any physical contact with another person that wasn't an accidental bump on a crowded bus
haven't had friends or a social life since elementary school
never leave the house for anything but school and errands
browsed Jow Forums since 2014
on no psychiatric medications, because I'm not going to be assed to go tell some shitty meme illness doctor about my feelings to get some shitty pills that won't do anything
have multiple hobbies, like cooking, music, vidya, anime, learning japanese, making vidya, ect, but haven't been able to keep up with any of it, due to laziness and internet addiction

Asher Ramirez
Asher Ramirez

failed normie
5'8 154lbs
Third world nigger-spic
6 months without talking to a woman.

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Nolan Jones
Nolan Jones

22yo normie
pretty average childhood with video games and hanging out with friends
was above average in school
started to get interested in drugs in mid teens
abused and had withdrawals from a lot of drugs (psychedelics, weed (3 yrs everyday), stims like amph and meth, rcs, dissociatives, benzos, ghb)
went psychotic/delirious a few times, also been to the ER for meth overdose or something
stop doing drugs
after a month start feeling really weird and get random chest pains
think im going crazy
check heart, it's fine, turns out its mental
panic disorder and derealization for over 2 years now
took antidepressants and antipsychotics for a year
bunch of sideffects including getting tinnitus permanently
always feel like im coming up on acid
sort of accepted it but been bothered by existential thoughts a lot
life feels pointless and I don't know how to enjoy it because memories fade and everything dies
was /fit/, but lost all the gains and now skinny, weak
dropped out of uni two times, third time was the charm
tried therapy, little success
have gf
have good bros
had a good software engineering internship during the summer
still living with parents
life looks pretty okay from side but no
ears currently ringing and vision is blurry
always afraid of sudden death

not too bad but the mental shit is really annoying

Angel Thompson
Angel Thompson

Your life doesnt sound too bad. What kind of psychiatric meds do you take and what specifically for?
Not to sound mean but you sound like a shell of a human being. You need to find some meaning in your life, instead of just living for shelter and internet day to day
Your life sounds like it used to be miserable but now things are looking up.
You sound like a very eccentric, yet interesting person.
You certainly make a lot of money! 7/10
I want to write screenplays.
Try harder!
You certainly don't sound like a stereotypical drug dealer! Do you use the drugs you sell? While i can't agree with your life choices, something about your tone makes you seem like not such a bad guy.
Sounds comfy.