So my boyfriend of 4 years just confessed to having erotic dreams with my 16 (sixteen) years old little sister

So my boyfriend of 4 years just confessed to having erotic dreams with my 16 (sixteen) years old little sister.
I know I can't truly resent him because people can't control their dreamsn but I seriously feel cucked nonetheless.

Should I be worried?

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Please describe the dream he had in detail...
Lots of detail.

He told me that in his dream all three of us were sleeping in the same bed and my sister and I were cuddling/kissing him. At one point I went away and my sister stayed in the bed touching him everywhere and she started fingering herself. I don't know what happened next and I'm not sure I really want to

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Obviously, he finds your sister attractive, and this makes sense; as if he finds you attractive he'd likely find an equivalently "of age" sibling attractive too. So, take that as you will.
Next, he indeed can't control exactly what is presented in his dreams, and so you can't blame him directly.
What matters is how you interpret why he revealed that dream to you, and what that revelation means.
Note that, while suspicion and jealousy are all valid emotions to have here, they shouldn't be taken too far, and a decision shouldn't be made without discussing with your partner first (when it comes to the relationship).
e.g. breaking up over this, as, he trusted you with that, and so you should feel thankful to him for revealing that.
As, he had a choice for whether or not to hide it. In actuality it "solidifies" the point that he wouldn't act on it, as now you're more keenly aware of that possibility, and are keeping an eye out for it due to him mentioning it.
It should ease your mind in a way as he's likely confirming a suspicion you've had (maybe you've mentioned it indirectly or asked him if he found your younger sister cute, and so in actuality, you may be a cause here too).
So, even though he has that attraction, he trusts you and cares for you enough to reveal that attraction (he's trusting you can handle it, and he's trusting that you trust him the same amount).
Basically he is confirming his love and trust in you via revealing that subconscious desire, and confirming that his conscious mind doesn't want to pursue it; via the act of making you aware of his subconscious mind's desire (as, subconscious/unconscious does have a mind of its own in their own ways).

lol the fact he told you something like that tells me that he said it because he feels like he needs to be honest or feels guilty. So if it was anything more serious he probably couldn't keep it in and lie. Also I dreamed fucking my own brother in the ass, you think I wanted that dream?

Incredibly based answer. But still, knowing your bf/gf dreams about fucking your sibling and thus is subconsciously attracted to them must feel terrible.

totally normal desu. he must masturbated to her countless times already.

>having siblings
This is where you fucked up.

>you think I wanted that dream?
Unironically, yes. All the dreams I have are projections of my conscious or subconscious desires/regrets/guilt.

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>Should I be worried?
No, not in the least. Fantasizing about attractive females is just what men do. There's no plotting or intent or action involved, just a testosterone-addled brain functioning normally. He sees an attractive woman walking by or across the street and his mind flashes with what she'd look like naked and spread-eagled in front of him and what she'd sound like as she comes and then the thought passes and he more likely than not forgets what she looked like two steps later. This does not mean you're not his "type" or that he's not attracted to you, or anything like that - he could switch gears from a stawberry blonde teenager to an Indian MILF to a chubby librarian to a cardiobunny model to someone who looks like you to a twink in short shorts (no homo) in seconds because when not being used for something more important the auxiliary brain below starts running the show. If anything you should be less worried because he told you; if he was even entertaining the remotest possibility of actually throwing a hump into your sister he wouldn't tell you because now you're on the lookout.

why are men like this
The thought of him fantasizing about random girls is just depressing

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>Should I be worried?
Why wouldn't you be. He's already probably fucking her. Smart man desu. Saw an upgrade opportunity and took it.

This. Very based.
I trained myself to imagine being able to fuck anyone in an instant. Even while having serious conversations.

Wow "femanon", you sure know how to pick em!

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Probably not desu, if he's having erotic dreams it means he's not cumming a whole lot irl

Ya mans is engaging in semen retention but the devil is tempting him

Alternatively you should be worried because he may consider sex with you as a "baseline" that now bores him and is looking for outer stimulation

Post pics of sister please

This bait would be better if you were a barely passing trap and you posted a picture of your uggo ass next to your sister.

That's not normal, you sound immature/young, and have obviously never fallen in love before (normal for immature men).
Men in love actually get protective of their partner, acquire aggressive/repulsing behavior towards other women (if they show intimacy advances), defending their partner (an extension of their territory), and develop really strong preferences for their partner (unconscious bias in favor of their partner).
Basically, it can "feel wrong" to look at other women, or to even unconsciously dreaming of another woman will arise feelings of guilt (hence telling her), because of what occurs neurology due to the impacts of love (oxytocin).
Although, of course, there are of course variants to the studied patterns of behavior due to lacking the required genes that make the studied patterns possible (or lacking the environment to trigger said epigenetic factors).
Check out the pair-bonding studies on voles (e.g. The Neural Basis of Pair Bonding in a Monogamous Species: A Model for Understanding the Biological Basis of Human Behavior), oxytocin articles from said authors of studies (for their conclusions/extrapolations), and related studies (in citations).

Also, yes, I realize he's mostly shitposting.

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suck his dick until he forgets about her.

>why are men like this
Because in the absence of anything more meaningful to consider, men think about sex. We just don't tell women these things because we know that all of the reassurances we give them are good for nothing because they are incapable of understanding the male brain and we don't want to hurt them. These thoughts are little transient fantasies that don't even make us twitch downstairs, just smile internally as we consider what absolute studs we are inside our own heads.

>The thought of him fantasizing about random girls is just depressing
Even calling them fantasies is giving them too much credit but there's no word that describes them better. It's just the subconscious of the dick taking the reins and those thoughts are swept away as easily as cobwebs.

It's perfectly normal. These are not extended fantasies, they're just little flashes that come and go in seconds, if that. You see a girl with big tits walking down the street, the COOMING area in your brain produces an image of what she looks like topless and then the rest of your mind nods appreciatively and releases a minute amount of dopamine before sweeping it into the trash for the rest of eternity.

It is normal to a certain extent, and normal in the sense of a "common pattern of thought"; that much is true.
I suppose I misworded, and should clarify; you're right that it's "normal" (in the sense above), but in my opinion maturity of a male denotes conscious control of that part of your mind (the ID).
For example, it used to happen to me when I was hormone addled in my teens, but after I matured it didn't occur anymore; so I definitely see where you're coming from.
However, I can "will it" to happen if I want, but otherwise the switch is flicked off (this is likely because I only "flick that switch" when looking at my SO).
Although, I may be an exception here, and have conscious control of my mind in that regard; which is more mature in my opinion, because you're exerting control of your mind and where you allow it to go.

I think you might be the more abnormal one in this situation; I believe that the usual state of affairs for most men is that the flow of these transient thoughts is governed by a temporary switch that's closed by default.

That does make a lot of sense for that being the prevailing state of affairs, hummm
I appreciate the dialogue user

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men are attracted to young and fertile women,
while women are attracted to high value men, if you are living surrounded by low value men, then obviously you are not gonna think about fucking with other men.
that's just social norms, we dont really control it.
If you let your guy have too much testosterone then he's going to start making his stride and look for potential mates (in this case your sister).
Maybe it's because you dont fuck him enough, just having erotic dreams says a lot already about his sexual satisfaction.

(heads up I'm a different user from OP, but nbd)

>men are attracted to young and fertile women
>while women are attracted to high value men
True, and to go into more detail this is an admixture of evolutionary biology, social norms (especially for females in terms of the "value" factor per the dominance hierarchies they're selecting from as most "value" defined via society & males have to limit said factor of "youth" to be balanced with norm of "maturity"), and neurology/personality/self-awareness (complicated).

>If you let your guy have too much testosterone then he's going to start making his stride and look for potential mates (in this case your sister).
True, if the males doesn't get enough release of prolactin (which counteracts T development, e.g. released via sex, mutual masturbation, masturbation, etc), and doesn't get enough of the love cocktail as to reinforce said "love behaviors" mentioned here (e.g. oxytocin, vasopressin, etc - via intimacy, be it being in eachother's presence in a loving way, sex, or otherwise); then they're more "driven" to stray at a baser level (at the unconscious/subconscious level, the conscious mind may fight against this voicing said emergent feelings, etc etc).
Basically, have sex with your man, frequently, work their love language, and make them mentally/sexually/spiritually content (as to generate said love cocktail).
Though, of course, this should be mutual (shaped per the sex of their partner).

O, I meant, the post you quoted (is me) and I'm a different user from OP.
Yup, excuse the annoying double-posting if you would

Had a dream my little cunt of a 16 year old cousin sat on my face and made me eat her pussy while her hot little friend rode my dick. I was so fucking pissed when I woke up....

It's normal for him to do so, less normal that he told you about it

you should let him fuck her tight little pink teen pussy while you watch. who knows, maybe you have a cuck fetish. I had a 3some with my girlfriend and her friend and i ended up paying way more attention to her friend and busting a big fat warm load in her friends pussy instead of her. she said afterwards that she felt a weird mixture of anger jealousy but also that it turned her on.

don't be a sore femcel loser :^)