It's Friday night. Why aren't you socializing and getting married?

It's Friday night. Why aren't you socializing and getting married?

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because im going to meet a femanon on here and marry her. ive been here for a decade and it hasnt happened yet but i still have hope!

Fuck that I'm drinking and gonna eat some ribs

Because I have to work tonight.

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Imagine thinking that getting married will fix the pit inside of you and not simply add more degrees by which to fuck up your shit life

True, getting married only means that you're able to get fucked over harder by your "wife" when she decides to leave you for another man she met at work.

Secret marriage. It's the only way.

just be a literal cuck like the average redditor

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Does that mean I get to keep my wife in the basement and never let her communicate with the outside world?

Bored? Why not join this server where you can get blackmailed into becoming a tranny?

I wake up tomorrow at 6 a.m to start baking stuff for tomorrow's party.

Married for three years and get off to futa succubi more than my wife.

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Sad and coom-pilled.

I work nights.

Dude cuck lmao

Because I tried and actually got acquaintances left and right but no actual friendships because I have trouble relating to people on anything more than a jokes and political talk level and going out to party won't change that.

I am here to forget, not be reminded how shit my social skills are, OP.

I tried that tonight
social anxiety is a bitch tho

the only female attention I got was from a fat hooker
>be me
>walking by a house with differently colored light out of every window
>strange party drughouse?
>look at windows, said fat hooker sees me walking & watching
>flashes her tits and bekons me over
>realize it's a whorehouse
>anxiety intensifies
>look away, walk faster

but hey, still appreciate it, better than nothing

Mom got country fried steak from the Cracker Barrel. I'm going to eat that then play the Yakuza 0

How oldje are you, sweetie?

>having pets instead of kids
Lmao is this how roasties end up

I am married. My husband and I hate people

I love that game. Im at the very end yet dont wanna complete the game yet without finishing all te substories and collecting all the porn cards

How do you fug, if that's the case?

I moved to a big city about 4 months ago.

I was so excited at first. I went out every day and just walked for hours. I would go out to bars every night and try to talk to people. I never really had any successes but I kept going for a long time.

After awhile it all just compounded. The number of girls who awkwardly saddled away from me on the dance floor. The number of conversations that I killed by just saying something stupid. I think I stopped going out around the beginning of August.

I just cant do it anymore. I'm so tired of putting myself out there. I'm so tired of being seen alone. I'm so tired of walking into bars alone. Sitting at the bar alone. Being on the subway alone.

I know that I'm so wrapped up in my head that I literally exude an aura of desperation and sadness - but that leads to a vicious cycle.

I'm so stuck bros. And realistically this is the point where it cant get better. I'm 24 and my social skills are just getting worse. I used to at least be able to talk to my family. Now I cant even say anything to them.

I just sit in my apartment, read sci fi and have a cup of ramen a day. This is life I guess.

we dont hate all people, but do hate talking to people most of the time

22 lol I'm living with mom for a bit

I just got to the part where majima is looking for makoto but I'm addicted too the Cabaret clubs to care. I have like 5 more cards to find.

Does she tuck you in at night and read you stories?

Neighborhood cat drowned in yesterday's flood. Hold me. ;_;

>hedonistic faggot

I'm at the car dealership waiting for some regular maintenance to be done and oogling the new stuff in the showroom.

Nah she goes to sleep before me so I just lay down on the couch and go to sleep

What are you driving? Anything fun?

I'm a mentally ill poor 21 year old with no job or car and very little social skills, youre right its time for me to get married

Isn't there a Tinder for losers and retards?

... like us

That's why you have to beat her to the punch by cheating on her first.
Devolving into degeneracy is the only true competition left in this world, may the worst person win.

tinder is for chads, not us

I did. I went out to eat with my sister, which was a nice change from the usual depressing loneliness. I almost forgot how miserable I was until we stopped for gas. I tried talking to this hot Asian girl that was walking in as I was leaving. She ignored me and kept walking as 3 more equally hot Asians girls and this Chad Asian guy followed behind ( All the girls were wearing this black one piece stripper suit things that sexy as hell ). They were all laughing and having such a good time it seemed, I can only imagine the fun they're having, especially the guy. What am I doing though? Eating cold Chinese on the couch alone. God's a cruel dude sometimes. He gives me an ok night, but then reminds me of a happiness/ pleasure I'll probably never even come close to in my lifetime. On top of all that my sister saw me fail, and got to witness first hand how much of a loser I am. I just want to curl up and die.

Youre over thinking it my man, just go out and talk to people

I'm at work. Something unfamiliar and scary to most people here

Ah, yes, getting married, the best way to pass every Friday night.

This is such a good arrangement.

Nothing exciting but I like it. I do all the regular maintenance at the dealer to maintain my 10 year warranty.

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The same reason you are here fren

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>why aren't you socializing and getting married
only an autist would lump these to together in the same sentence

Yeah, social skills just fall apart if you don't get enough successful interactions after a while. If you keep failing and failing there is no way to tell what works. Sure you can learn a little by failing, but it becomes quite discouraging, but there is only so much that you can learn not to do; the rest of social knowledge comes from successes. All the losses just want to push people like me further into loneliness which does nothing to help me.

I'm trying to prevent what little skill I have left from deteriorating but I'm slowly slipping. The last few times I talked to family and friends (they all live far away from me) I could tell they saw the cracks starting to show, complete with stuttering, repeating words, boring conversation, silences. I'm not sure how long it will be until the ruse is up.

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I'm busy being drunk

Absolutely brutal
also checked

im about to go to a gay bar with people from my work.
Im not gay. This is going to be weird as fuck, at least i hope there is good music to dance.

yeah ok gay boy

I have relatives showing up tomorrow so I need to be alive and rested
I also want to go see a car for sale tomorrow if I can get over my fear of stalling a manual on a test drive (I drove a manual for 2 months but still not super confident)

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Girls ive met dragging their baggage along everywhere, still hung up on their exes, etc. Dont know who to trust and what to believe anymore. Im vetter off just working on myself and see where it goes from there.

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Feeling real lonely right now guys, it hurts

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Same. I beat off to trannies. I don't like my wife very much

hello fren