What was your experience in high school like?

What was your experience in high school like?

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How was your school life like instead?

I didnt have an experience.

Very, very, very, very lonely

I was a music nerd that found solace in band and choir classes like this one called Bravo company.

Hanging out with other weirdos led me to discover encyclopedia dramatica, which of course led me to Jow Forums. 12 years later I'm still here wasting my life away. Thanks high school.

I skipped it
High school is for normies

I hated it at the time. Looking back it was so fucking easy. I have no idea why I dropped out in my Junior year but I don't regret it. I had a lot of really good experiences that all stemmed from the fact that I dropped out.

People befriended me, I even mamaged to have a couple of short term gfs, but I was incredibly socially anxious due to having a Clarnell Stage tier mother

Played in band instead of sports, ended up fucking a 14 year old girl when I was 17 and am still dating her. I'm 20

That pretty much sums up everyone even outside Jow Forums. All films and tv and shit that happens in schools is borderline power fantasy.

This, but slightly less lonely

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I was the class clown. I had to take an after school class to help with my homework cuz i was retarded but I ruled that class.

Girls liked me back then but I was too busy gaming and didnt get into girls until my last year of high school.

It was all downhill after that. Depression, lonelines and realizing that Im a fucknig loser.

I ended up a Drama nerd

This desu. Robots romanticize high school because they watch too much anime. High school blows for most people who aren't turbo normies.

Socially and in school it wasn't great. In grade 5 all my very good friends left the school, and I never recovered a proper close social circle (though I had a very loving family so I was never completely lonely). School was ok, only grade 12 sucked ass because I got two terrible teachers for my two favourite subjects. However, during highschool I also developed my worldview, delved into history and philosophy, and began a weird group which is still alive today. Overall 7/10

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Weird, mine was almost exactly like the Inbetweeners (britfag)

barely showed up
pretty unremarkable as a student
also unremarkable as an adult so some things dont change

What a dumb skeleton he shouldn't have even acknowledged her.
It'll take him months to get over that and years to not want to hurt himself after remembering.
Stupid skeleton

I was mostly a loner, I did hang out with some kids I knew since 3rd grade but they stopped hanging out with me or something.
They were bothering me anyway though, I started hanging out with other people and they decided to not want to hang out with me after that.

I had trouble ever doing homework and one teacher sent me to the school psychologist.
Fuck those people though, I hope I never see any of them ever again.
It's a nice feel knowing they will all die either of old age or other things.

Ran cross country and hung out with all the cross country kids. We were all awkward and lanky and smoked weed basically everyday. Kept to ourselves but were pretty chill

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>hated it at first
>at one point just realized I'm actually really smart
>started doing the chads' homework and they left me alone for the most part