Losing to absolute retards with 300 hours of play in fighting games

>losing to absolute retards with 300 hours of play in fighting games
>know everything about the games and have 1500 hours played

A loser through and through, my whole life has always been garbage.

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stop taking everything so serious, lmao

you need to play older games if you want to get ahead of people based on time put in. games today are made so that anyone can pick up a controller and do well by default

You're just a spaz. A spaz can never really be any good at games. Stop trying to be leet, you will always suck.

you're tilted dumbass take a break

what game is it user tell me


Based retarded boomer.

Competitive games have only gotten more complex throughout the years.

When I played esea for school I could go back into the recorded demos and listen to voice chat of the other team. I would purposely make new accounts with zero hours zero profile and decimate them to enjoy hearing their rage. I dont know if this is also applicable to you but I thought id share.

For csgo* originallllll


Not him but his point might have been that older games were simply harder so they created more disciplined gamers. You cannot refute this.

Well, I would consider that you might be overthinking it. It also just might be that you are playing the wrong fighting games to begin with. You might actually turn out to be better at one series rather than another.

For example I'm decent in Smash Bros, hot garbage at Street Fighter (to the point where I don't even buy them anymore), and pretty good at Mortal Kombat. It's just how the games are structured.
Smash has strategy that I can understand to an extent, and some characters I can use their movesets well enough to be an advantage. Despite that the skill ceiling is very high and I can't really get competitive with it. Streetfighter has combo's that are so hellishly long and a lot of nuanced strategies that I can't remember in a match, so I have always been bad at it, not to mention the skill ceiling there. Mortal Kombat has shorter combos that I can remember like an instinct and a flow that feels more natural to me so I've been getting a lot better at it. It also depends on the specific game too, I was better with MKX than MK11 but then again I'm still learning with MK11 at this point.

Legacy players probably have thousands of game hours over you even if the game doesn't reflect it. You might also be playing with a low tier character or one that doesn't suite your play style.

sure take it personally bro, only making yourself look bad and inferior

>Legacy players probably have thousands of game hours over you
This is true. I probably dropped $300 on Tekken 3 in arcades back in the day,
and god knows how many hours on PS1
I haven't touched Tekken 7, but if Paul Phoenix still plays 90% the same as he used to I'd destroy you.

Don't pay much attention to the hours played thing.
I have like 90 hours played as Spy in TF2 and I miss backstabs on soldiers.

I just use nude mods to keep me calm

I'm 36 years old. Spent all my life playing video games. Complete beginner beat me effortlessly in every single game I ever played. I spent thousands of hours in many games. Just like in life it doesn't help because I will reach my best in a few months while everybody else just gets better constantly. It doesn't help I have very slow reaction times and terrible coordination from birth. Not bad enough get anything out of it but enough to not be crushed by 90% of the general population. If I win it has nothing to do with me just pure luck. The less luck a game allows the less I win. Fighting / solo games are generally the worst but team games are terrible too. I deliberately go for the most retard friendly games but it doesn't help.

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Do not worry user, I'm a loser too.

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>to not be crushed
I meant to be crushed. I read my post 9 times and still left mistakes in it.

>know a lot of things about my field
>still loose to getting job to some glib 6 month bootcamp idiot
a looser through and through

I think it's time for you to stop playing games with other active online people. I think it's time for you to play games... without people. People free video/computer games.

I see user's been playing For Honor

a quick look at mobas would tell you otherwise

I think it's almost a way to be around other people and also to feel like you matter by being better than them. Offline games bore me usually.

I'm a NEET.

Not OP but
For Honor is very fun if you just know which character is the meta and what moves to spam + how to preserve stamina. Personally I play a lot of Lawbringer and a bit of Gladiator and that usually works well for me.

Centurion mains can go fuck themselves though

I never get mad at For Honor
game is comfy and if PVP tilts too hard you can always PvE

Play games all the time but I never make it to the top, if I do I fall out quick.

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Some legit double digit iq streamer button mashed his way to the top ranks in the latest Tekken release. Stop taking a garbage game seriously.

TheMainManSWE? He's been playing Tekken for 2 decades

look who it is hue hue hue

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fucking forsen, the boring braindead swede

>Competitive games have only gotten more complex throughout the years.
lol no, not even close

RTS games from the late 90s and early 00s are more complicated than anything being played competitively now, your typical brainlet who thinks microing one unit is hard in a MOBA would short circuit their brain trying to play AoE2 or Starcraft. I bet you world champs of these games wouldn't even be able to beat normal difficulty bots in a regular RTS from 20 years ago, let alone do shit competitively

>top ranks
he's stuck in scrub green ranks, lmao
I got a higher rank than him in a day with my smurf account

Well micro in starcraft is considerably harder than in a game like league, the game is still far less complex. Once you get to the high end of starcraft there are only a few builds that work for each faction. Find a build that works for you and you can get extremely far up the ladder, memorize multiple builds (not hard) and switch between them depending on the circumstances is the ultimate skill ceiling.

Micro has to do with mechanical skill, and nothing to do with the complexity of the game. Games like league - although they are much easier to approach and play - are in fact more complex than old RTS games like age of empires or starcraft.

All you said was "micro's not so hard", no mention of what makes League complicated.
The items? The talent builds? The skillshots?
I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, but I'm not convinced League is more complex than SC2 or C&C.

>jump into cs 1.6
>get destroyed by 5000h non-steam ivan
>jump into starcraft
>get destroyed by literal 200 apm silvers
>jump into dota
>get reported because you forgot to disassemble an item @ 34 min 15 seconds and tread switch to gain mana bonus while reusing courier
yep no
you need to catch up with people who played the first months of something and never stopped

yea, lol, im literally bad at everything

i almost never play multiplayer. I am without fail always the worst player in the lobby, can play a game forever, guy just picks the game up yesterday and blows me away.

The worst is these pro gamers that ruined my hobby. Family asks, "Hey user, you game all the time, we heard there are gamers like YOU makign lots of money, why dont you try it, you play anyways" have to pretend i dont know what it is cause i cant stomach to tell them im even horrible at gaming

>Noooo Tr4sh is better than Melee
LMAO dumb zoomer

Which character do you play with the most?

>wreck at Smash against friends
>can't catch a win online except to Lil Mac

Hahahaha okay man wait until someone does a 15 frame hopkick and does half your life without you even getting the chance to move a finger

You're shit because you're thinking too much while playing. What makes you good at a game is relevant, mechanical, skills. Think less and just play the damned game. Don't try to play chess where you think 4 moves ahead.

Every time I watch my friend play he'll die to the dumbest shit because he was running too many mental calculations
>Playing Rainbow 6
>He's last man standing as Echo with a silenced shot gun and pistol
>Dicks down 2 people with the pistol as they rush
>Switches to his shotgun and blasts the second to last guy
>Last guy comes around the corner
>Friend gets shot trying to switch to his pistol
>Tries to argue that at that range the optimum weapon would've been the pistol and that's why he switched
>Doesn't realize that by using basic movement and dumping buckshot down range he could've killed the enemy
>Rinse and fucking repeat on the regular
He focuses too much on optimum ranges, strats, and so on rather than just murdering the fucking enemies.

Yeah, thats why you dont throw moves so unsafe you get launch punished.

Pick a character and just focus on block-punishing stuff. Helps you get better at spacing and everything. Beating retards by doing snake edge repeatedly with Bryan isn't going to make you better at the game, learning where to stand and block stuff will.

Not complaining just pointing out how fundamentally different tekken 3 is compared to 7

I 100% agree with you though. Playing my Kazuya and learning basic fundamentals with spacing and punishment has made my King leagues ahead of where it was before