Let's have a bread in memory of the best orbitee

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Who is this girl? She looks strangely a LOT like my ex girlfriend. Fuck I miss her. She'd always give me money so I could head down to my local Applebees and get some nachos or beef or nachos or something. The staff is good and they usally always do a pretty good job down there. They do a pretty good job down there at my local applebees. The staff is really knowledgeable.

Agatha aka threemilk on youtube, she made asmr and shit. I'd rape and murder my entire family to have a gf who looked like her. How is it dating a jew?

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did she die user>>>??

What happened to her was worse than death. But we don't talk about that here.

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appallingly little aggy posting

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un cute

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older agatha

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if anyone hurt aggie imma chimp

They did, but worst of all, she hurt herself...

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Post cute Aggies RIGHT NOW and nobody gets hurt!

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haha she will never be back you choosed the wrong waifu user sorry you can renounce her an follow rose its your only way of salvation


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who is that original person?

Can we talk about how much of a fag the mod wooly socks was?

someone post new agatha. I'm ready for a feels thread

Has it really been that long since she was on YouTube?

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Webm of her bouncy booty in those loose pajama pants?

They were all faggots who wanted a piece

Annoying and boring

Thalia is and will always be the best e girl. I miss her so bad

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Funny thing is all the harassment was blamed on robots but you could tell with how petty the harassment was that it was mostly jealous fembots.

Uh, no. Petty girls weren't the ones doxxing her, stalking her family's blog, making deepfakes of her. Y'all all like to blame women for every terrible thing someone does when it was all gross men.

>gross men
These guys may have been legal adults but they were not men. A man doesnt behave this way.

she is kill
>implying this is nu-agatha

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>you couldn't save her.

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where can I find a cute jewish woman like pre JUST aggie

Guys. /Trash/ is now the home of all the /agatha2/ refugees in case you have heard. Go to trash and search "Agatha" in catalog and you will find it :)

So true. It's been complete radio silence for far too long. The rumours about her dating that discord guy are pretty unsupported too so I have no clue what happened. Although she did upload a video before she deleted it saying she was happy and found a BF. I just doubt it's the guy from discord.

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is this rose? if yes she looks originally retarded, nice milkers tho

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She's the most perfect woman I've ever witnessed.


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That's ciara and she took those before she turned.