Middle age loser thread

Who else is in their 30s and a fucking loser.

I bet im not the only one who expected to be this much of a fucking loser at this age. God i should end it :(

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Why are you a loser OP? What are your loser qualifications?

Live at home

shitty wage cuck job

haven't had a serious gf since i was 20


Okay well start fixing your problems one at a time then, if you actually want to.
Lose some weight first, that's the easiest one to get some control over. If you don't now you probably never will, so show some initiative.

>Who else is in their 30s and a fucking loser.
me, 38

why are you a loser? tell us about yourself

How can I not end up like you? I just got out of high school and doing community college for a meme degree and feel like i'm gonna work a shitty wagecuck job for the rest of my life. i'm a brainlet so i'm not even doing good in college, i don't fucking know what to do.

thats the problem though

Motivation is always the problem since i get short burst and then realize its not happening.

not sure since you sound like me. I did community and then transferred but dropped out.

Fuck I was gonna transfer to a trade school and do a eletrcian but I don't know, I only wanna do I.T related stuff but I hate I.T but I don't like anything else. why is everything fucking hard for me.

Honestly do it. Better to have a stable job than to work a wage cuck job.

>kissless virgin
>no friends
>no degree
>wagecuck job
Be glad you're not me

I'm the op

I have no degree and only one friends I see
every few months

You have no discipline. Maybe if you did then you'd do something about your motivation. Quit being a lazy little bitch.

stop being a fag, do a 10 day fast and make your life glorious
google snake diet cole robinson

>kissless virgin
>no friends
>degree i'm not using
>no job
>25k in debt

think i have it worse

>How can I not end up like you?
>asking failures at life how to succeed

bruh if i knew that i wouldn't be living in my parents house would I?

32yo virgin, no job, currently spending about 14 hours a day on WoW classic. No longer really have any real-life friends.

>How can I not end up like you?
I think basically you have to have something in life that you want so incredibly badly that you'll go through whatever hell you encounter to get it. If you don't have such a thing, or if you just encounter too many difficulties and get your hopes too crushed, then I don't know what you do.

please god make more of these threads they are desperately needed. Sorry to say, I'm only 28 but im headed for 10 years of loserdom in my 30s for sure. Don't end it. make more threads to counteract the faggot zoomer scourge

25k in debt inst bad user. go get something, possibly a full-time and part time job and just throw every paycheck at the debt. I got out of 40k of debt in a little over 2 years. you can do the same. just go eat shit.

Never had a gf
Work at grocery store as stock boy
Ridiculed and bullied on discord
No friends
No hobbies

>you have to have something in life that you want so incredibly badly
>if you just encounter too many difficulties and get your hopes too crushed

>mfw im only 18
>this sounds waaay to familiar

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woa...impressive. do you still live with your parents?

im 32 and a total loser. im just a zombie that wakes up and posts on here all day. i have no interest doing anything, i hate everyone and i hate everything about life. i havent wanted to live in a long time. i was an opiate addict for most of my 20s and despite that i had more of purpose in life being an addict than i do now.

That's way too old and impossible, how did you not kill yourself by now?

also - and this is a small sample size so I don't know if its generally true or just the people I happened to know - it seems like to be successful at life to any real degree you need to be a prideful, competitive, type-A sort of person. The sort that really gets off on proving other people wrong, showing them up, or just being better than them. If you aren't really, really into doing that, like inherently into it and not just forcing yourself to act that way, then I think you're facing some long odds.

You're way too young for this stuff. Leave Jow Forums and never come back. This place will just make you bitter and depressed.

it already happened. im better now.
very occasionally browse this place now but its good fun
this sucks cause I kinda know exactly what you're talking about. I feel I have it in my though. I'm not naturally gifted but I keep to myself and I'm not afraid of anyone. Its also some mumbo jumbo though. nothing better than actually trying something out and seeing what works for you.

>Type A
>just forcing yourself to act that way

I'm 28 and I gave up. I've always been about doing the bare minimum, taking the path of least resistance, and being a lazy fuck. its not gonna change. I'm destined to be a bottom-feeder. its cool tho

Me I'm 30, no degree, haven't gotten laid in 6 years and that was only because it was a hooker. My only friend moved to a different state. I've never looked worse at any point in my life. Last girl I really talked to over 2 years ago told me I looked like a complete loser. Soul still crushed today. Government took my online income source a few years ago. Forced to become a wage-cuck who recently got laid off, god how can anybody live working a 9-5. Since then I've lost all hope and just want to lay down all day. I've looked into web design and I.T but it's all so fagy and banal(maybe not if your a hacker).

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I'm 32 and remember making friends with a girl who was 19 and was dating a loser dude in his 30s.

Now that I'm here I'm waiting for a gf to see some value in me... I'll take anything at this point.

>told me i look like a complete loser
kek. yea im 28 and ive given up. i don't wanna kill myself but im not interested in doing anything but laying around and shitposting

30 is not middle aged though.

t. 30 year old forever-neet with no bux so no life

>using the word god


I'm leaving this thread now and probably board.