Femanons, describe your ideal bf. Post a picture if possible

Femanons, describe your ideal bf. Post a picture if possible

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Looks either like pic related, charls carroll or ted bundy

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look at that manlets

Good taste

I forgot only the most original comments are allowed here

Manletism is just a cope for short ugly guys.

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>tan but not brown skin
>dark hair
>strong stoic personality
>the best assassin in his village

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If we are talking about our ideal boyfriend then...

6ft5 and Aryan, blond hair, blue eyes, square jaw, Slavic accent, athletic, big girthy dick, gigachad.

Unironically like pic related.

I want him to be so perfect that he almost looks like a simulation or a videogame character.

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i saw this dude on reddit yesterday and i thought he was bf material but im too shy to message him

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Dude looks like he works at Staples but murders hookers in his spare time.

i wish i was a hooker he kills

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>Tall +6'0
>skinny kinda fit
>light colored eyes
>dark hair
>it's okay with me being dominant (not only in sex)
>likes cutesy names
>begs me to pet him
>hard working
>likes the same music as me
>has goals and passions

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>5 foot 7
>strong build
>long hair
>facial hair
> bwc

why even live bots i will never have this

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>5'5 or 5'6
>Dark medium length hair
>Light eyes
>Kinda skinny frame, lean maybe
>Determined and intelligent, not too serious though
>Easy to tease
Just be my oneitis desu

Strap in boys it's gonna be another rough thread for manlets and deathnics.

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Are there girls that like MCR but aren't totally crazy? Do they exist? Would want to waifu one if they do.

>tfw ethnic manlet
life on hardcore mode imo

What does this even mean? Being a manlet already denotes you to being ugly. Having a passable face does not make up for being short.

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>tfw not even femanons like men that look like me
why even live

i find i like the looks of a certain ethnicity/background, or people outside of it who have similar features. this is embarrassing to me too

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Bullshit tho. I'm a non-white manlet and actually have dated couple of girls from here and some others have been interested.

This legend right here. Hero of the EU

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>taller than 5 ft 7 at least
>not an absolute bore to talk to
all i ask

dominic monaghan from lost is best dominic

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Young looking
Tall preferred but as long as hes not shorter than me
Cute looking
Has empathy for at least me

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>Taller than me which isn't difficult
>Brown hair and blue or green eyes
>Not fat
I think that's it as far as appearances go. I would write about personality and stuff but I'd end up writing a novel. I think about it a lot.

The blond thing is a bit weird. Doesn't that lower your odds to 5% of the population or something?

>looks like this
>cold personality
>masculine and traditional
>5'6 or taller
>isnt promiscuous
>isnt fat
If I found a guy like this he would be the center of my world

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Thats pretty much me, but I have a gf

>will watch anime with me
>spends lots of time online
>plays league


That sucks but also I'm happy for you hope things are going well

Sounds like my bf is your ideal bf. His high is only diamond though and he's 5'2.

Girls a question for you: is there anything that makes a man more unattractive than being short?

How tall are you talking about? Also are you also cute looking?

>5'5-5'9 because i'm a womanlet and it makes me feel less genetically fucked
>scrawny, skinny fat or generally weak-ish build. none of that "genuinely interested in sports and or working out" shit
>a good amount of light messy hair
>guitar player
>doesn't hate me
i like those quiet kid in the back of class types

i don't wear glasses but everything else you described sounds exactly like me

browsing Jow Forums and being a baby

I'm 5'3. I'd prefer him to be at least a head taller than me. I'm not that cute looking imo. Just ok.

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I will never understand this meme. If I find that my girlfriend isnt browsing Jow Forums regularly or worse browses reddit or some other shit, that would be a huge turn off for me.

My ideal bf is Ducky but he keeps pushing me away. How do I force him into marriage?

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that's pretty much me my discord is Yashi#2424 if you wanna talk

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go away miwa

>under 6ft
>green eyes
>little to no facial hair
>doesn't have the need to fill the silence with small talk
>overweight is fine, but not obese

>being held
>nature stuff
>bad horror movies

Emotional manipulation owo

This Duckie?

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I dont want to manipulate him. What can I do that would make him like me at his own volition?

I all of these things.
I'm jewish by decent though. Based on varg there seems like a deal beaker

Does 5'8 sound alright? I'm average looking too but I'm sort of athletic.

Like the same stuff as him or at least do research on that stuff.
Be everything he wants in a partner.

If he's not attracted to you then there's no hope

My ideal boyfriend is my current boyfriend but he wants to get married and have babies instead of buying into shills.

Do you understand what he wants in a partner/out of life?
How has he pushed you away?

Would any femanons in southern california be interested in a 5'8 slim hispanic user, just another bored lonely user on this site


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>black (like me)
>shorter than me
>has a lot of body hair
>will constantly cutesy bully me and call me his weird little programmer girl
>into psychs
>into shitpost music like The Gerogerigegege, Throbbing Gristle, Anal Cunt, etc
>doesn't do hook-ups
>dislikes city life and wants to live in a quiet comfy place near the coast
>likes gardening
>likes fishing
>likes to cook

good taste in husbando user.

He has glasses, not much of athletic body type and his dick is small. What is wrong with you femoids?

No man, there is not.

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I'm into thuggish looking black guys desu, I hate niggers but bbc tho

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I loved reading Naruto fan fiction when I was a teen. It made me very wet. I wish I had a zabuza bf or a bf who would cosplay zabuza for me.

>has nice Russian accent
This is my ideal. Please give me him

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I would take an adventurous manlet over a 6'4'' dude who only ever wants to stay inside and twiddle his thumbs/watch chinese cartoons in front of a screen all day and makes an identity out of this.

>have dated girls from here

Not one but more then one
Are you talking from Jow Forums as a whole or r9k

Also when you say dated, do you mean zoomer e-dating?

I recently found my high school crush on Bumble. Pic related.

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johnny from nct

Looks nerdy cute, you should message him

>giving a shit about some retarded teenager's snap
See, this is why nobody can stand you manlets; not because you're short, but because you weak, mentally ill whiny pieces of shit. Genetic mishaps all of you

Bitch fuck off I thought I was the only one that liked russian guys

But you would take a 6'4 adventurous guy over the adventurous manlet, so your whole point is retarded, as usual

Tall sadbois

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>long hair
>mid 20's

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Well-dressed funny/quirky manlets are my type 2bqh.

Femanons, not gay men like you.

That's some retarded cope. How tall are you and why are you lying?

5'7" a good height for you? I dress well.