Is it normal for one to want to kill himself when getting a job after being a neet? my bubble burst and I am crumbling...

Is it normal for one to want to kill himself when getting a job after being a neet? my bubble burst and I am crumbling. I've never been so depressed in my life

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I'm going to be getting a job soon and I know that feel.
It is not easy changing user, and being a NEET is literally the next best thing to being rich.
Being a wageslave is suffering but if there is something keeping you in this world you've likely got no other choice than to endure.

give it some time and you are gonna get used to it just like you got used to being a neet

It sounds normal to me. Who would want to spend the rest of their life pissing time away under fluorescent tubes just to spend the rest of the day recovering at home alone in order to repeat the process the next day. Life is gay, just work until you die.

I got a job after being a NEET for 3 years and it's ok. you can do it

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I don't get how normies don't feel this way. I guess the longer you stay a neet, the harder it is when the bubble eventually pops.

At least you're getting paid. And you get a day or a few off per week. I'm trying to stay positive, if not, I seriously think I'll kill myself.

I, too, know this feel. Three years of neetdom will soon be coming to an end and I can't help but think it's going to fucking ruin me again. I've been doing so well in my solitude (almost at a healthy weight for the first time in my life) but the outside world just can't leave me be.

I've been working for over a year now and I still haven't fully gotten over that feeling

ive been a wageslave for years and i hate every minute of it i dont have the courage to off myself so i just hope i get struck by lightning or get cancer from being exposed to dust and chemicals at work and then die

You get use to it, Idk what kind of job you have but I do very repetitive line work for 7 years now, I drink coffee and 3g's of Kratom in the morning. Kratom makes time fly by, trust me.

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you love it more than NEETing don't lie

It's only been a week and I can't find anything positive about it. I hate waking up at 5 in the morning and driving 1 hour and working 8-10 hours, then getting home too tired to do anything I like to do, then fall asleep and do it all over again.

>It's only been a week and I can't find anything positive about it
because you haven't been paid yet

Been a neet for a while. Always had been employed on and off. Most recent job has me work with happy couples. Today I shook a woman's hand after talking to her and her husband. It felt warm and soft, and I could smell her perfume in my office long after she left. As I reflected on the encounter my mind started to wonder about all the women I cared about. I thought of how I felt an inexplicable warmth when I believed that they felt the same way I did, and about how I ultimately fell short. I'm here browsing drinking while browsing r9k while they are all probably happy with someone else. Feels bad mates.

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honestly i cant blame you dude. make it quick, it only gets worse

the last two years of my life:
>finally get a job
>3 months in start drinking every day
>4 months in find a weed dealer and start smoking every day
>fucked up as shit every day and quit
>NEET again for a few months
>the cycle repeats
>been a NEET since may

find a job you enjoy bro

Working made me more depressed than being a NEET. I'm going to stay comfy as long as possible

why do normans find the need to spout bullshit like this? if you dont like to work nothing will be enjoyable

Imagine telling mc donald workers and many fast food workers this, and they apparently all quit their jobs and got better ones, idk why people even say this advice, it makes no sense lmfao.

>Got a job after 3 years of being NEET
>3 hours total travel per day to get to work and back, I would move closer but the chance of having a mental breakdown and leaving this job is real, and I don't want to be stuck paying rent I can't afford
>soulless call centre job
>constantly treated like shit by customers
>constantly micro managed by higher ups
>6 months in I've bought every material possession I have ever wanted
>Money and material goods used to fuel my desire to work
>Trying to find a way for the small amount of money I have to bring me happiness, can't find anything
>Not sure why the fuck I still show up to work
>Trying to find a better job and escape this hell
>Why the fuck am I working full time? Marriage is not worth it and I will never support a family.
>This shit job is still marginally better than being on welfare

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There really isn't anything you can do dude. No one likes wageslaving but they have to do it to make money and survive, only boomers with strong work ethics love working.

It gets easier when you get paid. I got a job a month ago and the 1st 2 weeks were so miserable. now I get how so many people can do this. Having any foods or treats I want is really nice.

I usually quit when it begins to feel like that lol

I quit a call center job after about 2 months. Getting micromanaged is so fucking annoying