Why are female coworkers such cunts?

Why are female coworkers such cunts?

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because you should go gay and only work with men.

Vagina is a fucking shit chronic illness user. Be thankful you have a pp.

Me and my fem coworkers always had mutual banter and hit on each other sometimes. A very fun experience all around.

Because they have HR and #MeToo to protect them. Which means they can afford to be bitches.

why are male coworkers so SWEATY all the time
not even memeing

Being superior is a lot of work.

male coworkers tend to want to murder me if I don't have shit in common with them. I would much rather have females even with the passive aggression and general cunt attitudes

Cuckold boomers have been letting them act that way since before you were born.

We do not forgive, and we do NOT forget.

-Female coworkers

because you both don't know how to communicate with each other

This. Can't wait until they are all dead and we can have gay marriage legal everywhere

Do you share periods when it's that time of the month as well? Fucking cuck faggot

I have a qt Singaporean co worker. She is really nice.

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Not my fault youre lonely and cant talk to girls. Keep coping pal.

Pro Tip:

pretend to be weird/ autistic / and closeted gay, their anger is mostly aimed at betas

women are retards, if they cant categorize you they get bored and ignore you

>Not my fault youre lonely and cant talk to girls. Keep coping pal.
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>talking to girls like humans makes me a soiboi
Whatever helps you sleep at night dude. Good luck.

you ever seen a female construction worker?

Whatever helps you sleep at night dude. Good luck.
Based retard

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Cope harder based retardio

>Had female boss
>she was as naggy and nitpicky as I was led to believe
Fucking hated her shrill fucking voice

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How about you eat this fucking nigger

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what happened user, confess

Imagine working with people who havent mentally aged since high school and are in a position that doesnt satisfy their biological purpose so add misery on top of that and there you go.

Already am you fucking faggot

Cause if you do anything mildly annoying to them they can just metoo you and ruin your life on the spot

All of my female coworkers are nice to me or indifferent towards me (except this ginger who fucks unemployed niggers, I stare her down sometimes and we avoid eachother) had one who'd hang around me whenever she had the chance I'd just smile and nod at her words and get back to work. I'm from eastern Europe originally came to America when I was young so i lost the accent mostly but people still notice it a little. Combine the fact I'm somewhat handsome with a deep exotic sounding voice in middle America those are probably the only reasons girls are nice to me, they're superficial cunts. My autism is an impenetrable defense mechanism though.... The one coworker who was a little too friendly towards me started asking everyone else If I was gay because I didn't return her attempts at conversation or flirting. It happens to me all the time, I'm not gonna indulge their attempts to manipulate me or self validation. Though I really wish I wasnt like this sometimes it really does hold me back I'd like to have a real girlfriend one day instead of having to rely on drugged out hookers for sex.

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dont pay then attention and then theyll be nicer, the trick is to never give a shit about them