What if I go to hell?

What if I go to hell?

Even if there's only a 0.00000000000001% chance that hell exists, the fact that it might exist and I have no idea how to avoid it fills me with existential dread

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Well... Acording to the christian dogma (almost every style of christianity) if you repent and/or accept Jesus, you go to heaven.
So... Do you repent of the bad shit you did or you dont but still afraid of hell?

Lets play spot the school shooter!

You are not going to hell user, through Christ we are new creations, if an earthly father would care for his kids how much more would our father in heaven, if anyone is threatening you with hell they are a religious fanatic, just know that your price has been paid and you are free all you need to do is accept it.

Just accept that you are going to hell ,belive me its eazy

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>Believing in Jewish fairytales beyond the age of 9

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Hell is not a place you go, Hell is a thing you create.

There are 1 billion muslims in the world that say I will go to hell if I'm a Christian. There are 1 billion Christians in the world that say I will go to hell if I'm a Muslim.

Which do I believe?

If I'm scared of hell, why would I do the one thing that would absolutely guarantee that I go to hell?

How do you accept the fact that you will be screaming in horrific, ceaseless agony without stopping for all eternity?

Well maybe if god is good enough he can let you out of hell

What does that even mean? And how do you know?

So you are absolutely, positively, 100% certain beyond any reasonable doubt and without any hesitation or even consideration that hell isn't real? What makes you so absolutely sure of yourself?

You've grown up in a culture so sure that a fairytale is real that it's hard to shake.

I think the biggest thing that helped me finally shed that doubt was learning about other religions. What a person's religion is, is predominately based on where they were born. The more you learn, the bigger picture you get.

That's the problem here. How do humans live life when not a single one of them is certain that hell exists or not, and if they're going there. 93% of the world believes in hell of some kind, 7% are absolutely sure that they're smarter than the other 93% and have convinced themselves that they figured out beyond any doubt that everyone but them are wrong and that hell doesn't exist.

I don't like those odds on any front

Why is every single atheist-majority country an authoritarian police-states or well on their way to becoming one?

It sounds like those "fairy tales" are what's keeping people from making the government into god.

The only exception is Japan, which as a work culture so oppressive that corporations might as well be authoritarian states.

>muh fallacy of majority belief

I just told you don't need to worry about it, there is something beyond this life, you are not going to suffer for eternity, it's just a threat used to control you.

How do you know that? How can I trust you that that's true? What if you're wrong?

How is it possible that you've unlocked the secret truths of life, death, and afterlife that humans have being struggling with since the dawn of our existence?

Its an awkward situation really. Religion is fantastic to keep people civil and non-degenerate. But its a false prophecy and truth is all brought back to "god". Meanwhile, Atheism allows unrest and degeneracy while truth is fully allowed. However atheism tends to lead toward people control while religion leads toward more freedoms. My take on it anyway

So humans are better off believing lies that make them good people with good social fabric than the
"truth" that make them nihilistic degenerates, screaming for authoritarian governments to fill the empty hole of worship in their hearts?

It might be that this "truth" about the universe is so antithetical to human survival that it's better to not be believed at all.

you're already in hell you silly billy

Well guess i cant argue against that

>the bible is lies

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Do not be alarmed user for the fear of hell is a blessing from the Lord. It is a call for you to abandon your ways and rally beneath his banner of love and grace. You know what hell is, it is a place of both suffering and execution of justice upon those who have performed evil deeds and that you would fear such a place is to internalize even if not consciously that hell is where you belong and that rightly terrifies you. There is no love in hell so let that be your guide. Do not be led astray by the vain and distorted "love" as we call it today but true unadulterated love and compassion and seek out the Lord who offers it freely and ask him for mercy. For a god without love has no reason to offer salvation but the true God who so loved the world gave his own son that men like you could be saved from damnation.
Go to church and read the bible and let yourself be open for the Lord to work in you and I promise you he will open Heaven's gates to you upon your judgment day.

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>How do humans live life when not a single one of them is certain that hell exists or not

hell is real, and you would and everyone else would know it too if you stopped believing what paid liars tell you, this includes religious (((leaders))),
they all know hell is a real place, and they know that's where they're going, and they want you there with them, which is why they don't want you to know that it exists
luckily you can be saved from it, all it's not all that hard

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hell is real

>So you are absolutely, positively, 100% certain beyond any reasonable doubt and without any hesitation or even consideration that hell isn't real? What makes you so absolutely sure of yourself?

I'm not the original guy, but first you'd have to prove the existence of a spirit realm or dimension, whatever you want to call it.
So far, no one has. No one has ever spoke with the dead, seen the dead, or trapped a ghost with proton packs.
Prove that then you can start worrying about a "hell" that your ghost gets thrown to (how does it "go" there?).

Also, conjecture is utterly worthless. "Person X wrote in a magic book that Y will happen?" So?
What if the King of Denmark said your dick would fall off?
What if Kanye West tweeted that tangerines are poisonous? Would you stop eating them? If so, you're ignorant.

Start doing your own little grade-school level science experience like proving the Earth is curved, or how much salt can you dissolve in a solution of water before it saturates.
When you can start to prove mathematically that things are real and guaranteed to happen, the magical nonsense will slowly fade from your brain.

>and rally beneath his banner of love and grace
>picture of Crusaders wielding spears

lol k

And what good will that do? Come to the inevitable conclusion that life is meaningless?

If you follow atheism to it's logical conclusion, the only sensible world view is complete nihilism.

I'd honestly be more afraid of getting invaded by a superior extraterrestrial species that enslaves mankind or pushes us to the brink of extinction.
or having some kind of spill over effect from an alternate dimension with the same dire consequences.

Believing there's an omnipotent man in the sky or somewhere else is dumb. Accepting there's a very real possibility that a bunch of unbelievably stupid "scientists" decided to send out detailed communications multiple times across space in hopes of "intelligent lifeforms" could very well be intercepted by less then peaceful space faring species. which in turn leads to a fate worse then dying of old age.

>believing in 6000 years of philosophies that have been hardened and tested in every conceivable way, that shaped nearly every last inch of our civilization and have expressed themselves in every meaningful way imaginable across over 100 billion human lives, ranging in expression from absolute good to absolute ill and everything in between, is dumb

>...but Klingons are probably real and we should be scared of them

How do you function?

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Nah, atheism is norm these days

>If you follow atheism to it's logical conclusion, the only sensible world view is complete nihilism.
Yeah, you're not wrong.
But you get to pick now.
What freaks you out worse?
You're an organism among a quadrillion other organisms that exist to fuel their cells and reproduce,
and when your biological life ends so does what you call "you". Permanently.
You're an eternally existing ghost that inhabits a magical flesh body, and when the body dies
you visit a giant bearded wizard who then uses his own criteria to determine if you get endless fun or endless torment.

i'm damn near certain hell exists, because i think i've been there before.

don't risk it. give your soul to Christ

You have a far greater chance of being raped by a gay nigger with AIDS than hell has a chance of existing. How often does the gay nigger AIDS rape scenario torment you late at night?

First rule of happiness is to not worry about things you have no control over.

I could ask you the same thing. If you had any clue as to how big the universe is you would easily accept there being alien life. The odds are like 0.000000001% that we're the only life forms. Go look up the estimated number of planets in the known universe.

Maybe your brain is just wired for perpetual fear and paranoia. The only thing you can do to soothe it momentarily is to vote conservative and spread conspiracy theories.

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>However atheism tends to lead toward people control while religion leads toward more freedoms.

It depends on how you define freedom, because for most of human history religions weren't the generic feel good clubs that they are today in the West. Even today, the majority of the world isn't freed by their religious beliefs at all, the West's secularism is the only exception and it's in spite of religion rather than because of it.

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You are in hell. This world is the hell. We are all prisoners here in it. The only dreadful thing you should be concerned with is how to avoid coming back here and start your sentence again in a different body all over again. This is he only thing you should be afraid of. If you have fucked a girl, it is over for you. You are doomed to come back here.

A psychologist made a video specifically on the topic of people driving themselves insane because they were taught to believe in hell and are now very anxious about it