Walk into a Mexican grocery store

>walk into a Mexican grocery store
>everyone is talking animatedly to one another
>delicious affordable meals and baked goods made in house
>everything comes to a round dollar amount, just pay with cash
>quality and plentiful produce and spices at low low prices

>walk into a white grocery store
>no one dares to look at anyone else
>mass produced slop made in a factory for sale
>your total is $185.78, please insert your chip card, debit or credit, enter your pin, unexpected item in bagging area
>quantity over quality, huge amounts of overpriced flavorless vegetables

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>>walk into a Mexican grocery store
>get shot

Mexico is one of the fattest countries in the world why are you shittalking others and making fun of whites for eating lots of vegetables?

>>walk into a Mexican grocery store
>get shot
the local crackers chimping otu again

>go to mexican grocery store
>"Que paso, mihijo?"

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This is a wh*toid fetishizing shitty chicano culture

>walk into a Mexican grocery store
>guy who I spent a night jail with for getting into a fight on Halloween is a cashier
>apologizes for punching my friend that time because he was drunk
>invites me to a barbecue he's going to after his shift ends
>buy a six pack of Modelos and drive over with him
>get drunk and armwrestle his uncle or some shit, I had no idea who the guy was
>have fun, still meet up with the guy every now and again to play KOF
What a wild year 2017 was.

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go back to mexico then you fucking spic faggot. oh wait thats right, your country is complete shithole

This country is a shithole too, but I get free stuff here.

>Mexico is one of the fattest countries in the world why are you shittalking others and making fun of whites for eating lots of vegetables?

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mexicans are pretty based desu

>tfw in jail for a dui (5 days because .15 BAC)
>tfw cell bunk mate old mexican dude named sanchez
>tfw watching sanchez shadow box like yeah don't piss this dude off
>tfw had a ride out planned after 5 days but didn't realize it'd be 4 because of the one night spent in the drunk tank
>tfw trying to call my ride with the bullshit paper they give you with numbers on it, shit just didn't work, i'm not retarded, jail is gay
>tfw legit planning on just walking back to my apartment which was about 5 miles away
>tfw sanchez was like here use my shit, just dial the number
>tfw got to call my ride and get hardees for breakfast instead of a jail tray

thanks sanchez

lines are much longer in some cases

>mass produced slop made in a factory for sale
That factory is inspected routinely by the FDA, CDC, and FSIS
To ensure the food is safe to eat and the factory is hygienic.

The stuff in that local bodega just came from "some hombre" who grew it "somewhere".
Did the cooks wash their hands after they wiped their culos? You won't know.
Did the pork get heated to over 145 degrees? Eh, take a chance. Parasites are fun.

Eating in the 3rd world is playing Russian roulette with dysentery and tapeworms in the chambers.
I'd drink out of a public swimming pool in the US before I'd even wash my hair with Mexican tapwater.

white boi is mad lmao

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Yeah they get shot by some white psycho who wants to kill brown people.

I hate that one particular mexican grocery store that I sometimes go to doesn't have baggers. It's fucking annoying having to bag my own shit.

Why do that when there are little Mexicos in America?

>get shot

By some white incel, most likely.

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Question to everyone
Would you rather eat a meal from McDonald's or a meal from a taco truck?

Taco truck no question

Sure bro, there are absolutely no health standards in entire continents.

Mexico has never seen antibiotics and they still perform surgery on the floor.

how will white incels recover

t. Buttmad whiteboi


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Corona, Tapatio and the tamales are the only good thing in that image

Are you mexican or was it just a store?

This story sounds like something that would happen in Mexico.

A taco truck, no question about it.

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>It's fucking annoying having to bag my own shit
what a lazy bitch

>t.entitled white boi

Still relying on mommy and daddy's money, I bet?

Is this even a real question? A taco truck, all the way.

I'll take a taco truck over bland fast food any day.

The American midwest is literally post-soviet tier. You friend, live in the true shithole.

I really prefer the familiarity of working class Mexican places. I like being called "mijo" by older ladies and "amigo" by the men. I was in Mexico City for work and stayed at a really nice hotel, and all the staff called me "caballero," which ironically, made me feel less welcome.

Bacteria are natural, your body knows how to deal with them.

Your body does not however know how to deal with all the crap they put in your food for whatever reason.

>he thinks those factories dont have mexicans working in them
You are just getting a double whammy

>Mexico is one of the fattest countries in the world why are you shittalking others and making fun of whites for eating lots of vegetables?
>Saying it on contrast with america

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>Bacteria are natural, your body knows how to deal with them.
Well, yeah. Salmonella, E. coli, botulinum, and staphylococcus are all natural.
They weren't created in a lab nor did they teleport here from another dimension.

Our bodies definitely know how to deal with them, mostly puking it out or spraying it out our asses.
Or raising our body temperature high enough to kill the infection. Fun times.

I do know who works in food packing factories, that's no mystery and a different topic altogether.

unironically based and true as hell. As a wh*te Texan i fucking love mexican grocery stores. You would think they would be total garbage but they are actually hidden gems. The bakery in them are always fantastic, way better than overpriced kroger shit. And the poor obese white trash shart-in-mart types never seem to go to them for some reason.

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wyte bois are so fucking easy to trigger lmao

yeah, you're right, mexico is super great. go live there. bye.

Why do you have to be so hostile all the time?

That explains a huge amount of Petersburg hipsters hooked on midwest emo or whatever I sometimes see.

hostile? more like a stuck up fat asian bitch, I am not mexican btw.
What is more sensitive than a woman's clit? an american white male - American woman

OP was just reminding white bastards how they used to be. Go just watch a video of two white dudes going to a grocery store back in the 80s, they put it on youtube, and compare it to the vibe now. Those dudes are 50 something and done it, and oh my god how times changed.
OP got a point.
Fucking clitboys, raise up.