Tfw no classic wow bf

>tfw no classic wow bf

will pay 1g

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u h8 me :(((

the only person I hate is Rainer Winkler

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test post lol

man, the hella old DayZ standalone screenshots. Makes me really relive the days I'd stay home from school and hunt for mosins instead. DayZ is the only reason I bought a real mosin

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Oh. U play Kenshi, i was planning to get it. Its good?

you wouldn't like me. you'd just look down on my because I rolled on a PvE server and I'm not 60 yet.

I tried to get into it but I got the attention span of a dead cat, its seems like a fine game but just not my kind of game
>not 60 yet
thats fine, its my first time playing wow anyways

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Its an interesting day when you see another Tomo poster. Youre a brave soul.

wasn mit dir loss junge drachenlord is geil

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I would play it but I'm afraid of falling deeper.

all i want is a bf to cuddle with
achi ich bin oldfag seit anfang 2015, hab die ganzen alten younow 10 stunden streams live gesehen
reiner kann man nur noch hassen nach all der zeit

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bis du den ne susse graue maus

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neh bin ein behinderter schwarzkopf LOL

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Dam, isnt that why were all here? Youre still braver than me tho. I went radio silent after I made the anti-avatarfags angeru. Full blown tomo here though. Hope u find ur bee eff

has du dieses mount hier?

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Fag. Fag. Faaaaaagboy!

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I am/was? probably the most hated tomoko poster, I am very rare on chan these days since i dont want to get addicted to it again
but wine made my tfwnobf urges to be strong
ich spiel nur classic

>dgw rainerle niemals pvp classic spielen wird weil er genau weiss das er gegankt wird
7 m o n a t e
I am straight as a dick

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fren what server are you on
gimee your name we can hang out on herod/stalagg

Mokocchi on Flamelash
lvl 45 Mage Human

I met a female troll mage in 1k needles. I'm a prot warrior so I'm basically useless while questing but she didn't seem to mind and together we conquered that zone in one night. Unfortunately she surpassed me in levels and now we no longer play together. I asked to borrow 5 gold to afford my mount today and she got upset and said "you've barely spoken to me these last couple days and now the only reason why you talk to me is because you want gold". This couldn't be any further from the truth though. I ran SM a couple times and I have my mount now but she no longer replies to my messages. It was really nice talking to her because my girlfriend broke up with me so she filled that void. Sucks that women are so batshit crazy. Who tf drops a friend like that. Vonage we had a good thing going on and I'm sorry.

>horde player

what server/faction? I'm playing classic

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Flamelash Alliance here.
I don't want to be your bf. I want to be. your friend, du Schwuchtel.