Why do you retards post threads with anime reaction pictures?

Why do you retards post threads with anime reaction pictures?
Stop acting so fucking cutesy because deep inside we know you're a stupid fucking tranny.

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No kek. Now check this out, onii-chan. >:3

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>5 percent of the general population allegedly attempts suicide
>this is obvious bullshit
>we are supposed to assume that the numbers for trans people aren't similarly inflated

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Fuck off actually
You troons are ruining this fucking board.

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Weak bait to get more anime girl reaction images. I'll give (You) one disgusted Kaguya and that's it.

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You used a Fortnite character for your image, YOU need to be purged from this board, underaged unexperienced scum.

>fortnite character
>doesn't look at the bottom of the image
Nice try newfag.

Keep right on seething you bitter nigger.
I think i look pretty cute tbqf. >:3

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>he took a photo off reddit
Fucking yikes

Ok, this is epic.

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>enjoying people killing themselves
absolute cringe

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If someone livestreams their suicide for charity and doesnt kill themselves, do they owe the money back?

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Do you know where you are? But oreganely

You already know what it is, son. Becoming a woman gives you life on easy mode

Wanna feel my tiddies, user?

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huh. 40 percent. something about that number... reminds me of another frequently quoted statistic

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>fortnite bad
hello fellow Jow Forumsedditor

not him but fortnite is an objetively trash teenie weenie game that won't be around in the upcoming years.

what if i only occasionally act like a faggot online because it's fun and have no delusions about my biology irl

at least two of the characters in that image are male faggot

not an argument
fortnite is fun and its also a great way to meet underage girls

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Yeah man. No matter how old they get you stay the same age, right?

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Neither of you retards are posting citations or publication dates.
If that's all it takes to convince you,
I literally built a time machine and it has better safety features than yours.

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Based default skin Jonesy

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Transgender people are 55,555x more likely to attempt to kill themselves than slaves during pre 1850 America.

78 Per Cent of Trans and 'Non-Binary' Students Meet Criteria for Mental Health Disorders

Transgenderism is being pushed ON children via social media and is resulting in a new phenomenon called Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.

Scientists were forced to abandon research into homosexuality by left wing communist terrorists.

Activists openly admit to attempting to indoctrinate children into the LGBTQ agenda.

Gays are 2% of the population yet 33% are pedophiles, make up 67% of all AIDS cases, and 78% off which have at least one STD. 28% of homosexual men have had more than 1,000 sexual partners.

The levels of sexual promiscuity and degeneracy in the gay community are far and above those seen anywhere else

92% of children raised by homosexual parents are physically abused, 51% have depression, and 72% are obese.

Jews drove the gay marriage agenda.

There is a portion of the gay community that actively seek out sleeping with HIV/AIDS infected men to get infected themselves. It's called 'bug chasing'.

Mega list of studies showing transsexualism is a mental disorder and not healthy.

The book burnings off the National Socialists in Germany consisted of pedophilic pornography and Transgenderism 'science', among other degenerate topics.

Fuck trannies

jesus christ what a cringelord
have to run your own host because nobody sane wants that shit on their servers

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Big if true. Bump.

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first, dilate

I'll post whatever reaction pictures I want to

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What's wrong with being a tranny user? Scared?

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>Can't read the title of a graph
user this is gradeschool mathematics