Meet girl

>meet girl
>we introduce ourselves
>my names user
>my names Clairity
>thats a cool name. How did you get that name?
>my mom game it to me when I was born
>awkward silenece
>convo ends

Why the fuck does every conversation I have with a female always so awkward? I swear these roasties are aliens. With males I can carry a convo very easily

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>can't easily and without issue save the convo by saying "Oh i mean how did your mom come up with that name if you know" or literally any other option to save it.

To be fair, that was a stupid question. She knew exactly what you meant, but decided to give you a sassy answer instead.

not OP but i thought this too
sounds like a cool girl
>tfw no cool gf

You could have easily continued the conversation from there. Don't be an idiot.

If you can't find a way to continue the conversation from that, the fuck is wrong with you?

you should have been like "Huh. You really didn't make it CLEAR why she named you that. Careto elaborate?"

"Wow what a coincidence I got my name from your mom too"

Trailer trash or a negress. Either way it was good to avoid her.

You're socially impaired and blame it on her, you could have easily salvaged it and continued the convo instead you insult her and call women aliens.

Good going user, have fun remaining an incel.

Continue it yourself you nincompoop

look at things in a more positive light: do you really want to be in a relationship with a freak named clarity?

you suck be more interesting your fault 100% start by having friends if you can't do that then you can't womens

sounds like she was retarded to me

Women literally contribute nothing to a conversation and expect you to carry it, instead of males who actually speak with you

>laugh a bit at how retarded you were to ask that
>"oh that should have been more clear to me"
>if she gets it she will probably laugh and like you, if not shes retarded and move on
imagine sperging out and then blaming her/women in general

>my mom game it to me when I was born
She's pretty stupid to answer like that. No worries OP, nothing of value was lost.

>Well she made a fine choice
>I likes It, It suits you
Then proceed to talk some more about what she likes and what she wants from life, male it clear you like her and if she likes you back, boom les jeux sont fait, get a pre-nup, marry up and have kids.

>"omg, mine too! We have so much in common, wanna grab some coffee?"

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>wanna grab some coffee?
I swear I can only imagine a blonde roastie using this dumb expression.
Fuck your coffee, millenials got raised on choclate and soda then act like they like coffee after they graduated high school. clowns.

You don't have to drink any, you cuck. Just order some tea, or ask her to lunch instead. You're too focused on the content of the date. The goal is to express that you want to spend time with her, not that you want to do something specific.

>omg, mine too! Wanna go get some energy drinks/beer and hang out?
asking a girl to go have coffee = nice guy vibes, she will suffer through it, then ghost you.

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I understand this, I just dont like this expression of lets grab a coffee... I am not a cuck ese

>I'm not a cuck, I just don't understand how to ask girls on dates
Okay retard.

Care to extrapolate fagott user?