Everytime I like someone romantically I end up disliking him the second I find out he thinks sexual things about me

Everytime I like someone romantically I end up disliking him the second I find out he thinks sexual things about me.

Why is this?

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Maybe you dont like being sexualized?

Do you not feel sexual desire?

Maybe you're not as gay as you think you are?

I mean I masturbate. It just disgusts me to think that someone is trying to find a way they can see me naked and have their way with me.

I'm not even a male

I think you're interpreting it as something malicious, when it really isn't (well, except if the other person is trying to force it or something).
You sound like a bitch btw.

How do you even find out someone thinks sexual things about you? You found his post on Jow Forums or something?

Because sex is dirty and disgusting. He wants to use your body to fap. He wants to cum inside you. What the fuck kind of sicko would do that to a girl?

Maybe you feel that he sees you as more of a fuck-sleeve than a human being worthy of love? Do you find out right off the bat when you start getting to know your crush or is after you get to know him a bit?

I'm thinking about you naked right now user and there's nothing you can do about it.


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>You sound like a bitch btw

It's usually not right away. They end up mentioning something remotely sexual to me about me or my body and it bothers me.

Do you think sexual things about the guys you like?

Maybe they were just making a comment in passing

Not really. I kinda want to get over this because I would like to have a boyfriend at some point.


'cause they're retarded and not playing the cool 100% aloof routine, silly boys. Not being sarcastic.

I'm 19, almost 20.

Get him naked and have your way with him first.

I'm not a typical. I really couldn't care less about meaningless sex. But it's not like I'm blind

Get that is kinda cool. Beeps

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>Everytime I like someone romantically I end up in disgust and dislike her the second I find out he thinks sexual things about me.
>She ends up disliking me because i'm not a complete degenerate
Same thing except i'm a dude.

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>can't copy for google translate
>not in Chinese so can't type out manually either

If it's still too early for that kind of talk, then I understand. Do you get a fuck-boy vibe when they do it? If so, they probably are and your subconscious is telling you.


go to crystal. cafe retard fucking CHRIST its not complicated

>I only wish to be able to forget,
>those fleeting phantom memories of you.

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>not dating an asexual basedboy
u wouldn't cross my mind kek

you sound like a gay dude
you been molested b4?

Sexuality is a natural part of a relationship, and if you find someone you like and see as a potential partner you're going to view them in a sexual light as well.

Tell them you feel unconformable with that kind of talk and work it out with them.

I mean eventually if you get intimate enough, the topic of sex will come up. What's wrong with that?And secondly, the reason you two are even talking to each other is because of a sexual attraction. Unless you don't see each other's face's before talking to one another.

Also, don't engage in premarital sex or send nudes. That's my message for the day.

>implying girl or gay
Out out out out out!!!!!!

>Out out out out out!!!!!!
You talk like a spic

She's a newfaggot that's still a teen if real. She doesn't know about it.

Remember to stop falling into these threads and bumping them, that's not complicated either.

Video is a sad Japanese love song
Picture is a sad Chinese love song

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you are a sex repulsed asexual. asexual people can/sometimes do masturbate. you are one of them.

You feel like sexual desire is objectifying I suppose? Like they no longer see you as somebody to love but as a piece of meat, am I on the right track?

If so that's really tough. I can't read the minds of the guys you like but I'm sure if they're thinking about you or sex with you, they're thinking about it as something they want to do WITH you rather than TO you. Maybe if you think about that way it might make it seem less creepy?

I just want to make someone happy, not "have their way with them."

yeah, lets have our way together then nap the afternoon cuddling each other.

You probably know the answer already but you aren't brave or self reflective enough to spell it out for yourself.

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To every mentally challenged person inthis thread, you don't sexualize a person, humans are animals that reproduce sexually therefore we are inherently sexual.
Fuck off and get fucked

Abrahamic religions preaching that the vagina is the source of all evil and that women should be suppressed.
Go join a lesbian sex cult. You'll have a lot of largely consequence-free fun. If you can't find one start one.

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This, OP should post tits or gtfo