I unsubscribed Brittani Venti. I need a new e-thot to drool over

I unsubscribed Brittani Venti. I need a new e-thot to drool over.

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Why don't you cut out the middle mans and just PayPal me your money. I'll search the web for the best thot videos for you to coom.

>Drooling over e-thots instead
Never gonna made it OPetard

Maybe you should go for a girl that isnt a whore

What did she do besides being an attention whoring nigger thot?
Milkbags getting too saggy?

She reported me for harassment on twitter. I never even harassed her.

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>unironically caring about e-thots
Might as well start fucking escorts if your that horny.

Too bad for you, she's my egirl now

Based. Brittany venti is shit

Don't talk shit about my goblina bonita

You should drool over how jesus Christ has given you another da y of life and follow his teaching so that he might bless you with a Christian

That mutt has always been an opportunistic whore. She was kinda cute when she showed up for the first days of HWNDU though.

go for the autistic blond with glasses... cant remember her name, but some user posted a youtube interview about her.
She is cute as fuck, 15 and mildly retarded. She has a really active tik tok account and super fappable material.

Here i found it
She is an aspie


kys roastie

she went full "Fuck my orbiting fans" on twitter which was fairly based, orbiting scum deserve it

Why not drool over striving to become a better man?

is there more to her than her massive milkers?

Marry her once she's legal (16/17/18 depends on state) XDDD

>check her twitter
>it's not my fault I have big boobs
>ahah manlets