Another black youtuber possibly commited suicide

Another black youtuber possibly commited suicide

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sad how we cant even bother to handwrite our suicide notes now

aw that guy was funny. sad


This world is shit user, but I keep going, I need to save my country for the third world state it is in so me and my family can live happily ever after

so sad my man.

what did this nigger do anyway

he was a nigger, but one of the good ones

F 6

Ah shit man not Griffy

RIP black bro. also why is this happening?

He just made a weird post, not confirmed he did an hero

Autism affects nonwhites too you know

It is very common for first world countries to have this problems, you just notice it in black people now because they are a big part of the united States now, a long of youngsters are black.

Why commit suicide? They feel empty, nothing makes them happy, they feel like their life has no real porpuse, that they are not adding something to the world, I am taking this from a Japanese Colombian that said he felt like that in Japan

He said he was 'hella drunk last night'
He's still alive OP

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Oh, and here I was sympathizing with this. I was going to go on a small tangent about what had said.

Any proof that has committed suicide?

he was a misogynist, no great loss

he got bullied by people like you
mental torture is real and affects everyone
learn to be kind or people are going to fall to the point they die or drag you with them

blacks are such estrogenic attention whores

Where are you even getting this from?

blacks commit suicide the least and aren't the ones making a ton of social media crying videos

cmon guys, don't fall for the obv bait

Was his selfish choice, if he killed himself; black,a white, asian, transgender. He took the cowards way out and deserves nothing but a 'see you in hell buddy, i hope the devils cock isn't too thorny."

Who the fuck cares? First of all, his content was trash. Secondly, he is one human out of the entire population. Nobody should care about this dumb nigger.

Scroll up, he didn't khs