Hey bro your papa johns is here

>Hey bro your papa johns is here

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Never understood getting tomatoes on a pizza. Still looks good tho

dont forget to tip

>Still looks good tho
Nigga, there's no cheese. That's not even a goddamn pizza.

By Jehovah you're right. Sorry I'm kinda high

Looks like good munch
whats the peoblem

Papa johns is absolute shit tier. Their crust tastes like ass.
Dominos all the way.

I am very hihg and I also thought it looked good

Veggie pizza is literally the best type of pizza, you fucking pleb shit.

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You serve me that shit and you're gonna have a new painting on the wall.

Lemme get a slice.


You are wrong. Dominos crust is ass, and they use too much seasoning on their pizza

Thanks, but I'd rather have a hot carl (a large peperoni pizza for $5.00). Always hot and ready to go

I really like Pizza hut thin crust and BBQ wings. Besides that the chains suck

Which toppings do you like on that thin crust?

tomatoes on pizza is some good shit though, try a margherita pizza sometime user


Papa Johns pizza sucks, but their garlic sauce is the best. How do I get their garlic sauce without the pizza?

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do americans really have dipping sauce for their pizzas?

>not going to a small named or family restaurant for quality za

What's up with that single pepper?

Just go to the store and buy some, it's like a dollar.