Fix your sleeping schedule

Fix your sleeping schedule.
Fix your diet, cut out carbs and sugar.
Work out as often as possible.
Take care of your appearance.

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I'm poor as fuck and my diet mostly consists of cheap starches due to affordability.

Nah. Real life isn't worth the bother.

Why is this, user? Can't find a job or are you just too lazy to get one?

I have a job that pays like shit. I've put out like 50 resumes over the past couple months for jobs I'm overqualified for but don't get callbacks. Obviously theres something wrong with me beyond my diet.

Fuck you, sleep sucks. I eat whatever refined sugar I want because I bike 5-6 hours a day, 5 says a week. Idgaf about my appearance, I'll grow my hair down to my butt and never shape my beard. I do what I want

A diet would certainly help you feel better about yourself. Healthy food is not expensive, brown rice and vegetables are really cheap.

Imagine how good you'd feel if you ate well and had a good schedule.

Brown rice is carbs though, and I have hard time eating enough veggies to feel full (I'm not fat). Or maybe I'm not eating the right ones idk.

Spinach, carrots, broccoli, garlic, kale, asparagus and sweet potatoes are the most basic vegetables that people eat.

I eat lots of spinach and carrots, it takes a lot to make me feel sated though, and while I'm not a picky eater there comes a point where you can only eat so much of it.

Hmmm, yeah that seems possible. I don't think you can lower your appetite but that's up to you, seems like you really do need more money for food.

And this fixes the degeneracy of (white) western women how?

If I fixed my sleep schedule, I'd be unemployed

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Reduces retardation. You should try it sometime, you dunce

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Do you think they'd cheat if you weren't pathetic?

Try looking for a new job. It's worth it.

Based Garfield poster.

I honestly don;t know why I'm not getting called back for better jobs. I'm not stupid, the jobs I'm applying for I am more than qualified for. I'm seriously debating going back to school but I'm absolutely terrified of a student loan, and I also worry about getting a job that will get automated 5-10 years down the line anyway. Its pretty shit. I'm sure my diet isn't helping my problems but I worked out and ate relatively well before my back fucked up on me and I still felt stressed out, unhappy and tired all the time. I don't think diet and exercise are necessarily the magic pills they're often portrayed as.

Yeah, food and sleep won't fix all your problems but they're the foundations on which you build your personality. You can't be you if you is forever changing based on how well your body was able to recover from your awful life choices throughout the night.

>new spam
>it's normalfaggot improvement meme

>improvement meme
that's right
eat well
sleep well
train well

Kinda too late for that, I'm getting my wizard powers next week.

This place really is just reddit central now.

Can you just post some infographics they are easier to understand. At least for the diet stuff.

Ive been eating precooked rice and canned fish for 2 weeks now with yogurt apples as a snack. Is that good?

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i think robots are better off by trying to fix themselves than deal with the trannies, fem"bots", discordniggers and normies that are probably the sweeping demographic of this place now

Cringe and homosexual

>already do that
>still feel like shit thanks to memepression
what's even the point

>Fix your sleeping schedule.
check, i sleep at 8 pm and wake up at 4
>Fix your diet, cut out carbs and sugar.
check, low carb and 2g protein per kg
>Work out as often as possible.
5 days of working out, a day of rest, 1 day of running
>Take care of your appearance.
check, always shaving and face's always clean.
what now? i'm allowed to say that self improvement is a meme? i don't feel better or worse by doing those things.

>cut out carbs
Why are these still bad? Anyway I'm trying to put on weight, so i can't

Fine, now pizdui to, robots can turn normie into robot

Thanks Hitler, I knew I could count on your for solid advice.

Been there done that.
Doesn't help at all.

Thanks Adolf. I'll try my best!

I can't, my captors would do something as punishment for doing something positive for myself
I need to kill myself

>do all that
>still no gf because ginger male and poor

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>do all of this
>still alone and unhappy
what now?

>Fix your sleeping schedule.
Done it several times. Fucked it up again in like a day.
>Fix your diet, cut out carbs and sugar.
Food is the only thing that makes me feel remotely good. Without it I'd probably an hero.
>Work out as often as possible.
Don't have the energy to.
>Take care of your appearance.
Same as above.

We're here because of our shitty personalities, not out diets.

You grew up alone absorbed in negative music and culture, and now it's stuck. There's no changing this, only making someone pay for it.

Dont you guys know that only women and Chads can complain?
Come on,you just have to try a little harder and if that doesnt work it just means you didnt try hard enough :^)

Is Adolf ever going to reply to this?

Original no its original

>Come on,you just have to give a firm handshake and if that doesnt work it just means you didnt shake hands firm enough :^)

Yeah,now you get it.Just TRY HARDER BROOOOO
Its that simple

Man shut up Hitler, leave me alone.
Also that

I've been sleep depriving myself and trying all sorts of shit for 2.5 weeks trying and get my sleep schedule to something reasonable but no matter what I try it's always : sleep at 4am, wake at 2 pm!!
even skipping sleep a whole day I won't be able to get to sleep until 3-4 am the next day.
I have today and tomorrow to sort it out, otherwise the consequences will be severe.
what should I do hitler?

do you have kidney stones?

>Work out as often as possible.
For whom?
>Take care of your appearance.
For whom?

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Systematically exterminate the jews, prolly

somnologists hate him