/uni/ bots what the fuck are we going to do...

/uni/ bots what the fuck are we going to do?! Im several weeks into the semester and haven t studied once! I get the feeling im not the only one

I physically cannot bring myself to read or practice anything, id rather coom and then sleep. I think this might be the death of me.

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i havent even been to class. i got the post grad offer i wanted so i just dont care anymore. i should probably go soon

Just start reading what you don't know. Oct 1 is when my first exam starts. Look at the syllabus and check when the test start. I am going to study on sunday

B-But were going to make it, right?

As a community college fag you should be fucking grateful for going to uni. Study and get whatever homework done once you get back to your dorm after class is over. Then go make friends and do things like I cant

It's not unusual for smart people to not study much. But if you're a brainlet, then you're fucked.

>5th week
>haven't read a lick of anything
>haven't even purchased pirated all of my books

guess this is a good a time as any to visit the train tracks.

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user, you can do it bc you are not a normie but a elite emotionally unstable awesome person. We can do it. Second year as a mech engine. I have e static and dynamics, uni physic 2, and cal3 BTW user

>exam on monday
>not familiar with most of the content

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Nice numbers
I dont really know if im brilliant but lazy or stupid and delusional. I refuse to take an IQ test out of fear of a sub 100 score

I handed in my masters thesis on Friday last week.
Feels hecka fucking good, my dudes.

well if it is a social science then you can read the text and memorize. If it is a math or physics then learn what you think is the most important concept, get the highest grade you can possible get and do better on the next exam.

I really hope your right. Im second year compsci so my modules are brainlet tier compared to yours

I mean are you taking c++, cause I tried to take 1 year of c++ and I dropped out of comsci on my second semester.
BTW user, cal 3 is easy, statics is a bit harder. uni phy is ok. And Dynamics want to make me kill myself bc I don't understand shit in it =(

It's medicine.

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Im not taking c++ im studying java instead. Simple shit really.
All physics seems complex to me now because I havent studied it for years now

We can't be friends user

You go to university, yet your grammar is dire. Unless you're drunk, in which case fair enough.

But I'll tell you what you're going to do.
You're going to go to university, racking up thousands in debt for a piece of paper in a field of which you will not get a job. Instead you'll be wage slaving for the rest of your life trying to pay off your debt.


OK user, my recommendation is, to cheat, if you actually intend to better yourself. Cheat on this exam, and actually learn the material for the next one. Just have a sheet of paper that has the acronyms of the important medicines. I.E ibuprofen is IBP and is a NSAID

This, worse case scenario, if you cant do it. GEt passing grades this semester and bc a Plummer

Showing up to class and doing coursework is child's play in comparison to writing a thesis
I wasted another year doing nothing because I was too intimidated by my advisor to talk to him and I ended up not knowing what to do
I should've dropped out early instead of flushing 4 years down the drain, fuck

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Not everyone pays for uni to remind you.
People are aware enough about uni debts.

>pay all this money to go to uni
>"waahhhh i have to study"

Lazy cunts tbqh

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Or if you're somewhat capable.
>go to uni
>get noticed by lecturers because you ask question and talk to them.
>build up a network through uni
>get high paying job in your field Thanks nepotism

bonus if you find some friends at uni who are in a similair situation

>but yu r a normie
most people don't realise the importance of a good social network and combining it with skills learnt at uni.

>I physically cannot bring myself to read or practice anything, id rather coom and then sleep
this is my entire life

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My discrete math prof posted the second homework the other day and I have no idea to solve even a single problem