115 IQ

>115 IQ
>will never be good at videogames
>will never genuinely enjoy literature or philosophy
>will never do anything important
>will never have a unique personality

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>will never spend thousands of hours and 10 years in social isolation studying some obscure subject no one cares about before they go on to be a beta provider

Iq really mainly measures the practicality or your thinking abilities. Letting a number decide what you limit yourself from enjoying or pursuing is rediculous. Im an intp autist whos a pretty respected musician in my area and also enjoys philosophy and my iq is only 108, so take that with a grain of salt. That being said Im pretty bad at puzzles and video games and probably wont be the next Kant or neitzche.

>never bothered to fill out an IQ test because I get bored halfway

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You can do all of those just fine with an average intellect. The problem isn't your intellect, it's your world view. You're hopelessly shallow and fatalistic and think a number determines your entire life.

same, I have the attention span of a crackhead squirrel with ADD

Just remind yourself that only 15% of the population has an iq of 115 or above, sure you're not a genius but you are more than capable of any intellectual task.

t. 116 IQ who realises that IQ isn't everything

what the fuck are you talking about????

115 is normal IQ.

You're making it sound like you are mentally retarded.

>will never be good at videogames
I know plenty of morons who can do just fine in games.
It's more of a "how much effort do want to put into being better" than in IQ one.
IQ will you help you learn what you need to know a little faster,
but geniuses don't sit down to play Smash for the first time and magically dominate.

>will never have a unique personality
Well, you're already the guy that's disappointed he only smart and not super-smart.
You also want video game skills but you think they're directly tied to one's intelligence, and that bums you out too.

That's pretty unique right there! See, you're better than you know.

That's not even high enough to complain
Not that you should complain, I'm about a st. dev. higher and I can tell you it doesn't get any better, so maybe IQ isn't the sole deciding factor.

>115 iq
it's not that common but not as great as you seem to think either.
i have an iq of 139 and trust me it doesn't mean shit, lost my ability to stay focused and also fucked my memory really bad to the point where i can't remember a lot of things i was able to easily do before from alcohol abuse since i was 16 combined with sleepless nights and at first sight everyone thinks i'm fucking dumb just because i casually lose focus and forget things in a matter of seconds no matter the situation
moral of the story please take care of your mental health because this and perseverence are the main factors that determine your success, iq aint fucking shit. i am trying my best to recover what i've lost but no matter how much i progress it just isn't the same

The average IQ is only 100.

Same, but with IQ of 130.

>163 IQ in highschool
>Spend the last 4 years doing drugs and being an alcoholic
>Probably sub 120 IQ now

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Unironically me, weird thing is I notice patterns and such all the time but every time I get to that part of those tests I just think that this is retarded and bail. Then again I never took an official one from a licensed psychiatrist or whoever does that shit, so :^)

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>131 iq
>Realize "unique" personality is just bullshit to excuse loneliness
>Trying to reinsert on society
Im glad i grew out of that phase before it was too late. Most smart people i know are either so fucking deceived by constructs like religion and other stuff that they fit right in society and thrive, or so self absorbed they cannot understand other people in the slightest, and die small and alone.
Im sure im not special for being smart, nor are you special for just being you. Everyone can reach a higher spot than they are at with just enough time. Remember user, the sooner you start the further youll go

>got tested at 13
>have verbal reasoning 160
>have executive functioning 70
>iq 130 overall on the test
>become an alcoholic and drug addict
>have only fucked hookers
>lots of friends but never a relationship
>19 now but have cynicism of someone twice my age
>bi degenerate
>all my high school friends are happy but stupid
I want to fucking die

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>have verbal reasoning 160
(((Verbal iq)))

nothing pisses me off more than these humblebrags

i swear they're bait created to piss people off

A decent grasp of writing comes naturally to high iq individuals, you're run-on sentences a suggest you aren't anywhere near 139 lol

Ignore the IQ for a second. Regardless of how smart you are, almost everyone has to contend with the fact that they'll never be special, despite what they were told growing up. If you spend your life aspiring to be the next big anything, you'll end up being miserable.

this. never fall for the high iq meme or it turns you into a real, deeply isolated robot

If you go on Grindr you can still get TOPPED

Agreed, IQ doesn't really mean anything, you can be dumb with a high iq, and smart with a low IQ, depends how much effort you do or don't put in.

Can't relate, do you think it's a good or a bad thing? I heard smart people have fewer friends, but i too have few friends but i don't feel like a genius, maybe i actually am, maybe i just don't know it yet.
>>will never be good at videogames
There's nothing wrong with that, if you're not good at multiplayer games you shouldn't be aggressive and always follow the best teammates around and help him/her whenever you can.
>>will never genuinely enjoy literature or philosophy
Me too, but i'm trying to enjoy it
>>will never do anything important
important is subjective and even if you do something "important", most likely other people won't feel the same.
>>will never have a unique personality
Not a sociologist, maybe you can find it if you interact with your best friend long enough.

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>will never be desired by random women
>will never be a household name
>will never meet the people who inspired me
>will never show her what she missed out on

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