Will there ever be a moment where you hit a woman who is obviously smaller and weaker than you?

Will there ever be a moment where you hit a woman who is obviously smaller and weaker than you?

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Nah. I abhor violence

Maybe if I go ape shit crazy. The last time that happen was 4 years ago. I would scream at her if i love her and want her to get her shit together.

Women want equal rights, therefore it should be socially acceptable to hit them again.

i got mad at my cat earlier and slapped his backside over something stupid and i really feel bad about it

Men have privilege in strength, the average woman does not. The average man can overpower a woman with just one slap in the face and take her to the ground.

If I was gonna hit somebody it wouldve happened by now.

Then again, the last time a wheyfu asked me to hit her (because she left me really bruised from some childs game) and I refused she sexually assaulted me.

Draw from that what conclusions you will

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When she tries to grab my penis.

nah bruv you NEVER hit a women, even if she is trying to kill you, fucking MAN UP

In my case she -did- outweigh me by 20lbs
She claimed to have not had sex in 4 months
She also noted via text that she was pranking her boyfriend by saying she was pregnant to see what he would do.
She was getting bored of him working a second job to get her a wedding ring she didnt want. I may have driven her to the beach one too many times.
Did I mention she was squatting 4plate when I wasnt squatting 2?

Some women are just muscular female versions of chad that take what they want...

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Had a dream recently.
I was in the back seat of my car with a lady while another drove. The one driving was yelling and driving fuckey so I muttered something like;
>i'm going to kick this chicks fucking ass..
She must have heard because she pulled over and started screaming at me, getting out of the car to do so. I got out of the car too to secure my vehicle. She was screaming;
>you're going to kick MY ASS!?
>fucking do it! do it!
But she was leaning over the car door and waving her arm over it. So I grabbed her hand and turned it over and popped the elbow out of place. The dream lady looked in shock at her arm after we both heard the wet crack, and then I woke up.

the village isnt gonna clear itself user

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sounds like Roger Waters' Pros & Cons of Hitchhiking with the roles reversed

The only time I've ever been so emotionally unrestrained was in my one real relationship. Pretty sure I'll never have another one so I'm not worried about it.

Reminds me of a dream I had about an ex that showed up where I usually wait for the bus.
She said something that disarmed me, and next thing I knew I was in the trunk of her car. Woke up before I found out where she was driving me.

Here's hoping it was to a surprise party where my girlfriend makes out with my ex and then cucks me, followed by said ex pegging me into my girlfriend.

But I know that most probably it ends in murder ~

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I don't know that book or author.
That makes you a pretty cool user in my eyes.

Hehe, dreamposting hours I guess.
That's a weird one. I hate how helpless a dream can make you feel. Like, you throw a punch but your fist won't move, or you stab a dream person and they just get pissed off while spewing weird colored goo. Fuck I'm glad I don't have a sense of smell when I'm dreaming.
I'm sure your dream was going to end in steamy role/gender reversal, kidnap-rape sex though, that would be hawt.

>I don't know that book or author
bitch, google.

I will, I promise.
Thank you for the recommendation.
I may listen to an audiobook version of it because Kitchen Nightmares is getting boring.

i would try to avoid and just grab her wrists first. if she scratched me or kept being aggressive a quick slap should suffice.

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Said ex claimed to be a lesbian.
She called me the most interesting person she ever met on day 1, and that was all it took for someone so starved of female approval.

I started a rumor campaign that made the whole school turn against her until she transferred... She's more than likely still pissed off.

My girlfriend isn't into women, but she has a lot of pent-up rage and hatefucking one of my exes might just be the emotional connection needed to get her to climax properly.

To be honest I'd encourage it even if I didnt get to witness or participate. It'd help clear my conscience a little and hopefully get my girlfriend to complain less about my imperfections.
But I get a feeling they'd both enjoy it more if they could see the look on my face as she makes my gf climax in ways only women can. Plus said ex had made it clear she was into pegging so she might as well use my dick to fill said girlfriend with organic dildocum.

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>MAN UP by being a little bitch too afraid of hitting a woman

LOL this is the ultimate shit test, once they know you're afraid to hit them they know that you have them on such a high pedestal that they can do whatever they want to you without any real consequences. pussywhipped

I walked for 15 miles instead of hitting my girlfriend. She fucked me pretty hard not long after, like my dick was sore after ejaculating 3 times in a row and she kept going until I passed out.

You don't hit girls that fuck you until you call her daddy.

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Oof. Sometimes it sucks when a plan/rumor actually goes to plan. I think realistically we only want a 35% success rate once things are in retrospect. Things going exactly to plan can be a backfire in itself.

I suggest never speaking to her again, though one day years down the line it would be nice of you to apologize. If she's anything like me nothing short of you being maimed could make her feel any human emotion toward you again.

If someone hits me I will hit them back.

She was an effective /operator/ at the time, and I must respect her attempts at getting me more involved with politics. She helped me with some business that didnt pan out, but we both became more social as a result.

She reached out to me not too long ago. I bragged about my successes and she said she would expect no less. She also said she was still in love with a girl from where she came from, and was mostly sleeping with girls but appreciated anyone beautiful.

It's funny you should mention maiming since I wouldnt mind losing a fingernail if both she and my girlfriend got some lusty entertainment from it, but I would want to get wrung dry afterwards (or during) and have the whole thing recorded so we could all look back on it lewdly...

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You're a funny one.
That bit about losing a fingernail got an admitted internal chuckle from me.
Sorry to hear about you and your gal pal. I once had one rope me into a pyramid scheme. Access to the product was good enough for me, but trying to sell mushroom based coffee to rednecks in A.B. can be pretty hard if you run in blue collar circuits rather than having boutique friends.
Glad to hear you're having success.
I have to budget more carefully and kick out my loser tenant, but aside from new windows and property tax issues that should be easily absolved as I had to pay them before acquiring this property, things are just about O.K. on my end.

If you only knew a fraction of the stories... Well theres always the archives (wink)
Anything pyramid shaped is fucked from the start, but glad you know how to hustle.
I had a tenant that almost burnt the fucking house down 3 times and constantly bitched about things without documenting anything and got surprised when nothing changed.

One time after not sleeping for days he mentioned it was his birthday and his mom didnt call. Felt bad but he was moving on from a business venture we started so it was a bit of a sendoff. Had him video something that coulda gone viral in the right hands since he was getting into digital marketing, but lost my shit and destroyed a printer and a shaky friendship. Never hit him, though.

Didnt take long for him to leave after he spent the night cowering in his excellently secured room after calling the cops.

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It's amazing how quick your opinion changes when you're the landlord.
Landlords are scum, admittedly, at the same time I would never rent my room to any of the scum I've roomed with.
My current tenant was an experiment, but after our short time together I don't care if he freezes to death under a bridge.

Only time I ever rented I stayed in my room and didnt shower enough. Ate a lot of ramen and didnt do enough dishes. Also tried to use the oven but the thing was fucked beyond repair... It was a competitive location so I couldnt bitch much, plus I was really pleased with my job at the time...

I saved this guy from a shitty neighborhood in a fucked house with 4+ roommates. He was getting constantly harassed by his drug dealer. I kept him away from the violence and in return he took over my house without paying much more than rent and helping with the food somewhat. In the end he just stressed my router and we lost money on utilities in the end.

I helped his ass move. I didnt help his ass move out, his mom did that for him lol.

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Which is handy, since women think they have a privilege to beat on men and not receive an equal and opposite reaction.

Hey double-dubs.
If only you knew how bad it was...

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Ah fuck..
You're a good person..
I hate to say it because then I have to admit to being a good person too..
I saw someone going through stuff I went through when I had no help. So I tried to help because, emapthy or something.

But humans are a shitty species. Only by suffering hardship does good bloom in our species. If you help someone they spoil and rot into a monster. The only way to fix another person is to let them face the hardships their foolishness creates.
Humans are a blight.

Only if she'll put me in a life threatening situation, such as trying to stab/shoot me.

I oscillate between chaotic good and lawful evil to cope.

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but user, all women are weaker than men