How to please a woman if she doesn't let you lick her? Should I do something with my fingers then...

How to please a woman if she doesn't let you lick her? Should I do something with my fingers then? I am scared to touch her pussy with hands, to be honest, because it'll be so awkward and unconfident, that's she'll laugh at me.

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>won't let you lick her
hold her down and take what's rightfully yours

Practice how the situation , and tell her upfront that you get nerv when having sex. Communication most of the time is key

What kind of disease ridden non-loving slut wouldn't let you lick her?

This sounds like a hook up and not an actual relationship and I'll have no part of it.

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It's not mine.
She is hooker.
I am kinda okay sticking my dick into her, but I am very nervous to actually try something to do for her, as it's not expected from a client.

A hooker isn't looking to be pleased and you won't be the one to please such a damaged soul either.

She's an empty husk and so are you for fucking her, enjoy the two of you's worthless hollow existence and the feeling of forever being tainted by losing your virginity to a loveless soulless beast.

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>trying to please a whore with a quadruple digit number of partners.

Don't listen do this demoralized faggot. If you fuck up, make a joke about it. Act a bit silly. Relax user


Women aren't all the same, and even the same woman can be in different moods. Women have their own preferred way to be touched, and even that isn't guaranteed to work if she can't get into it.

Eating pussy is like the skeleton key tho kek

Your pleasure is all that matters.
Pleasuring a woman is beta.
Her pleasure is yours and ends after you no longer feel like thrusting.
Trying to please a woman will turn her off, innately she knows her pleasure is not hers, that her pleasure is yours, and when you take this pleasure she will reciprocate. She will let you lick her when she knows it's what you want, will bring you pleasure. Her pleasure has no purpose and is but a pleasant side effect of you achieving your pleasure.

>awkward and unconfident,

There is no such thing, retard. If you can please her with finger, just do it, and do it with confidence.


What do you want for Christmas/birthday?
>inb4 companionship
No pets allowed.

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I want to make her feel good, because it will make me feel good. There's nothing else to discuss about it. I am fucking robot, I don't care about alpha/beta shit.
How? Should I put it in? should I rub clit? What to do if she's dry?

Find love.
You want love-filled sex, not emotionless sex.
You need love and want to love your bed-side partner.
Find that love.

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It's impossible. I am working with what I can.

You're thinking like a chick.
Your gf may as well go be with another woman if you're not going to give her the man she wants.
Might I suggest voluntary celibacy until you get some man hairs?

That's a nice brapper I'd cum in it

I don't have a gf, and I don't understand what are you talking about. You can stick your masculinity inside your ass and get lost.

he's right though, you're just a dumb coomer

I fucking would.
It's better than squishing tit for an hour and then having to ask to cum inside.

You don't, women don't want gentle loving sex anymore, post-2008 everything just went to shit. They fell for the dumbest most misogynistic PUA redpill bullshit from the 90s and now they're actually acting like it's true. See

Squeeze the sides of her throat, asphyxiation heightens the intensity of other sensations.