Hows your gf Jow Forums?

Hows your gf Jow Forums?

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my what? i originally can't understand what you're talking about

why must your hurt me this waay

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9/10 blonde stacy with good character, high intelligence and reasonable general knowledge. Also shares my hobbies.

my left hand nigga

non existent/ probably dead

>that piercing
why would she ruin that delicious tummy?

She's doing ok. Thanks for asking.

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She's a qt 3.14 that shares my interest and acts like me and shares common sexual interests. Best gf ever and i love her a lot

excuse me but laura is my gf

She's great but my pals say she's not visible.

my top tier gf

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I don't have one, never have and probably never will

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Which one? Ha, ha! I kid. But seriously, she's annoying. Might have to trade her in for a new one, but you know how it is when you get attached, it's hard to let go, even when you know you should. Nobody cares, great thread.

I need a fucking gf soon or I'm going to slit my wrists in the bathtub[\spoiler]

are any of her videos online somewhere to stream?

She is too good for me and of course she is too good to notice so she wants to stick

Well, I went bowling last night, so my wrist is indeed a little sore. Thanks for asking.

like 10/10 she is an angel, i can die happy now

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Mine died lol its baaaad

We broke up 3 monthes ago and we are both about to start fall classes at different schools. It was the right decision for both of us but I miss the emotional security and intimacy, oh and the sex too.

>Hows your gf Jow Forums?
I don't have one anymore

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