Why do you oppose feminism? Don't you hate being disdained, disrespected, and disregarded for being the man you are?

Why do you oppose feminism? Don't you hate being disdained, disrespected, and disregarded for being the man you are?

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I'm a Nazi so not being a feminist is a drop in the bucket.

imagine saying openly that you're a nazi

Imagine being so uninformed that you are not a Nazi.

>Men must be strong or else they will be killed by stronger men
Feminist is gonna get our country invaded

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This is supposed to mean what, exactly? Please, enlighten us all on why Nazism is the right choice. After all, the originals aren't alive to do it for you.

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>lost the war pretty badly
Enough reason to stay away from it

This is frogs turning the heat up in the water they're swimming in

You think women want to put up with feminine men? LOL! Feminism is designed so women are free to never associate with weak, unsightly, poor men allowing them to become the Chad harem they really desire
You guys will be the first the women throw on the disregard block when they get what they want
Real useful idiot hour

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Are you a commie? You seem like a commie, so I'll explain it in your terms.
Nazis is socialism, but only for your people. Why is that important? Because once you have to share your wealth with a trillion Africans there won't be anything left for you.

>choosing the losing side

The kid in that strip is a total pussy who should grow a pair and stop whining all the time about his gay little feelings so he can do something more productive than bitch and moan like a woman.

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No one is claiming to be an NSDAP member. Every ideology that has been tried has faced both victories and losses. But since you're so convinced that's not true, why don't you tell us about your invincible ideology, user?

Guns exist, user.

I love feminism because feminism seeks for victims of mental health systems to be brought dignity.

>Because listening to each other helps all of us
Women gain nothing from this. Why would they talk to a man they see as weak? Why would they want this?

>identifying yourself by a losing political party that is defined by failure and a global consensus that it is trash
I mean in the post above all your ideology is based on thinking you have a group of other blindly racist people that want to take care of your lazy ass. You dont need to hear my ideology, your life already sounds miserable enough.

Nazism isn't socialism. They privatized state industry, and rejected Strasserism. With that out the way, explain how Nazism is the way forwards.

>has both victory and losses
They do not exist after losing the only war the took part in it
>invincible ideology
It is not our fault if our ideology do not force us to go into a suicidal war against the all world

Socialism implies that the workers own the means of production.

feminism's modus operandi is taking resources out of average men (let alone weak ones) and vilifying them while leeching off their productivity and care for women

le equality is just rhetoric, feminazis hate men and they need to keep hating them for the racket to work/thread

it sure wasn't controlled by the business class, who's grasp on their property was symbolic

lel @ sudden purist, go eat stalin's dick

Faggot, tranny, sissy, homo, pussy

>Feminism gets everything they want
>insults go from "fag" to "weak piece of shit" and "useless limp dick"
user people should hate weakness. Giving people hope that they can allow themselves to be weak is just weakinng people with extra steps, and thats downright evil.
If everyone relies on the state, the matriarchy or whatever organization you try to push, what will happen when that system inevitably fails or just cant help them?

>No one is claiming to be an NSDAP member.
>I'm a Nazi
Ok faggot

>I mean in the post above all your ideology is based on thinking you have a group of other blindly racist people that want to take care of your lazy ass. You dont need to hear my ideology, your life already sounds miserable enough.
What a cop-out. At least claim that if everyone were Nazis it would be a bad thing.

Arguing about Strasserism or other implementation details of Nazism right now is like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Nazism is the way forward because it addresses the big issues: Runaway capitalism and globalism.

I don't support war or imperialism. Do you think imperialism is inherent or exclusive to Nazism? You haven't even stated your ideology yet, but I bet you it was just as imperialistic and war-hawk-ish historically, if it's ever even seen the light of day.

Nazis would not be nazis if they thought it was a good thing retard. The whole point is to spite society

That's a good metaphor, considering what happened to the Titanic.
But no, it literally does prove Nazism is no form of socialism, as a Strasserists' main grievance with Jews was on an economic basis, and they were purged.

I don't care about being disdained by Chad. That will always be true regardless of the system I live in. I just don't want some worthless slut telling me to "not judge" my intellectual and moral inferiors.

>normies won't respect me without feminism
Well we have more feminism than ever and I'm more ridiculed and attacked than ever so that makes no sense.

What? Nazis typically believe society is sick, and see radical third positionism as the only way to break out of the status quo.

>That's a good metaphor, considering what happened to the Titanic.
Yes, and since you weren't paying attention, the Titanic in my metaphor is society and where it's headed now.

>a Strasserists' main grievance with Jews was on an economic basis
But the problem with Jews aren't fundamentally or primarily with their economics. The Jews were a problem in the USSR under communism and they are a problem in America right now under capitalism. The problem is that Jews find their ways into positions of power, and then use that power against the people they are supposed to be serving, and in favor of Jews and Israel.

Exactly, through murder and oppression of most of society. Good thing you are too weak to do anything

If "most of society" is so fundamentally sick that it would be murdered or oppressed (your opinion) under Nazism, how do you not see that as a problem? And why is your solution to just ignore this disease?

Feminism is such a big tent ideology that it's become unfalsifiable. Define the way you're using the word "feminism" and then I'll tell you whether or not I'm a feminist.

Because society is actually healthy and improving. Your hatred is misguided. You fell for the wrong memes. You literally agreed with me in the fact that your sole purpose in following nazi trash is that you dont fit in with society and want to spite them

I'm paying perfect attention, and do agree society as it is now is unsustainable and unfit for the purpose of progressing the human race. However, I think it was fair use of your metaphor as the Titanic was full of promises and privately built, only to all come crashing down a short while later.

>Because society is actually healthy and improving.
Is that why metrics like suicide rates, depression, anxiety, hours worked, etc. are inclining since the 50s? Do you seriously not see anything wrong with the world as it is? What about climate change or rampant worker exploitation (China etc.)? What about the increase in degenerate and anti-social behavior? Since this is a feminism thread, do you not see Europe turning majority non-white by 2100 as a problem? How well do you think the European blacks and Arabs of the future will treat women? Do you seriously not find any faults in neo-liberal globalism?

>Your hatred is misguided.
What hatred? Name one thing I hate.

>You literally agreed with me in the fact that your sole purpose in following nazi trash is that you dont fit in with society and want to spite them
No, I want to do what's best for me and my people, so that we can survive and prosper. Yes that requires going against the grain, but only because we are headed the wrong direction.

I see most metrics improving. Whites refusing to have kids and being suicidal is not a big problem like racism was a big problem

So you are some kind of economic leftie? I don't have an issue with economic leftism, I think there's plenty of room for socialist or communist systems in a healthy society. I don't like purity spiraling lefties though, or zealous ideologues, who see capitalism as the only problem we have. However it is probably true that capitalism exacerbates our issues, but it's set up that way by design, for maximum exploitation without causing a revolt.

But you must agree with me that universal socialism cannot be implemented when the vast majority of our planet is extremely unproductive, right? Or at least that it would be a MASSIVE decrease in prosperity for the parts of the world that are productive. So you should be against replacement migration, or the rampant consumerism that has resulted from globalism, and things like that?

Roughly 3,000 blacks have been lynched in America since the start of slavery.
Now, that many blacks get shot and killed every four months or so.
Over 15 million black babies have been aborted in the US.
This is what your anti-racism and multiculturalism enables.
At least if I got to run a nation, this would not happen within my borders. That's not to say it wouldn't keep happening elsewhere, but I have no interest in meddling in another country's business, so that's their problem to solve.

Nazi frogs go home!

delusional nazi fags

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Feminism just makes a lot of sense, I see it as a cure for the social cancer we created.

It's funny how the concept of the modern toxic male on the internet was conceived by males themselves, thinking arrogant attitudes for no reason instead of empathy and understanding were the keys to get the best of them.

Us males are simply imbeciles.

Im a female feminist and I like men who arent intimidating. I prefer smart and caring men who dont try to protect their masculinity so heavily. Its ok for him to act feminine or childish around me. I support him and do favors for him just as much as he supports me.

Women can pay as much lip service to the idea that they support effeminette men all they want but they will never ever fuck them and will be offended by the mere suggestion that they should.

Kek feminists shit on weak girly virgins more than anyone else. I'm sure, politically at least, they'd love to turn men into submissive eunuchs which is basically their end goal but it aint gonna happen.

Feminism = gynosupremacy. I respect the ones who admit it. The ones who mumble bullshit about how they're fighting for men too? They can fuck off.
There isn't a single woman on earth who prefers weakness to strength.

I've known plenty of women who dated everybdoy from effeminette nerds to white trash drug dealers.

The even the ones who dated the more effeminette men usually dated men who were tall, exercised regularly, and had good jobs. They weren't "masculine" persay but they honestly could take an average guy in a fight. The truly, truly effeminette 5'6 femboy 115lb guys got laughed at by girls when they asked them on dates. These same women also like to watch actors like Jason Momoa shirtless while their boyfriends go "heh-heh I want to fuck him too".

The median preference for mens frame is a 1.6 waist to shoulder ratio which is jacked as fuck. Most men are well short of that. So if the average man's body is way less masculine than the average womans preferences what do you think becoming more masculine will do for your romantic chances? Hurt them because a girl on Jow Forums said she liked girly boys?

Men and women are both generally attracted to sexual dimorphism to an extent where most men and women cannot live up to the standards. This makes it so that gender conformity is a winning strategy for romantic success... just a soul crushing one.

It's really not a cure because men and women live different lives. Any men you can trick into being contented with just bee'ing theirselves will eventually eliminate theirselves from the gene pool. It's a mindset developed for women who just simply live in a different and less competitive world than men.

It would be great for women to be surrounded with contented happy bitch boys who go to work and fund social programs while having a strong emotional and fraternal connection with girls. While they fuck the guys they HAPPEN to love for reasons that are just too complicated to understand (They're pretty & successful). In a way this ideal is good for the whole of society. Yet ultimately it's an ideal that comes at the expense of the men who women claim to be looking out for.

Same, as is all my friends and family.

Go ahead and try to shoot people who insult you or hit on your girl.

It doesnt really matter what you guys say. I actually like guys who arent afraid to show weakness. It means they dont have stupid ideas indoctrinated into them by society about what it means to be a man or woman. I like well rounded individuals.

..that actually would make them indoctrinated since society is all about turning men into sissies now, literally

I'm 5'6 and 120lbs and dress androgynously have absolutely no problems getting laid or staying in romantic relationships with women that span years. You're seriously underestimating the number of women who have bisexual tendencies.

... it just so happens that I date a 6'4" Chad.

No it doesn't you absolute retard.

Yeah but what you're not getting is that being a "well rounded individual" doesn't mean that you're effeminate.

Yes I've known PLENTY of women who are into men who show weakness who dig that emotional intimacy. I'm such a man I'm highly open and highly emotional. I stick to gender roles less than most men while still being masculine and vary from hypermasculinty to effeminacy. I'm probably pretty close to your type.

If all it took to attract a woman was simply being vulnerable it would be the easiest thing in the world. Every man chad included would just spend all day bawling their eyes out talking about their feelings. Yet this doesn't actually take any effort, any skill, any talent. Nobody can be attracted to just emotional vulnerability alone.

The thing is though that you don't really realize how much a "vulnerable" man that you find attractive really has to hold back and do for you to find him attractive. When a strong person shows weakness its endearing. When a weak person shows weakness it's revolting and pathetic. It's only really when showing weakness is a display of how confident you are in your own strength that it becomes attractive.

Is that why they harrassed Alec Holowka into killing himself?

Another thing about emotional vulnerability is people have limited patience for me. I had a hard as fuck tragic as fuck life. If I just tell people how my life was usually they will get angry at me, call me a liar, and leave. I've been sexually assaulted, my ass kicked by bullies, discriminated against multiple times for disability, I grew up in poverty, I didn't graduate high school on time because of mental health issues, I spent years on social assistance, I've been teased and bullied by every group of peers I've ever known, and have faced countless instances of social rejection.

People can't handle the truth. They literally don't have the stamina. I've gotten to the point I've needed to show weakness just to cope with my life and you know what? I've burned countless people out and they started getting angry at me and even calling me a liar. I got deeply cynical. I learned that my best chance to survive was to pace how much weakness I revealed and to show a measured controlled about of weakness which wouldn't end up backfiring on me.

Then a woman like you encounters me and goes "wow he's so vulnerable". Yet the truth is that I've become jaded... not just towards women but also towards men. People like to say they want people to show weakness... but they can only take so much before they start telling their friends that user is a pussy and needs to stop crying about everything.

look at this total fucking faggot, knows so much about feminism he can say with authority what it and its different offshoots stand for! hahahaha YOU STUDY CHICK SHIT YA FUCKIN TURD

I'm sure you're reporting your preferences accurately. However, the majority of women don't share your preferences.
>First, and in line with prior research, we find that there is a strong positive association between sex partners and antisocial behavior.

Women select for "toxic masculine" traits. If they didn't select for it, it wouldn't exist.

>I'm a Proud Nazi!
>I-I never said I was a nazi

pretty much all arguments from you amount to

whether one likes feminism or not is determined by which definition you choose to believe

>feminism by actual feminist
>gender equality and the dismantling of arbitrary gender roles

>feminism by people who hate it and therefore will obviously produce smear campaigns about it
>female supremacy and the absolute destruction of men and masculinity

Can you be a conservative without being a registered member of the British conservative party?
How come so many people do not realize that the National Socialist German Worker's Party is just one party that loosely followed National Socialist ideology? Have none of you even heard of Mussolini?

Not really. Plenty of people realize that oppressing women would be better for us all, women included.

>>female supremacy and the absolute destruction of men and masculinity
Seems more accurate desu. Guys now are weaker, faggier, and are lagging more than they ever have before yet feminists still want to go full throttle. If you press them, especially the more radical ones, they'll eventually admit "well men oppressed us for 20 gorillion years so now we want to be on top". Just another lame ass powergrab.

No I dont and even if I were dating a tall guy it wouldnt take away from what I said

Nobody gives a rats ass about men being underrepresented in HEED majors although in the specific case of education it's actually pretty tragic due to men increasingly being born without a male influence at home. There's a reason why there is much more energy put into women going into STEM majors.

Ultimately women consider theirselves victims so they can't be arsed to give more than lip service towards equality for men when the "big picture" of ensuring equality for women hasn't been fulfilled. Just framing yourself as a victim and saying "I want equality" doesn't mean you're fighting for equality. It's just mental gymnastics.

Low status men are on the very bottom of society and women just don't care and argue that women being in the middle of society is what oppression truly is and argue that they need quotas to get them high status jobs.

Yes it would. Women ALWAYS lie about what they want and what they lie. If you don't think you're lying, then you've gotten so good at it that you've managed to convince yourself.

that's because STEM is where the REAL money is at

Why don't we just accept top as actual feminism and bottom as "doesn't count"

or just call the top definition "good feminism" so when a person calls themselves a "good feminist" you know what definition they are using

>Just another lame ass powergrab.
No, feminism is a Jewish tool to undermine the west.

Yes it would you retard. If you're not willing to date the men you say are attractive to you than everything you say is just fucking lip service.

Every women who has ever told me height doesn't matter has exclusively dated men taller than me. Since I'm not short the statistical chance of this being a coincidence is pretty fucking low.

Believe or not actions speak louder than words. If you've dated mostly short men that means something and this community is truly BTFO. If you're dated all tall men but jaw on about how it doesn't mean you don't think short men are attractive than you're lying to others and lying to yourself.

If you want shorter men to feel attractive the only way you're going to make it happen is by dating them and having your friends date them. Giving lip service is useless because men aren't fucking retarded. Men everywhere know to judge women by what they do not by what they say because "White lies" flow from a woman's mouth like water out of a river.

If I went to an island and told you there were two seperate races where race B was taken in by race A into their home, given shelter, food, clothing, and all accommodations while the race A was expected to work in the hot sun until he was old and grey and he should be thankful for it, we'd think the second race was somehow in some strange form of stockholm syndrome slavery.

But, if we switch it from race to gender, the perception somehow, some way becomes oppressive to race A and race B was somehow oppressing them.

>If I went to an island and told you there were two seperate races where race B was taken in by race A into their home, given shelter, food, clothing, and all accommodations while the race A was expected to work in the hot sun until he was old and grey and he should be thankful for it, we'd think the second race was somehow in some strange form of stockholm syndrome slavery.
You are just describing the west. Whites work all day, niggers leech off the welfare systems that we built.

Also a good point but as I said, whos the oppressor and whos the oppressed?

Im really attracted to and would date Peter Dinklage. Height doesnt matter.

I mean we aren't fucking pushing you into a corner here and being unfair and making it so there is no way we can be proven wrong. It's easy to prove us wrong. Just talk about how you've dated mostly short men and prefer them. Simple.

The issue is that you're not honest with yourself and have convinced yourself that your true beliefs about what you find attractive doesn't match the people you have dated. Yet the men here are too jaded to share the same delusion.

Hahaha jesus christ you foids are something else.
Tell me more about how attracted you are to an ugly dwarf worth $100+ million.

Hes not ugly hes handsome. I dont care about his money either. Hes an amazing actor and seems like he would be a nice and sensitive guy.

Just a random user passing by, he's fucking handsome and charming. Doesn't matter if he's a dwarf.

No fucking shit you would date Peter Dinklage he's a fucking chad but you're ultimately dodging the point here. You can talk about how sexy you think Tom Cruise and Kevin Hart and Michael J Fox are all day and people will agree with you.

Yet ultimately the reason men are insecure isn't because women never express attraction towards short men. It's that women don't DATE short men. Men are upset by the fact they aren't getting dated. Not that women are teasing short men, not the fact that women aren't respecting short men enough, it's the fact that women aren't DATING short men.

It's all well and good you find short men attractive but you still don't date them and thus you contribute to the insecurity. No amount of words you say will change that. Only actions will.

Yet I don't really expect you or even want you to date men you don't find attractive just to prove a point. I just am tired of hearing women be hypocritical and insincere. I don't even think you're intentionally being dishonest I think you've convinced yourself of your own bullshit. Yet men can't really believe in the same lie you do as easily because at the end of the day they have to face reality and find out that they're going to live alone because of how they were born while the women in relationships around them talk about how sexy short men are. It's really sad.

Ever since the rise of feminism we have
>more men failing out of high school
>less men than women in upper education
>a 2:1 college graduation ratio in favor of women
>more women than men getting promoted into management
>constant #metoo #cancel purges aimed at men in all walks of society
>men disengaging from society
>male suicide rate skyrocketing
>all of these trends are getting worse
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine cause and effect here. There is no "good feminism." You've done irreversible damage to our civilization. Own it. Or don't. It doesn't really matter because you're going down with the ship, too.

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If you delusional foids saw his 4'5" ass in real life you'd feel physically revolted.

most of those are due to economy getting fucked by neo-liberalism

men are falling out of society because their dollar isn't worth shit because expecting an honest pay of an honest work is "entitled" not to mention all the factories moving out

You don't think doubling the workforce had anything to do with wage suppression?

You know Peter Dinklage has a wife right? And obviously she is a lot taller than him. And Im pretty sure they dated before he got famous.

Theres plenty of short men I would date. I just havent dated someone shorter than me before because Im 5 foot 4 inches and usually men just happen to be taller than me even just by a few inches.

Again height doesnt matter. At least to me.

Dude, you have to your rage down, it isn't doing you any good. I know a guy from church whose both parents are 1.50m and he's even shorter than that at 25 and he's got a short lil gf. Short women exist man, and they seem to be happy dating people their height.

What rage? I'm over 6', so I'm safe. I'm just astounded that these people are unironically claiming that height has nothing to do with male attractiveness. I thought Jow Forums was better than this, but I guess this has turned into failed normie central.

Manufacturing being moved to China/Mexico and the collapse of coal mining was a problem easily solvable via retraining programs aimed at getting people into sectors that are currently desperate for talent, such as tech and various trades. Yet much of the money and effort to get more talent into those sectors is aimed at women. Women who code. Women in trades. Women this. Women that. When that doesn't work, the jobs are given to H1B Indians or illegal immigrants. Meanwhile the men have been left to rot. So yes, I'll agree with you that neoliberalism is part of the problem, but neoliberalism heavily favors women.

If you've dated mostly men that are 5'9 and below then yes you have romantically preferred short men. If you've mostly dated men 5'10 and above you haven't.

Yes there are short men who date. They aren't doomed. Yet Peter Dinklage is not an ordinary quality man in general. If an ordinary man is his height statistically he will die alone and the men that don't basically stomp on the heads of the rest of the men on their way to a girlfriend. Nobody, NOBODY in this thread believes that there are no short men who are romantically successful. All we are saying is that women generally prefer to date men with certain attributes such as height. That men who lack these attributes are at a disadvantage and if they have multiple of them they can be truly fucked no matter how hard they try.

We measure how fucked these men are not by observing that short celebrities have girlfriends. Or observing that the short chads we know have girlfriends. We simply look at the men that the women we know are dating and we invariably notice they trend towards the taller side. Then when women who have exclusively dated taller men say they actually find short men attractive and they just coincidentally dated tall men we believe them at first. But eventually our knowledge of probability kicks in and we figure out that every woman that says this can't be telling the truth. It's literally statistically impossible.

Jow Forums does have some meme beliefs. Despite what is said here 5'10 men actually do better than the mean when it comes to romantic success. This is because women don't love tall men so much as they despise short men. The whole "6' cutoff" thing is a meme.

If you want to come in here and bust some meme beliefs about height based on good evidence go right ahead. Yet honestly women who generally don't date short men but say they're attracted to them are a dime a dozen. Honestly this rhetoric only makes people more jaded and distrustful of women.

I'm a capitalist woman. Saying I need to be banned from making money because you are suffering won't work on me. Privilege arguments won't work on me either because I'm not an SJW who likes whiners.

I am a feminist, though. There's a ton of obnoxious feminists, but if you come work at any big tech company, a lot of smart engineers are all feminists. It's just intelligent to recognize that the cognitive differences between the genders are dwarfed by differences in personality.

>retraining programs
>just learn to code bro

>The whole "6' cutoff" thing is a meme.
Maybe if you are American. In the Netherlands 6' is average, so the cutoff is closer to 6'3"+.


This should end the height debate, if you can call this "I belive this no you don't" a debate.

Feminism is just another tool of neoliberalism. Why do you think it has been pushed so hard by the media?

I saw the extreme right's violence and moved left.
I saw the sympathy of a woman and didnt feel it was enough.
I thought my lonliness would be fixed by female companionship - so I went with the tallest girl with the fat bearded boyfriend working 2 jobs to get her a ring and invited them all to the beach.
Only the girl went. Again and again.
Then she started going to my house, helping relive the childhood I felt didnt get.
Then she started hitting me as part of a game. I refused to hit her back so she kissed where she left bruises.
She came over that same night, I told her I was going off to see someone to ~really~ hurt me.
She decided to be captain save a hoe, and crossed the line from friend to sexual predator, cucking her boyfriend in the process.
When I told people, they didnt believe me at first. Some connected the dots.
The boys found out and laughed. That made her start deleting evidence. Soon she walked in on me and shook me up for my phone to delete the evidence.

Never let them delete the evidence if they cross the line to sexual predator. All you'll have is a story and zero pity.

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Working in tech I find the women engineers tend to actually be based and more on the conservative side. The type of woman who actually makes it in STEM isn't a crybaby who claims they didn't make it in STEM because of oh-press-shun and proceeds to spend more time bitching about how STEM is sexist than actually doing STEM work. These kinds of women best case scenerio are STEM dropouts.

The literal best engineer I know is a stacy woman who is somewhat scary workaholic with no kids. Yet women like this prove their point by keeping their head down and mogging men through their superior performance and higher salary. They don't need to cry about oppression because they're not weak women who can't make it without extra help.

I wouldn't say they're "Not feminists" but they're not the really SJWy type of feminists and most of them bitch about taxes. Since you know they're making tons of money. They're more the woman stronk kind of feminists.

I've never thought of it that way but it ties up nicely with what we are seeing in the world today

Feminism is bullshit because females aren't being more opressed than men. Being a female has it's ups and downs, so does being a male. It can't really be changed, learn to live with it.

>Because society is actually healthy and improving.
The fuck does that even mean? leave you're discord servers already, all because people "tolerate" trannies does not mean all is well. People who say this nonsense are just really gross people who are happy they aren't being ridiculed or called out for being a class of power hungry hypocrites.