6 (SIX) free Batman games on Epic Store to own permanently (unlike the crappy Steam free weekend thing they do)


>6 (SIX) free Batman games on Epic Store to own permanently (unlike the crappy Steam free weekend thing they do)
>Arkham Knight was just updated and now has all the DLC as well as being superior due to lack of Denuvo

Claim them while you can.

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is any of those games even worth playing? i mean the lego shit looks childish as fuck and would probably skip, but what about the arkham collection

If you've seriously never played the Arkham games and are maybe vaguely a Batman fan (like maybe you just like some of the movies but haven't read the comics), it's still a game worth playing.

cool. can i claim them without an epic account?

You need an account and can do it on the website without installing EGS
>Playing them
You need to install EGS

Im waiting till cyber week to get new computer because I'm poorfag

Claim now, play later.

not that user but i've claimed them all and wanted to say thanks

fuck off insect shit

Look up how many Chinese use Steam

real robots pirate

>please use our service!
>hey look, free games!
>please make an account with us!
>you know you wanna play!

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theyre extremely easy but enjoyable

Fuck off, EGS chinese spyware shills.


June 4th 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre

lel. my comment was not original

nice try chinks i already own all the lego batman games

Im going to be playing the lego games just for pure nostalgia

You dont even need the launcher you just need to go on the epic games website and be logged in and claim it

Keep seething steamfag the summer sales are only going downhill

I ain't download a chinese game client, fuck off OP

Downloading, goddamn phoneposting.

Yeah, I much prefer a sale where they have to delist half the catalog because their Chinese sweatshop code monkeys couldn't figure out how to only put certain titles on sale.