We have to start facing facts, in a world with liberal sexuality, Asian guys simply cannot compete...

We have to start facing facts, in a world with liberal sexuality, Asian guys simply cannot compete, our women are sluts when not controlled by strong Confucian law. In the USA, a society with complete sexual liberation of women and no controls on their behavior, less than 50% of Asian women cohabitate with Asian men. As the world becomes more diverse and China's population ages we can expect more immigrants from outside of Asia throughout the region and in short order this will be happening everywhere, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, ect. Look at Thailand and the Philippines which have already become cumdump countries for western sex tourists and have hapa minorities that are growing at an alarming rate.

We need to act now and create an East Asian federative volkstaat where women are controlled by strict Confucian principles and our borders are closed to barbarians aside from select port territories used for the purpose of trade. These territories would be small and women would be prohibited from entering them.

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Pale people just underestimated us dark people's sexual power

This is actually exactly why Japan had its isolationist policy.
>t. historyfag


im white and doing my part by not giving the noodlewhores my dick, youre welcome asian guys

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More or less this, only I woudnt blame all the men. I mean, yeah, men are the adults in the room, its their responsibility. But why the fuck are giant fucking children making all the rules and making the men pay for it all? As an Asian guy, Ive accepted what women are and dont try to date anymore

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Funny, there are nowhere near enough white men in the world for that ever to be a real threat.

Look at how many girls love kpop and the male idols you retard

and whenever they do procreate, they create based and woke hapas who have a good perspective on reality and will seek their roots, thus leading them to be emboldened to join our cause

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What cause?
Whites are the real minority in the global scale.
If white people mix there will be nothing left of us.
White people marrying Asians would be a drop off bleach in a bucket of tar.

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The same could be said for whites who simply cannot compete with bbc

Asian males have the highest rates of virginity and celibacy in the USA. Your example is purely anecdotal, the statistics show that relatively few Asian men can cohabitate with white females, and even if they could, this dilutes our race.

White females have been consistently shown to be the least open to dating individuals of other races of any demographic. All of the bbc porn propaganda made by Jews cannot beat out the statistics which show that around 10% of white females cohabit with men of other races. Meanwhile approximately half of Asian females do.

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