Wakey wakey, Betamax! It's time for your daily Orbiter Correction Therapy!

Wakey wakey, Betamax! It's time for your daily Orbiter Correction Therapy!

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How can people do such a horrible thing?
Fucker's wearing shoes indoors

Imagine how wet she was after that.

What do you think the fat guy did to deserve this?

whats the story user?
lol'd tho

Donated money to e-whores and paid $30 for "bath water". He was enabling the collapse of society and the transfer of power to a logicless gender.

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Wouldn't he just go to jail? It's on camera and the everything.

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Can't go to jail for saving a life.

>punching and kicking his face like a nigger
>saving a life
Yeah, I'm sure that's a "wake up call" for the slob there and he won't be just hating this faggot.

When can I schedule your first therapy session for?

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Anytime, just ring the bell 5 times so I know it's you.

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HAha nice manbun faggot lmao

that man bun idiot got charged and is spending the next few years in prison for aggravated assault and battery

I'm wondering if he's so tough when he is forced to fight against savage inmates.

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LMAO @ :26 that stupid "chad" broke his hand on /ourguy/'s based skull. Pussy roider didn't even give him a bloody nose or anything.

How pathetic are you when you don't even fight back against a manlet with a man bun?

Wtf? I love man buns now

bruh, this guy is like 5'8 LMAO

Therapist*. Therapist with a man bun.

For fucks fucking sake can someone tell me what this is about in a very original way originally

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Stop posting these cancerous threads.
Not funny.
Not original.

>hahhaha fat dude got beat up lololol

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God this is fucking hot. DO you have any more like this???

>spray him in face with aerosol
>break plates on his head
>use shards to stab him
>smash him with the table
lots of shit he could've done to defend himself

He got blitzkrieg'd. It was over before it started. Resistance only would have made the therapy more harsh.

any resistance would've made him fuck off because he's a bully who only goes after the vulnerable