Do any other fembots enjoy cockteasing guys?

Do any other fembots enjoy cockteasing guys?

>boy who has a crush on me picks up my pen after I drop it
>kiss him on the cheek just to see him blush

>get assigned to work on a class project with someone who's shy
>can't look him in the eye
>tell him "you don't have to be shy" while lovingly stroking his cheek
>face turns so bright red it looks like he's going to pass out

>go to the home of a close friend who's confessed feelings for me multiple times
>wrap my arms around him and hold him tightly throughout the entirety of a movie
>he says he'll sleep on the couch while I can have the bed
>I act upset because I want to sleep in bed with him
>he asks me out a week later, thinking that my behavior the night of the sleepover means I like him *that* way
>"Isn't that just what friends do? You're reading way too much into things"
>can almost feel his chest seize up from the pain
>feel powerful

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you're evil and I'd hate fuck you

I would fall so hard for a girl like this.

>started off teasing a shy guy for my amusement
>end up dating him
>he's actually very sweet and only a little shy once he opens up
>is the first guy to ever take me to dinner and treat me right
>wanna be with him forever

I didn't see that coming, but I'm not mad about it.

How come, user? :p


nice larp faggot

If i teased a guy he would be annoyed and turned off

>basic whore larping as being in control
You're the type of piece of meat I end up throwing across the room and butt fucking it without lube after the first date off tinder. You're not impressing anyone

i like girls who tease me it makes me feel special

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I'd orbit you so badly.
Post your discord I'll let you be in control of me. Like when I'm lewd and horny you don't allow me to touch myself, stuff like that. Tease me please, I'll be your toy. Laugh at stupid horny me.

tfw no qt cocktease findom gf

I wish every fembot out there had your confidence. Us shy boys would feel fulfilled knowing we could amuse girls like you

Dear robots. If you ever meet a chick like this, grab her by the arms and push her to the floor with a smile and say "You can't have me". Then back off and watch the stupid look on her face.

OP never said she was a findom. I don't think she is. She sounds like a good person.

>Then back off and watch the assault charges roll in.

No I only teased my oneitis. But seeing him get embarrassed was the most heartwarming thing ever. I hope we meet again soon.

>t Amerifag
If she can charge assault for something as little as that, you might as well lock yourself up in your room

I know. But this kind of person makes the best findom.

I wish I had a finsub bf :/

Add me, bully me please. I'll do whatever you say.
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This is pretty hot. ERP more OP.

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I love cockteasing but that's just the femdom/findom in me ig

how did you tease him? it sounds hot af

i really wish i was attractive and confident enough to do this. its such a turn on

the only time i ever did something related to that
>around 16 yrs old
>at gas station cleaning dads windshield
>notice a guy at the pump next to us looking at me
>bend over more on the hood, prending to reach, exposing a bit of my lower back
>look back at him slightly and finish cleaning the glass normally
>went to put the stick back to the bucket and gave the dude a little smile

i really dont know what came over me to do something like that. but i liked knowing that he was checking me out.

I hugged him a lot, sat on his lap, let him see me nearly naked. Generally being really affectionate and stuff.

Why the fuck would you do this?

Manipulating people like this is evil.

>he asks me out a week later, thinking that my behavior the night of the sleepover means I like him *that* way
>"Isn't that just what friends do? You're reading way too much into things"
>can almost feel his chest seize up from the pain
>feel powerful
This shit is how girls get murdered

Used to dress specifically to tease all the time in high school. These days I push those buttons by wearing as little as possible at the gym. It's been a kink for years.

do you just like teasing or did you want to fuck him too

All women should realize how powerful they are

A nice look and a smile and they could have any male giving them all their money or licking their feet in public if that's what they want

Why else do you think I'm locked up in my room?

Did OP really lead him on that much? Friends are supposed to love on each other. That includes physical affection.

no i just wanted to tease

ProTip anons - next time you try to LARP as a femoid, don't just to recreate the last porn video you watched. Some of this shit reads like dime store erotica.

I dunno. School shooters, suicide bombers, having to deal with shitheads IRL.

You must be a female

Only two gets it. This type of shit is degrading, women wonder why they get raped and killed yet they do it to themselves. For the thirsty niggers who want this it's only because any kind of affection makes them diamonds regardless of the motive behind it, which is really pathetic. Although to do this to a man with morals and dignity it's outright manipulation, for them to question where they truly stand and to have that confidence shattered when they realize they're being played. Fuck you OP and fuck you too to the other roasties that do this ITT

Yup, but before being female I'm simply a human being who needs love and warmth like anyone else. Crime rates would see a significant reduction if people cuddled with each other more and fell asleep holding each other, as I do with all my friends male and female alike.

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Do you get all your knowledge on the United States from Jow Forums and Canadians?

Ya know we can Google your trip right?

Will you be my friend too?
It's gonna get colder and colder. Will you hug me and keep me warm over the winter?

Idk about you but I don't cuddle or sleep in the same bed with my friends

Awww, how cute

But no :>

God this is so hot. I wish a girl would tease me and toy with my emotions. How much do you think it would cost to pay one to do it to me?

Physical intimacy and cuddling with women is just inherently sexual for a guy.

You forgot Medium and Comedy Central.
Really though, I just wouldn't know what would be so worrying someone would stay inside unless they, well, like it there, obviously. Or let a girl walk all over them. These chicks mess around but become tame as fuck the moment you turn the tables without actually threatening, and they are pretty much never the type to actually charge assault. And my former point still stands: if a chick can claim assault just for being grabbed by the arms, by someone she knows, in a private environment, you might as well call yourself Sweden and introduce that sex consent contract thing. Just say "yeah officer she was teasing me to wrestle and I took her on that's all"

yes please tease me more and let me smell your feet.

Come one why not give it a try, maybe it'll be fun to watch me be all needy and silly. I'll be a good boy.
If you dislike me you can just delete me again.
Panko 9680

i doubt shit like this actually happens
maybe in your head

op is just a larping fag. as always.

why tf did this post give me bonr

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no human female would put that much effort into swindling men. the same results can be achieved through text or something

It's hot shit being teased and all

b careful thot you might end up getting raped if you keep doing this shit

Bitch knowed our boy wanted her and she is just tormenting the poor fucker murder may not be the best option but I would stop talking with op.

OP is NOT a bitch! >

You seem to think American police talk. They don't.
American legal system will always believe the woman over the man. That's why men almost always get fucked over in the divorce even if the woman is actually beating the kids. It's a matriarchal society.

wow, you're a very scummy person, people like you re why this board exists, so why don't you just go ahead and leave roaster

We all know this thread is larp but there are hoes like these irl who like to tease retards and feel powerful until they meet someone who instead of getting blushed and spill their spaghettis will raw fuck them and treat them like whores (at least during sex) only the based ones would do the right thing and sit in the face of these poor fuckers but is harder to find those so yeah op is a bitch.

Are you serious? Giving someone hope and then crushing that hope is the most twisted, sadistic way to mess with someone psychologically

Record audio, record video. Its still your property. FWIW, you're more likely to witness abuse by a woman than to face a false sexual allegation, and I stand by my point: these type of girls usually aren't the ones to charge assault in the first place. It's a fucked up place where you can't even touch a girl on the arm without being afraid to be dragged through the mud, but its not likely in the slightest.

lol no. That is degenerate but accidentally something like this happens.

Like for once. I am at work and co-worker asks me to get something from desk for him. So I bend over to reach something. Catch him staring right at my butt, looked like if he was very tense then he just turn his head in shame. I thought it was funny.

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TIL I have no friends.

This would be even hotter if one of the guys raped you. Not even mad, just get off to the idea of a cocktease getting raped.

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Do you suck his dick real hard to make up for the teasing?

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I mean, kind of. Before my boyfriend and I were dating I would make him lie down on the floor so I could straddle his lap and watch the movie that way. I didn't know how boners felt before that.
Recently though, I've been enjoying just teasing his dick for 20-30 minutes at a time though light touches, licks, and maybe just the tip of his cock in my mouth. It's more fun than just simple head because he bullies me back too.
Please you and I are both femanons, if you're not just RPing.

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>meet younger guy through work
>want to feel the power of teasing a boy because it's something I've never done
>end up married to him with two kids so far

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It's not that you're being flayed alive for touching her on the arm, it's that they lie about this shit all the time. And the law believes them because "oh, poor innocent woman, men are evil"
They'll lie about rape, about being abused, and about anything really. If the law knew the truth of the matter and actually bothered to investigate to find out she's a lying bitch, then sure, the guy would be just fine and she would be in deep shit. But they assume she's not lying, because woman. And they assume the guy is at fault, because man.
That's why I don't bother with women. If you fuck, then she could hold rape over your head and nobody would be the wiser. She can't if you don't do that. Same with the wrestling stuff. Most westerners will actually take that as abuse because "yew can't hurt a women, thas ebil"
It's a mix of old and new beliefs about women, that women should have special treatment but that they're also equal, which means they actually are held in higher regard than men, but nobody puts two and two together because of cognitive dissonance.
That's what the west is, it's cognitive dissonance cranked up to 11, and most people that realize this tend to give up on it entirely.

That's reaIIy cute. What's your relationship Iike?

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It's pretty much normal, I guess. Maybe a little more time apart than most couples, because he's outgoing and likes to be around people, and I get burnt out really quick from that, so if the kids are away he'll go out with his friends but I might just stay home anyway. It doesn't really feel like I'm the older person in this relationship either because I get flustered and stuff easily if I mess up cooking or something like that.

psychopath pilled

>get shot by seething incel
Tread with caution friend.

I want to tear your eyes out