Fuck this shitty normie weather edition

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First for you are now reading a reply typed out by the hardest cunt in here

>Chloe Hardy from Leicestershire is due to get married in Zante in October and booked the wedding package with Thomas Cook back in June 2018.
>"We are due to fly out on Thursday," she said.
>"Our wedding is costing almost 12,000 pounds with things we have bought here, the wedding package, everything we have organised with the resort wedding coordinator".
>Chloe and her fiance will also have 33 family members flying out, with their trips costing more than 33,000 pounds in total.
>With the big day looming, Chloe is frustrated by Thomas Cook's handling of their booking.
>"I have emailed the wedding concierge and coordinator, neither has got back to me. We are unsure if we will be able to fly. Although, it's ATOL-protected I have booked three weeks' leave from work and there's no guarantee that I will be able to get time off if I had to re-book."
>"We've had constant questions from our family that we are unable to answer," she added. "This is causing great concern, worry and stress to all of us involved."

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im pissed up whaaheeeyy

I don't get it, where's the joke? Or does it just make you happy to see a happy couple who was to have a nice wedding have their plans ruined

>happy to see a happy couple who was to have a nice wedding have their plans ruined
not him but yeah that one

Sad, bitter little men.

>Or does it just make you happy to see a happy couple who was to have a nice wedding have their plans ruined
yeah it does, especially if they've paid absurd amounts of money for it

Anyone verified where SCEA actually lives? Rent-free, your head that's where.

>Why yes, I do think that normies having their dreams shattered is absolutely hilarious. What gave it away?

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>Sad, bitter
m8 im not sad im laffin my arse of at out of luck roasties

Really selfish for dumb fucks to have extravagant weddings abroad and expect their families to pay up to attend, imo, and then getting pissed when they don't. Know someone who got themselves in right debt because they just *had* to be there to be the best man to their brother. The brother should have bloody paid for him to go. Wankas!

i have never seen a post so BASED!

SCEA's a force to be reckoned with around these parts.


what are you listening to?

Milky milky lemon-lemon-ade, 'round the back's where the chocolate's made!

>what are you listening to?

Really need a pint. I'm in a fowl mood today (bawkbawk!). Doesn't help I'm a fat bastid and trying to cut down. *lays an egg*


i dont get why you're laying eggs lad

*chops your head off and chucks you in the oven with some roasties*

*whistles loudly in your ear*

Step up and race me you dirty ginger nonce.

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rebel songs

what's it gonna be then lads

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Watch a movie or a TV show instead you vidya babby

started constantly last monday

on your skateboard?
that's a stock image lad

i havent played any of those games so idk

good on you lad


Just broke down in tears in Lidl, went in for cider and saw the chicken kievs, thought of Tim. I couldn't deal with the fact he'll never eat another one again... everywhere I go I'm reminded of him. My heart is broken, I don't want to live without my Tim.

obviously Cat Quest

>I don't want to live without my Tim.
kys then

>tims incarceration affected scea in fundamental ways

*deducts half your wages*

i worked in a hospital in the kitchen and the mental ward had all sorts of stuff. he'll be reet lad.

*joins a union*

*makes you redundant*

nothing personnel

oh I am a rebel soldier and im not afraid to die

you may hang me in the morning but I'll haunt you in the night

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how mental were the mental patients with respect to tim?

Just ate quite a large dinner. That should quell the urge to drink later.

think I actually got sunburnt today, fuck everything

Might as well get drunk too lad Wahey you only live once and once in a blue moon you live like cats and dogs in a doggy dog world the dog will win

fuck knows. i just wheeled the trolley in to their eating area then buggered off. never had interactions with anybody there.

Chuckling to myself about the extended farce that is SCEA's life.

Cant ban me
Stop trying

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at the end of the day it's all swings and roundabouts till the cows come home if you ask me

It's not over till the fat lady sings and she's giggin frequently lad

gIobal warmin init?

>8-0 and somehow still boring
think l'll go to the shop for some cans and snacks

Remember the lad from the last thread with mummy and daddy coppers? LOL

Why is SCEA pretending he's in Surrey?

Nah. Once I eat I don't have the urge to drink. I'm safe now.

>think l'll go to the shop for some cans
What are you getting to drink?

Stronkbow as usual lad. You drinking tonight?

Any news where the fat ginner cunt's based? Going to get my mum and dad to pay him a visit.

wow thats classic rebel chika xDDD

Haven't had Strongbow in years. Might get some. Used to buy the 2 litres when I only turned 18. Now I need 5 litres minimum or have a good time lmao

ahhhhhh, gutted that City didn't match the record


>You drinking tonight?
Nah but done a bit of weed earlier
Enjoy your drinks

Really wish I was playing MTG right now

how long do i have to put my pizza in the oven for

Probably some shite bedsit in London somewhere.

SCEA's never far away around these parts.

should be on the box mate come on

its normally about 20 minutes

is it because he so fat he just sort of sit all over these parts

it says on the box you CUNT

normally I have to leave it in a few extra minutes though

How fat do you think he is?

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Yorkie and tango lad here, i'm having another yorkie and tango.

I have switched from sandwiches to lettuce wraps to help me shed some weight

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what about from now

pic related fat, about as handsome and hygienic as well

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fuck knows, i dont know when you put it in

Why is thailand so gay?

Tim is dead lad it's time you moved on.

check it every 5 min

Small changes.
>2 biscuits instead of 3 with my evening cuppa
>1 bowl of cereal in the morning instead of 2
>just sandwiches for lunch
>no more juice or pop

Good stuff lad, cucumber sandwiches are pretty good too.

maybe the next time you think about why no one likes you should remember how rude you were to me just now


High Functioning Depression... Youtube recommendations for me user on the 21st September 2019

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Bit of a slow thread today eh lads?

Don't tell me that some of you are actually doing something with your day are you?

you sensitive little bitch lmao

were not but the anons not posting are

doing the same thing i do everyday pinky. smoking, drinking, talking to myself and the cat.

Love this tune lad

I was in a mental health unit and the food was really good, prepared on site and fresh. We had things like lasagne and yes, chicken kievs. By contrast I've just been discharged from a long stint in a normal hospital for an unrelated matter and the food was outsourced from a company 50 odd miles away, it was dried out and dreadful.
Tim will be doing alright lad, try not to worry. He's in the best place for him at the moment.

*steals your lighter*

picking my nose and can taste blood. evens i stop, odds i keep going

how often do you lads have a wash?

anyone else been travelling to South East Asia?

Back from Thailand after two months, best time of my life. Lots of wet pussy. saw some awesome shit too.

In fact ill answer any and all questions for the next half an hour, im procrastinating. I'll answer them in about 15 mins actually

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*activates the 100000volt electrical shock safety system*
*laughs as you wee yerself*

MUUUUUUUUUM!!! user sstole my lighter

you ever seen a tornado user?

did it turn out ok?

Generally at least once a day but sometimes twice a day I'll have a shower. I really like getting a shower at night and putting fresh jammies on but I also find one in the morning wakes me up and gets me ready for the day also so I have two showers a day usually

Applying for jobs lads, how fucked am I if I don't have any references?

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Think I'll go out again tonight. It'll be fruitless nevertheless. I might not bother actually. Think picking up girls in the library / supermarket is my final option.

no lad!
not my zippo with a ganja leaf engraved on the side

Why do you keep asking people about naders?