At what point in time did you realize that you would never be desired by a female and that romantic love is something...

At what point in time did you realize that you would never be desired by a female and that romantic love is something you would never experience? I accepted it at 18.

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I think I was 11 or 12.

29 for moi

Wow. What took you so long?

At 20 for me when I saw girls at my university feasting on chad's all-you-can-eat cock buffet. Realized life and world are fucked up.

I never tried
but the game is set up in such a way I don't even have a chance

I was 26.
I am 26 now.
It was literally the other day
my sister told me that one of her friends was always attracted to me and was always talking about me when she was drunk
so i thought this was my chance
asked my sister for her friends number
she told me she didnt speak to her for 3 months but she gave me her number anyways
messaged her
chatted with her
turns out that she is in the US now for her PhD and she has a boyfriend since last saturday
this was my one chance in life
she was the perfect fit
cute, asian, small, intelligent
but of course this couldnt happen
it never happens
i will never try it again
i tried so much the last years
cold approaches in the street
even got into that PUA book bullshit
got tinder gold
nothing worked
nothing will ever work
i need to stop this.
i need to life like Kafka, Spengler, Voltaire, Schopenhauer, Tesla and all the others, without a girlfriend
i need to focus on myself
i was so happy before i started obsessing over girls the last 5 years
i need to obsess over my writings and paintings again

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False hope and ignorance.

Nothing is stopping you from going on Grindr and fucking a sissyboi

8 years old, ssdly

Once I graduated highschool I realised no girl would like the genuine me. I still have hope. Maybe if i can keep up an act one day it'll get better. until then i'm with you lads

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>you try talking to her but she ignores
>you get her number but she doesn't reply
>you ask her out but she declines
>you agree on a date but she flakes
>you go out but she then ghosts
>you start dating but one flaw and she leaves
Can't win in this world as a male

Pretty much as soon as I learned that men and women complement each other. I was a fucked up little kid, and "growing up" for me was just a shift to a different kind of fucked up.

>mfw when "accepting" this is just you discontinuing trying to find someone
>mfw i guarantee you could get laid with 100% certainty if you didn't think you couldn't

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This might be your perception, but there are other things at play. I guarantee it

i dont get what you're trying to say. use better grammar.

My grammar was fine, you just couldn't comprehend it. That's on you.

You have "accepted" that you'll never find anyone, and thus don't open the opportunity of finding someone to yourself. A self fulfilling prophecy. If you believe you'll meet somebody, live with your life with that INTENTION but NOT that NEED, you will eventually genuinely click with somebody, those flirtations and sexual feelings will come naturally and you'll feel more confident. You'll understand why some guys are "smooth" and it's that all men are when they're flirting with someone they're ACTUALLY interested in. Desperate men don't look smooth because they flirt with everyone, falsely believing this increases their chances with women. The term "be yourself" really means don't try to flirt or impress anybody, just act naturally and you'll meet somebody you're interested in and the process will literally facilitate itself. You'll notice cues, you'll know you want it too, and you'll slowly start bridging that gap. When you try to do that with every girl regardless of signal. it's creepy.

TL;DR Stop hitting on girls, just go with whoever you naturally find yourself progressing sexually/romantically with and you'll be fine. Desperation manifests as "not having a chance with women" because you never give yourself the chance to find out if you like the person too, you go into the interaction wanting sex and in doing so, ruin your chances

lol i used to think like that then i became the best version of myself and had a 4some.

Around the second grade, when the class was watching the second plane plow into the wtc

give me one good reason i should bother reading all of this nonsense you've typed up.

Terrible advice for robots. A robot acting naturally is unlikely to manifest relationships and interest from women. Trash normie advice.

I'm still in denial 2bh

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>just go with whoever you naturally find yourself progressing sexually/romantically with
Robots meet zero women in their daily lives, studies, hobbies and work. Now what?

Nobody asked you, you fucking faggot

I've been/am still in denial right now, but deep down I know I've lost

But I've genuinely internalized that I'll never find somebody. It might be a sulf fulfilling prophecy but I dont know.

jesus christ are you retarded im naturally boring as shit and im assuming other people here are the same, if i want to keep a girl or anyone in general interested in even having some sort of conversation with me i have to try my hardest to act like i give a shit about the things they want to talk about and ask them questions i dont give a damn about if i ever act naturally with people they immediately lost interest

Oh after woman read 30 they will look for someone to settle down with for resources. Just make a decent wage and they will crawl your way

ive been thinking about this as an option. Dont women like that look for men who want to get married and since i dont want to get divorced and lose half my shit wont they just ignore me

>im naturally boring as shit
This is incredibly cliche, but you are actively defeating yourself. You think normalfags are really that interesting? They travel where the herd travels and do what the herd does. In one year you can imitate their lifestyle if for god knows what reason you want to.

Literally just stop fighting with yourself. Learn to think that you are just as good as them. If you think that's delusion, then make every malleable aspect of yourself "better" until you stop fighting with yourself. It's insanity to be against yourself. You don't have to "love yourself" but at least fight for yourself. Hell, even if you are viewed as delusional at least you've made peace with yourself and someone is bound to appreciate that.

For me it was pretty obvious when I was 23 and lost my virginity to a prostitute

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I realized it back in middle school when I realized how much women avoided me compared to everyone else. no matter how hard I try I can't get a good grasp on social rituals because I was born with the curse known as autism. people avoid me because I'm all lonely and depressing, and the fact that people avoid me makes me more depressed, which makes them want to avoid me more, etc. it's a vicious cycle that never ends.
I don't blame people for doing this, I wouldn't want to be around me either; but the problem is I don't know how to change it unless I happen to come across some supremely nice, almost saint-like person that will put up with my horrible personality

I remember making a lot of advances back when I was 17-18 y/o and even managed to snatch a couple of dates now and then. Sadly, nothing intimate ever resulted from it. College came and went. Most girls I met were either taken or not desperate enough to chose me as their potential partner. By now, I'm just really tired of playing this everlasting game and never achieve anything of lasting importance.

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british women look so weird :/

A couple years ago. Being loved is like the idea of going to space for me. It would be a dream come true if it happened, but I'm not holding my breath. Maybe it will become attainable for people like me some day but that's not how the world works at this point in time.