why are incels so stupid?

does lack of sex correlate with low IQ?

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As an incel, I find this post absolutely infuriating.

Well you see, lack of sex causes various parts of the brain to atrophy and regress to a primal state over time. To put it in simple terms, incels simply arent people. They are lesser primates capable of only simpler functions.

Identifying as an incel does correlate with low IQ

That would make them women which is impossible.

Incels are like women but dumber so yes it is possible

Damn he really walked right into that one, what a dumb faggot.

This is an incel board faggot, go back to feggit

maybe you can enlighten us on why incels are such stupid niggers then?

Certain incels are idiotic just like certain normies. It's not a universal trait.

I see the opposite everywhere I go. It's always idiots with no morals that get girls throwing themselves at them. Every smart guy I know has to play dumb to get women.

Most incels are nerdy guys which would put them at middling to above intelligence. Wamen have babby brains and low iqs however so a man would need to be a literal downy.

I'd say as a Male the lack of ability to attract doesn't necessarily indicate low IQ, but there definitely is a correlation between intelligence and ability to find quality mates. If you're a low IQ and incompetent Male, the odds are heavily stacked against you. I've seen high IQ people struggle a little bit more with getting girlfriends but typically they can use their general knowledge and verbal acuity to find somebody. A low IQ Male is always fighting an uphill battle however

Bruh low iq dudes are ones slamming the most ass and having the most kids lol its poindexters and an increasing number of normal tiers that are having trouble fucking and are remaining virgins into their 30s

common sense

lol incels are fucking dumb as shit, keep it bumped

normie get the fuck out

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you mad, roach?

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you're the one posting pictures depicting violence, ape brain

>incels bad
>Violence bad
fucking normie

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no one is saying violence is bad, but if you're posting pictures depicting violence its a pretty good indicator of who the mad one is here

read a book dumb incel nigger

I thought you types were banned from saying the word nigger as it goes against your programming

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I am not mad nigger, I just like to make you feel scared you fucking coward. Trust me you don't want to stick around here, naive redditor

wow your poorly drawn images are so scary man, i am pissing my pants right now, please dont hurt me mr incel

I have just traced down your IP faggot, you don't know what you have got yourself into. This is my last post until I head your way

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>posting your real face on r9k to triggur incels

Braziliansmegma is that you get a life bruh srsly

i know right? why is it such an effective strategy? what is it about my face that makes incels seethe?

i wouldn't know, but i bet it's gonna be posted in many places from now on

lol fine by me, maybe they can get some hot girls to send nudes if they pretend to be me :^)