Where are they now? I miss orbiting threads

Where are they now? I miss orbiting threads

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Marky is probably making her dog lick ice cream off her snatch right now

Marky is so cute no girls comes close

why do they all look the same lol

Basements probably.

i miss 8ch /agatha2/

All good except for dubs seven and four.

The top row all look underage

Whats wrong with them? Theyre cuter than the others

they're all heroin addicts getting fucked by old men for another hit


Only Ciara and Marky. When you get to know them, some are decent. Sucks to have the perfect girl image ruined tho with their flaws.


I like homely brunets.

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Wtf. Marky is the most homely there. She lived in a farm

redneck shit is not dweeb tier

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They're the most degenerate and are incapable of being in a stable relationship.

I want to give Asteria my hard cock

>where are they now?

Probably hanging out with their friends like everyone else, let's be real, they're not doing wild stuff like people on here claim.

cringe irl waifu thread dubs tho

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I miss nika so much.... Rolllllll

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Give me them trips baby

Does anyone have her discord? Someone said they did last thread

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rolll originally

a literal who. Orbiting is pathetic, get a girlfriend

>get a girlfriend
I have a girlfriend

Agatha best waifu for lifu

same i miss that user who is claiming to be Nika

Beautiful Angel Ciara is sitll with us producing high quality content.


Who is 2 again? and how do you order your top 5 anons? i would say
1. Dubs (Marky)
2. 2 (?)
3. Trips (Agatha)
4. 8 (Ciara (only peak ciara not current))
5. 5 (Muffy)
Honrable Mention - 6 (Sunny)

>no Ashley

ember, and she's actually fat lmao
people doxxed her

Orbiters are a blight upon my gender. I only wish the threads died sooner. Did the Bianca Devins murder drive them off?

Shit thanks kind user, thats quite sad she looks cute af in that picture.