Femanons, what are your favourite hobbies? Would you like it if you do it with your bf/gf?

Femanons, what are your favourite hobbies? Would you like it if you do it with your bf/gf?

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i think cooking is p fun but i absolutely suck at it
it'd be nice to have an experienced bf to teach me how to do it right

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What can you cook? Personally I'm not really good at it either. I can cook pasta and steak well but I don't really know how to do anything else. Even for pasta I only know how to make the carbonara sauce and nothing else. I want to try new things.

my favourite hobby is sitting on the couch

>trying to learn sound design so I can make weird and spooky sounds on my computer
>going to noise/punx/"experimental" shows
>also want to join my local metal detecting club but they've closed applications until spring of next year

>Would you like it if you do it with your bf/gf?
Yes with a capital Y

It's not your bf that should teach you to cook, but his mother.
Women need to be able to bond with their partners mother.

Do you have an idea what kind of sound you want to make already?

>What can you cook?
by myself...not much kek
but i've made dumplings, yakimeshi and lasagna with my sister's help, she's really good at cooking
i can bond with his mom in different ways

>i can bond with his mom in different ways

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Mastubation, of course i want my gf do masturbate me, i wanna feel their soft hand on my penis

oh my god we have so much in common!

Instead of learning to cook, why not just let ur bf shoot a nut into your tooter?

I want to start by ripping off Pan Sonic and maybe grow into my own style time assuming I have enough creativity to do that.

ok that came out wrong but you know what i meant
there's other ways for people to bond other than cooking

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That's an interesting assortment of food you've made. Are you Japanese or something?

I'm trying to come up with dishes that are not from existing recipes, as in just grabbing stuff that I can get from around me. But I feel I don't have a sufficient grasp on flavours yet.

listening 2 music, going 2 shows

tfw no cooking femanon gf that dresses slutty and taunts me while she cooks

What kind of shows? I'd love to go to a Jimmy Carr one or a classical music concert.

Maybe you can start with refining existing music? Like make it so it's completely to your taste. Sometimes I play music similar to old recordings but not completely identical but it still gives me satisfaction.

mainly shows of local bands/performance artists in my city. lots of good acts where i live
i love pan sonic omg kesto is in my top 10

Fencing, archery and gymnastics. I doubt very many anons would even want to try to be honest.

please do a backflip and land your ass on my face

Honestly, apart from gymnastics (because of how inflexible I am), I want to try them all. I love fighting related activities so I also watched videos on martial arts and all that. I'd try them with you if I could.

I do capoeira with my gf, It has fighting, dancing, acrobatics, music. Would highly recommend if you want to get flexible as well.

>Are you Japanese or something?
ahh no we just like making dishes from other countries

Interesting, I'll check if it's a thing here. Thanks user!

Nice. I actually don't know how to make anything from my place of origin at all.

I'm pretty sure I'd injure you if I did that.
You should give them a try if you're genuinely interested. I've been going to all 3 since I was a kid and the clubs honestly feel like a family away from home.

>I'm pretty sure I'd injure you if I did that.
yea but it would be awesome

I did trampolining as a boy, and horse riding. Archery could be cool but I know I'd be bad.

You actually made me think about it and I don't think I have any hobbies.

Have you considered other martial arts or other weapons too, such as HEMA? What made you get into those in the first place?

What do you do in your free time or during your day? Although doing nothing with someone you like is comfy af too.

I read and shitpost. Some vidya. Once a week I play tennis but that's a thing I only recently picked up again and I'm not very good.

You have strange tastes.
Archery is surprisingly intuitive but a lot of the "skill" that goes into it is form and posture.
I did Aikido for a while which sometimes involved weapons for katas and stuff. That was pretty fun but not so much my thing given my limited free time.
I'm not sure if I have anything local to me to be honest. It sounds interesting though.
>What made you get into those in the first place?
My parents and my brother mostly. My mother used to be a gymnast and my dad and brother are into fencing and archery so I kinda naturally slotted in too.

you can always make cuddling a hobby
please cuddle with me

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Reading and vidya are perfectly valid hobbies too. I'd love to have more time to read, and I miss spending hours to read. What kind of books do you read?

Actually I'm about to sleep now. If you're interested, you can add schtzdelta#7696 on discord. I'd love to have someone to talk about martial arts with. I'm op btw.

>You have strange tastes.
if you want to see strange i can show you strange

I don't know user I feel like just "consuming media" isn't a hobby, just a distraction. Like it's wasted time more often than not.
Right now I'm reading a sci-fi novel called Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan, its pretty interesting in terms of futurist ideas but kinda gorey at times. And any description of sex is awkward but that might just be me.
Generally I'll read anything though, I read any one part of LotR at least once a year, and lately been reading more non-fiction to feel like I'm reading useful things too, and it's nice to vary it up I guess.

Fucking stop dude. You are a thirsty fag. Everyone can tell by googling your fucking discord tag you low iq brainlet.

Stationery, painting, writing, reading, gaming and just staring at a wall

Absolutely love to do everything with my bf but I also enjoy when both is just doing their own thing in the same room in silence. Then taking small breaks together to show each other what we did and cuddle a bit before me continue.

Fuck I really want this

Maybe. I don't really use discord.
Eh maybe you shouldn't.

i do but eating the same food all the time gets boring after a while
where are you from user?

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Ok, first lesson: spaghetti and neetballs


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>what are your favourite hobbies?
Vidya and art though I occasionally make some money with the latter which is nice.
>Would you like it if you do it with your bf/gf?
Of course.

>can't even tag the post properly
Add being retarded as one of my hobbies.

no one would be interested in doing my boring homely hobbies together. other than that i would be willing to watch a movie or play a game if i had a significant other

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i can cook decently well and theres nothing more i would love to do than to make one of my favorite dishes or a dessert with a girl i love
my last gf was a zoomer retard and didnt care about the process of making the food, only the end result
even then it was more of a novelty for her

Cooking and baking, growing plants, outdoorsy things like hiking and kayaking. I'm proud of what I can do in the kitchen but I don't make fancy dishes or desserts unless I can bring them somewhere for others to enjoy. I'm starting to get into normie DIY projects around the house like redoing my bathrooms. Working and other stressors suck the life out of me and mostly I get home and watch shows or movies and take care of my pets. I thoroughly enjoy spending a whole day in my pajamas at home. Small comforts like iced coffee and my favorite blanket on the couch make me happy. I'm pretty boring but I'm okay with it.

Let's watch movies everyday then user, would be comfy having a movie bud.

But you want an orgasm bud, weirdo.

what are your hobbies?

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I like to crochet and go stargazing.

These are pretty nice interests if you like to grow plants and like nature you should look up permaculture. Work is pretty destructive to life force unless you really love what you do. All though being unemployed at the moment all the time I spend doing lesser things gives me guilt, but I can only do so much.

damn it homely duties together would be so nice and wholesome though

what kind of art do you draw? play any good vidya lately?

heres the thing about cooking: its not about how many dishes you can cook. its about how many dishes you can good EXTREEMLY WELL.

pick one dish and watch 10 different youtube videos on how to make it. then make the dish 5 days in a row, and on the fifth day it will come out perfect.

Would you want a bf to crochet with you? That seems like more of a quiet, alone sort of activity.

Further to this, experimenting is fun.
I made spring rolls and they turned out awful, but it was still pleasant because I'd never done it before.
You need a man who can tolerate questionable food and love you, even if it's gross.

I love cooking and have always wished I could have a gf to cook for
but instead since I'm lonely all I do is end up with a bunch of leftovers for myself

Granted, but after living with you for three years you've made her become the obesity and you may feel somewhat less attracted to her.

cooking and eating is one of the few things i have passion for these days. but i try not to get obsessed with it since im terrified of ever getting fat

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What if your boyf liked that though?

Did you have passion for anything before? What burnt you out?

Vidya, reading, writing, volunteering, sleeping for upwards of 12 hours minimum and studying other languages

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I prefer to cook mostly healthy stuff though
plus I'm not very vain about looks because I'm autistic so I wouldn't really care if my gf put on some weight as long as she still loved me
yeah, when I'm cooking I can end up spending hours in the kitchen without even noticing so it's a great way to fight off boredom
plus I find getting obsessed with cooking is better for my health and avoiding getting fat. when I'm too lazy to cook a proper meal is usually when I'll pick up some shit fast food or eat a bunch of snacks

Usually game or anime related. Fan art type of stuff just a bit higher quality. Of course sometimes people commission stuff which is a bit more risque but that's the exception rather than the rule.
>play any good vidya lately?
I'm enjoying iceborne, it's been a while since I've played monster hunter so it's pretty refreshing.

This is fairly reasonable coming from a robot

Permaculture is very interesting to me. I don't have much space to garden with now but I'm working on saving and fixing up what I have in order to move. I want a sizable garden and chickens. I love nature and plants.
Work is soul crushing because of the greed I witness on a daily basis, but not because of the nature of my work. I still love my profession but it doesn't make the ones I work for any different. Don't feel guilty for being unemployed, just because you're not making someone else rich doesn't mean you're a bad or unproductive person. If I wasn't dependent on money I'd live differently.

Vidya, i don't have a bf but once this guy coached me because i was a noob and i think i fell in love that was the cutest thing ever

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>I'm autistic
Can I get some math advice?
Do you have to have a comprehensive understanding of fractions before you try learning partial differentiation?
Because I dropped my calculus course this semester as I had no idea how to work with what I was seeing.

what, having a gf that cooks meals? i mostly cook for myself but people say the pleasure of it is sharing but i don't know
i was big into poetry and astrophotography, in fact i still enjoy it but to a lesser degree (i don't write or take pictures anymore). don't really know what happened, somewhere in 2018 i just got a sudden change in overall energy and enthusiasm about pretty much everything. currently im big into vidya, specifically fantasy/medieval rpgs, and that's pretty much it

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>tfw no noob gamer gf
>ywn teach her to play a grand strategy game
>swn be absolutely rubbish at it at the start, but after you teach and encourage her she'll get a lot better at it
>tfw she will never get better at it than you and start to bully you for being worse than her
>ywn be called pathetic because she can beat you handily in the mid game
Why even live?

In my experience it's pretty easy to get burnt out on certain passions but I always come back to them eventually. Maybe if you did those things a lot a break for a bit could be good while you regain inspiration and energy. Speaking of rpg's though there's a game I want really bad right now called Kenshi it looks great.

>Do you have to have a comprehensive understanding of fractions before you try learning partial differentiation?
not sure, I'm not very good with arithmetic actually (I almost always need to use a calculator for multiplication and addition and stuff) but I was pretty good at calculus (breezed through calc 1, 2 and 3)
I do remember partial differentiation being a bitch though
Did you not need to complete your calc course? or are you just planning on worrying about that later

I was doing 4 units and dropped that one, intermediate microeconomics. I'll pick it up in another semester and arrange to have a smaller study load, maybe just do it and some easy elective.
Full time work and full time study is a bad time my friend.

Understandable. I'm not working now but I was at one time doing both full time school and work and I literally wanted to kill myself
what level of calculus was it?

all top tier hobbies. archery is fucking cool id like to learn the basics at least someday

I like reading manga, cooking, watching shows and play dnd. It would be amazing to do that with a boyfriend

top tier weeb neet gf unfortuantely i'm only vaugely interested in manga

That it's unfortunate, there are so many good mangas

I don't deny it I've just got a lot of other interests that keep me from really digging into them. I liked pun pun when I read it years ago even though it was awful. I'm more of a creepypasta guy.

You should go for it. It can be expensive to invest yourself into but most archery clubs will offer lessons or starter sessions where you can really see if it's for you. I've never regretted it at least.

Ohh, punpun is so good!!
Oh dang, how can you read creepy pastas as a hobby? There are usually only some good creepy pastas, all tough I also read so many shitty mangas

i admire the hobby a lot becaues it just looks so cool. i find it far superior than playing general sports. ill definitely be giving it a shot. gymnastics+archery, your brothers sound like top lads

Well it's not really an active hobby I just do it when I'm in the mood to just relax and listen to some stories. A lot of creepypastas are shit but there are some good channels that generally post mostly good stuff. I'm a big fan of horror themed stuff in pretty much all art forms. Creepy pastas can be pretty incredibly good when they reach their full potential.

pls be in auckland
i need to start cooking properly

Yeah for sure!! I'm actually very into the paranormal, but can only read and watch stuff sometimes because I do get super scared haha

I can control when I get scared or not to stories I have to want to be scared usually. However when it comes to scary video games they get to me very easily.

No, I'm sorry, but it looks like a beautiful city! Good luck in the kitchen, learn to use all the spices!

That's so cool! I have never known someone that could control tehur fear! I can only play scary video games with friends, they are definetly too spooky for me

You also mentioned cooking, what's your favorite thing took cook? I love to cook sweet and sour chicken and also steak quesadillas.

I love cooking pasta di sale al oleo and asian soups, but I'm also very good at cooking Mexican food

I'm not too great at cooking Italian foods but i love them. I usually eat a lot of rice meals I love to cook with it.


Yeah, what I like about Italian is that it is usually normal food that everyone enjoys. And rice is super easy and just goes with everything!

is this a voice changer?

I like how Italian food incorporates cheese. I freakin love cheese when it's done right in food. I also really like mushrooms.

It sounded like that to me too.