I'm the only girl in a group of friends made up of 4 people

> I'm the only girl in a group of friends made up of 4 people
> I'm openly sexually active with all 3 of them
> No gangbangs but just 1 on 1 sex with any of them.
> They are all in on it and ok with it
> There's a rule where none of them can try to hog me
> I love them all equally
> We still do stuff together as a group like see movies , pool, bowling, mall arcade, etc.

I highly recommend to other femanons don't limit yourself to one guy if you are in your 20s. Get it out of your system. Love a lot of guys and be loved.

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Before this thread gets filled up with jealous seething incel conservatards who can only spout buzzwords like toastie roastie whore stacy id just like to say thank you op youve done mankind a great service

Sounds weirdly nice and wholesome.

>Get it out of your system
you're trash if it's something that even has to be
>jealous seething incel conservatards
>who can only spout buzzwords

Having multiple sex partners is a sin.

I acknowledge the double standard but you can't tell me theyre not all true. I wouldve added incel which is definitely true if i weren't already aware of how it looked

thats honestly my biggest fantasy.
good for you, living my dream user.

at least one of the men is going to become jealous and you will end up butchered in a ditch. you will only have yourself to blame for fucking around.

I don't understand why people do stuff like this, don't you want to truly love someone one on one and be completely exclusive to each other? That sounds like true love to me, the situation you described would just make me uncomfortable, why do people share their partner too?

I shoulder all of their love and needs myself. They are all my precious boys. It won't last forever but we're all happy right now.

If thats what youve personally chosen then i respect that but clearly those 3 guys chose to be in that kind of friendship and continue doing it. Id 10x rather have something like that than nothing at all. Also op specified in your 20s which is the prime time to enjoy some of the best things in life that you won't get to enjoy when youre older. ill think about marriage when im in my 30s

Is it possible for me to do this too? I am a guy. Not even a trap or a cute boy, 6'3 fatty with not a lot of confidence. Is it even possible for someone like me?

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some poor soul will have to settle for this

If they do it's not like anyones forcing them to

Are you sure you aren't just projecting? Keeping boys happy is simple. Help them cum every now and then. Kiss and hold them. If they feel loved theres no insecurity even when with one of the others.

We go to the gym together. I take care of my body. I've actually trained my pelvic muscles so that I can clamp down on a penis and finish a guy off really fast. You talk big like you wouldn't settle for me but I'd make you cum in 20 seconds.

So this is the endgame of feminism. Stacy harems. Suddenly it all makes sense.

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no retard this woman exclusive. this is also larp. sage

Imagine falling for a tranny's fanfic

One of them creamed me in a clothing store changing room other than that it's pretty vanilla sex.

for now they'll put up with it because they want to keep getting laid, but over time they will want something more fulfilling and the realisation that you're only leading them on and ruining them for other girls will eat away at their psyche. eventually they will become nervous wrecks because of you and who knows what they're capable of then.

Hot, elaborate.

that kind of sounds nice, actually. I think the problem with most women is that they're either prudes or they're very exclusionary and demeaning towards certain men sexually. I wish you all the best with your sexual friendships, femanon.

I wish I had a sexually open close friend with benefits. A girl who would offer to take my virginity.

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What if one or more want to start a family with you?

I wish I had many boyfriends too. That's all I have to say.

Can I be your fifth please I need to cum so bad

I had this happen. I was in art school and holy shit people were degenerate. They saw me as quirky rather than a bitter misanthrope. I hated people and loved painting, and that substituted for having a personality. It ended up with the female choosing one of the guys. It was my buddy who came from a rich as fuck family. He can have the whore.

i can be one of your boyfriends

Finally a man with some common sense. Very based user keep it up.

Fuck you I would be one of the four or five in this scenario gladly I just want companionship and to have sex with a girl you dont know me or others

polygamy is just cuckolding for cucks in denial

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post body pictures now user
show me that belly

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They all view you as inferior and as the group cum dump. Just letting you know.

fucking cumbrain
have some fucking standards

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lmao what an amazing accomplishment, dumb broad pls just stop.
You literally pride yourself on being a hole, for your own good pick up a real hobby or you might come to the existential reality that sex is all you're good for.

I guarantee all of them are chads who just consider op a side hoe and that's why they are "ok" with it, they don't care because they don't consider it a real relationship.

I had this once with a girl. It was me her and one other guy. She would give me blow jobs all the time.
I loved her and cared for her dearly. Was devastated when it all ended.
She was the only person I've ever been with.

And that's the saddest part.
Not for a roast, of course.

Op obliterated, now and forever.

Actually all 4 of us lost our virginity within the same week. The first guy could not hold it in one day and kissed me. He looked like he was going to cry saying he was sorry and that his misread the mood. Before we knew it I was on top of him.

I contacted the other two to meet one on one on different days and seduced them. Nobody was left out.

The verge of culture, a sad life

I am a shameless cumbrain I want sex

Now you're just making shit up. It's not even believable anymore.
Be more subtle next time.

i want to report you for being underaged because i know only someone under 18 would think in such a retarded manner.

what did you get touched as a kid? Why are you consistently fucking your friends? Are you curious how quickly they'll lose interest in you once you stop putting out?

That sounds nice. I would like to be in a group like that.

>degenerate post about some gay shit on Jow Forums with random anime girl #492894 reaction image that OP has a whole folder of to avatarfag with
>42 fucking replies

these threads are literally never made by women, just larping discord fags and trannies, what is wrong with you retards?

polyandry is gross imo

post your body, to help us relieve all the stress :))

I dont actually understand what you think I did wrong? What is wrong with having sex with people that you love and who love you?

Being a conservative when you only live once is asking to live a boring unfulfilling life.

>completely destroy your ability to pair bond
>trigger instincts that make you feel like men are unable to commit to you
>trigger instincts that make you feel you aren't worth of a man that wants to stick with you and commit to you

no wonder women are so depressed today.

This poor gut really got cucked by both his bros in the same week.

How many abortion have you had?

Nigga they don't love you. You're an object at this point, and the thing they probably look most forward to is having sex with you, not your actual company.
Did you notice them starting to call and give you more attention after you fucked each of them??

Women should treat sex like a precious gift, for the right person, otherwise they're literally turning themselves into an object in the eyes of men. I question the level of your friendship, and how much pussy plays a role in their actual feelings towards you.

Do you think this thread and it's contents are real? What sort of fat, autistic retarded newfag do you have to be to try to genuinely be such a white knight simp fucking betamax supreme and give relationship advice to a whore that isn't even real on the internet? Jesus fucking christ.

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suck a dick my friend.
dimissing shit as bullshit would just be too boring. I'd rather engage them as if they were real.

An object huh? Funny you say that one of them is actually trying to go a girl from his work to go on a date. Hes been confiding in me the whole time on what to do and say. By your logic as a object or hole he shouldnt really care about my opinion right?

And ofc just ignore that in the op that we we hang out as group all the time with no sex involved. Sure in 1 on 1 situations sex is almost inevitable it even then im usually the one asking for it.

ok fair enough. you're smart enough to know the secret to mens hearts is through their dick, but your behavior is basically shameful as fuck at this point and will probably damage you in the future.

Do they know they're all fucking you?

INSANE fucking cope. So you're openly saying that not only do you realize this is all retarded bullshit, but you would rather ignore reality and just continue giving bad, pretend advice to a pretend girl in a thread with a pretend premise? Are you one of those faggots that has "circlejerks" on here with people posting low-qual loli and "stuttering" in text? Get a fucking grip of yourself you spaz.

Fucking delusional.
I wish I could shut my eyes and live my life.
I dont love myself enough to suspend reality though. You have no idea how lucky you are

Not sure how mutual love and understanding of each others needs can hurt me but ok.

Yes they are all in on it it at the moment one of them might be getting a girlfriend soon.

its fun to endulge anons crazy stories.

How do people even get into this kind of arrangement? I want to be in a group like this.

and then eventually they all get married and leave you a used up cumdump in your early 30s

There are studies that correlate to women having 2 or less sexual partners having more successful marriages that last longer.
I know you're just going to whore yourself out.

Once you're old and nobody wants your pussy anymore, work on being a person and doing something special with your life.

People aren't wise enough to question temporary, quick, instant gratification, just because it feels good and it works now. Doesn't mean that it wont fuck you in the long run. id recommend you not telling any dudes you're trying to date this, and just say you had 4 sexual partners from past relationships.

The friendship angle is fucking weird, and most people aren't going to understand it.
>"Oh so you just banged your friends"
To any man thats going to sound problematic, and like a person who could potential cheat, or develop unattractive relationships with their friends.

Lmao you think its cute but it has red flags written all over it.

You're not "endulging" any "crazy stories" though, you're legitimately asking questions and trying to give advice to a fat loser pretending to be a girl like some sort of brain damaged redditor. I'm not even trying to grief you you fucking idiot, I'm trying to make you not such a dumb faggot.

have fun user, and take shit less seriously.

sound advice, 90% of the population is going to think that's weird and makes op look like a people-user

Can I have sex with you too if we live close please

lol i know right, imagine dating her, finding out about this shit, and hearing "all my friends tend to be male"
lmao. how could you possibly trust her?

Oh dont worry Im well aware of the stigma. The guys arent really too keen on letting others know that they are sharing either. Its in all of our best interest to keep it a secret.

Im not really too concerned about finding a husband whether its one of them or somebody new. I will be fine.

To everyone else acting like casual sex will wear me out or something please open a book. Actually regular safe sex helps keeps you young and healthy.

OP you are fucking retarded, you obviously have mixed up love with lust a d you are freely giving into your slut tendancies. Then you encourage this degenerate shit even more, how fucking pathetic that its too "limiting" to love one person. You're just being a pathetic meat hole for 3 men while calling it love so you can feel better about your shit life. Stop this degenerate behaviour.

Sorry but ive known these boys since junior high and I know all their parents and they know mine. Its not like I sleep with just anyone.

Yeah but you can get to know me too

do your parents know your the class slut or what

Tits or gtfo

(It's not that difficult)

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>Im not really too concerned about finding a husband whether its one of them or somebody new. I will be fine.
lol women say this shit all the time then end up single in their 30s, their maternal clock ticking, and then their chances of reproducing slowly running out.
I recommend just getting knocked up, and probably being a single mom if you want kids, right around 30. Yes i'm presuming no guy will want to stay in a long term relationship with you. Because you're abnormal.

>Regular safe sex keeps you young and healthy.
Don't talk about cocks like they're fucking apples. Lmao a dick a day keeps the doctor away, and it also keeps the husbands or any respectable man.

Lmao i know a nympho like you is probably going to end up meeting one guy, who just fucks the living dog shit out of you, he'll make you cum harder than any other man, but he'll see you as nothing serious, because you don't treat yourself that way. And you'll probably be stuck with someone who is mediocre at sex.

That's the problem with lots of casual sex desu, especially for women. It's just like men with porn, once you've crossed the threshold into hardcore dirty, fucked up porn, how do you go back to vanilla and get the same satisfaction?

I feel really bad for the OP, she can't even see that these guys just view her as a hole.
Another girl destroyed by feminism who can't see her own worth, sad.

Those woman dont work out like I do. And the great thing about our sex btw dear is that none of us do drugs. Just anime and outdoor activities. I know this goes against your narrative but Im going to age really well.

Thats fine because sometimes when Im alone with them all I see is their penis :)

The thing about you and others trying to label me as being degraded and or used is that I was already friends with these boys for 8+ years before anything happened. Even if they see me that way now I would still make me happy that they want me so bad.

>> I'm the only girl in a group of friends made up of 4 people
>> I'm openly sexually active with all 3 of them
>> No gangbangs but just 1 on 1 sex with any of them.
>> They are all in on it and ok with it
>> There's a rule where none of them can try to hog me
>> I love them all equally
>> We still do stuff together as a group like see movies , pool, bowling, mall arcade, etc.

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in a way that is a lot of womens worth. This is why there existence though easy is so sad.
They pride themselves on their apperance, the attention they get from men. And unknowingly/knowingly objectify themselves, and simplify themselves to a hole.
When a girl chooses to display the fact she has a fat ass on instagram, she's unknowingly simplyfing herself to pussy. it's like she's saying thats all i'm worth subconsciously.

That's the curse of being a woman. they don't have to earn dick. Men can't get by on looks alone, we usually need some sort of charm, some sort of confidence, and merit. I know looks give a dude an advantage, but if you're socially autistic it doesn't help much.

Women spend so much of their lives trying to be sexually desireable that they end up not fulfilling other things. So by the time they're 35 and their looks are wearing, they feel like shit and like the good times are behind them. LOL.

It's the curse.
>passive aggressive "dear"
>this is the only time you've managed to make my blood flow to my penis in the thread
Okay sweetiepoo, boobie snookums,

>it makes me happy that they want me so bad.
See what im saying dude.women live their lives trying to be objects of desire, then once they hit the wall they have 40 years of mediocrity and meaningless to look forward too.


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Why only in your 20's? Why not older? Is it because you know this is a destructive lifestyle that won't amount to any long term happiness? Is it because you know you're ruining yourself emotionally and know you'll never be able to truly love because nothing will ever be special?

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Nice little story you got there. Tranny scum

Rate me OP

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A womans sexuality is her worth, I don't know why they want to throw it away so easily.
Spend a day doing the research and they will see that studies demonstrate this behavior leads to VERY unhappy women, for obvious reason that evolutionary psychology has pinpointed.

Fake and gay.

But just on the tiny offchance this is real...unironically kill yourself you disgusting slut.

> I'm openly sexually active with all 3 of them
You're a whore

this is pretty hot *nutts*

correct post, on top of that, it is certainly something op can't keep up for a long time, it will at some point collapse, due to many possible reasons, and most likely not a single one

what are the dimensions on that?

it's curving the wrong way user

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Fairly cute penis. You are probably only bigger than one of them but you have a good shaped dick

I wish I had a friend group like this

only ugly bitches do shit like this

Ok troll bitch confirmed

>i dont know why they want to throw it away so easily
they've been told hedonism would lead them to happiness. And that temporary pleasure was okay.
So after many one night stands, rimjobs, threesomes, and many men have left they wonder why they feel so alone, and feel like an object.
the only saving grace is their children, if they have some, then they can focus on them, and they wont have to think about themselves so much. that way they can feel their lives
amounted to at least reproducing.

beauty is such an intrinsic thing that women don't have to learn how to be interesting, smart, or compete against eachother. which leads them to an existential void. Men earn their self worth.
so are you into size at all?

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5 inches long by 5 inches around

Up for sharing some pics?
discord Panko9680

Man people are having sex in there 20's meanwhile I'm 20 and just contemplating suicide. I don't even know any girls or have any friends. This is pretty cool user I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say I wouldn't do the same, I'm just salty more than anything.

Glad that works for you. It would not work for me. I kinda had fantasies of doing something like this but those were much darker.

So I lost my v-card at 21, because I thought that enjoy your 20s right? Then noticed that I am a psycho bitch and can't separate sex from undying devotion and would get myself to prison if I tried to imitate OP. So here I am. Late twenties and been with one person for over five years. Bit of me is jealous other half feels kinda smug. ps.don't confuse me with asian dad.

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