White supremacist

>white supremacist
Jesus was a fucking jew, dense faggots.

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>Father was a Roman soldier
>Mother was a galilean (A celtic tribe from Europe that settled in Asia minor)

Illiterate faggot

just because he was born in the middle east , doesn't mean he was a jew

There were no Jews in biblical times, the talmud was written after the death of Jesus Christ, every time it says the word jew in modern english bibles its actually a mistranslation of the word judean (a judean was someone from judea), there were hebrews, israelites, judeans and pharisees but not Jews, the religion of the old testament is hebrewism and not Judaism, both Judaism and Christianity evolved from hebrewism, Christianity is older than Judaism.

>asian minor
you absolute fucking low IQ nigger

Didn't the turks show up way after jesus was supposedly born?

>this amount of mental gymnastics

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>Calls me a low IQ nigger
>Doesn't even know about the celtic tribes that settled in Anatolia

jesus was black and white people are not allowed in heaven except as servants don't @ me

actually meant for this illiterate tranny

turks in the present day definition didnt exist , modern day turks are tartar , eastern european , arab , greek mutts

Not only was he a Jew but he was from the Middle East, more than likely had black African ancestry. Antisemetic racist Christians go against everything Christianity is based on. It's incredibly hypocritical.

Christianity is literally the only hope society has dude, wtf are you even talking about? Stop all the bullshit drama and repent.

jesus was born in israel in the middle east , he had no greek roots

But was ronald reagan the devil and did the government lie about 9/11

He was born to a Jewish mother, worshipped the god of the Jews and considered himself a Jew, so I think that makes him a Jew.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem but his mother was from Galilee, this is a fact

You retard look at this painting he was italian and white. Imagine being this stupid.

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same region , galile is in israel in the middle east

obvious bait , but i'll bait , da vinci or any of the other renaissance artists didnt know how jesus actually looked its all depictions

There's a confusion between Anatolian and Turks, Anatolians were the natives of Turkey but they went extinct long ago due to countless invasions of Romans, Mongols, Persians and Muslims later in history
Modern Turks are descendant from Seljuk Turks, this tribe was the result of Arabs (Western asians, semitic traits) converting and conquering the turkic Oghuz tribe (Central asian, eurasian traits)

>galile is in israel in the middle east
Is it mental retardation or lack of knowledge?

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you're the retard
>Galilee is a region in northern Israel.

Jesus or also reffered to as "King of Jews"

>Two different regions can't share the same name


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>Modern Turks are descendant from Seljuk Turks
No they arent, dna tests were done some regions barely rich 20% turkc admixture. They are anatolians and have nothing to do with real turkics. Stop talking about things you have no idea about, coping turkroach we wuz nomads.

>doing all of this mental gymnastics to prove that you're savior wasnt a middle eastern jew

>people stretching THIS HARD to unjew the most FAMOUS JEW IN THE WORLD BESIDES MOSES

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She was a Jew retard

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