Weed makes you schizo

>weed is good for you men, what do you mean its addictive?

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it can become an emotional crutch

Yes but that's only if your genes have schizo white boiiiiiiiii

hear it also makes you horni

The weed is fine, I wish I could stop with the fuckin alcohol. I'm not doing too good, boys. I get drunk every night, then feel like shit all day the next day until I stay drinking again.

weed makes everyone paranoid until their tolerance dulls that effect, it makes you temporarily psychotic. if you smoke daily when stop cold turkey you will be psycotic

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lots of people smoke before they eat, then your food is connected to a drug ritual, eating is directly connected to your emotional state

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It was the opposite for me. First times smoking weed it made me fully not give a fuck. After a few months of smoking I started getting paranoid.

As an alcoholic user that's been to rehab a few times, do what you can to quit. True booze withdrawls are fucking miserable, and you will be marginally happier in the long wrong. Check out an AA meeting. I don't fully subscribe to the program, but being around other miserable drunks and hearing issues you can relate to helps.

This. Cut the booze out whenever you can. Alcohol is one mean son of a bitch. I got plastered last night by myself after eating a big meal and I had a vomit attack. I lost some weight in the process but fuck, I felt like shit and now today, I'm recovering. No more fucking booze lol

drinking is great if you don't have 4 drinks every 12 hours

with both sides its a total negative effect on wellbeing

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>drugs have negative side effects
wow who wouldve fucking thought you retard

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dude people think weed isnt a drug

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this is true i know several people who say ''its just a plant bro haha'' which is just such fucking bullshit. i mean im pro legalisation n shit, but dont pretend its not a drug.

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pain medication makes you feel tired the next day and the addiction is well documented. alcohol is terrible for you long term and makes you feel great and social during the 'high'. all drugs are bad, do you wanna feel a little chill but long term you lose your fucking mind? weed is J*wish don't smoke weed unless you love thee enemy

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the people im posting to are those who are really into smoking thinking its the perfect medicine. they sound like niggers who tell you to use 'black soap' and look at tarot cards

I've been smoking weed every day multiple times a day ever since i got abandoned by a girl i met off here

Might get into harder stuff

move on from weed and drink, when you drink you get laid. hard stuff like coke will make you die. coke will turn into meth mad quick

I used to be a heavy weed user. Weed basically fucked my mind up, I have permanent intrusive thoughts and get existantial panics at random times during the day. If I smoke weed anymore the existantial thoughts are multiplied tenfold and I think about the shitty state of the world and my inevitable death.

I can manage the thoughts if Im not high but theyre still annoying as fuck. Fuck weed.

holy shit you're literally me
except I also have panic attacks and derealization

this might as well be me, this is how bad it got. My friend called it "in my head bro" and he hated hanging out with his girlfriend or us when he had smoked because it cause such a change in his passions

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weed is great, the only downside is the lines at the dispensary are out the door and around the fucking corner 24/7, imagine if you had to wait in lines comparable to an iphone release every time you wanted to get a 6 pack. granted it's easier than it used to be, what with having to call some asshole dealer who doesn't give a shit about getting you an 1/8th or whatever but jeez. i had to take a break just from the headache of going to the store and buying it

imagine waiting for recreation on this level, your addicted to weed and don't even care

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>no, I'm not addicted, I can stop whenever I want
>stop? why should I stop? I like it
why zoomers do this shit? they really think that they are rip and cool for smoking and drinking?

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I like getting a good suck from a twink when I'm high

Yeah derealization/depersonalization too. It sucks.

I remember when I used to smoke, 3 yrs ago, I would get so high I would have weed trips, which most people dont get I guess? It felt very similar to tripping on shrooms and I would start wondering if reality was all in my head and if I was god in control of everything and just choosing to experience a mortal life.

I gotta stop talking about it now cause its fucking with my mind but you get the idea.

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everyone knows weed is a z-tier bottom of the barrel drug.

Weed is dangerous because everyone thinks it's harmless

You ever taken hard cock in the bussy while high it really milks your prostate

Not him but what I found was that most people who are this angry are usually closet gay

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Alcohol is unironically 10x better than weed.

I smoke weed all day everyday and the only time it has negative effects is when I haven't had enough sleep. sleep is by far the most important thing for mental health

Consider going on Grindr and getting TOPPED while high you wont regret it uwu!

why? alcohol just makes you retarded and sleepy. weed at least allows you to immerse yourself in things like vidya and music, gives you interesting thoughts and doesn't fuck with your physiology

speaking about weed as one drug is quite stupid due to how much the effects vary from strain to strain.

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why don't you just buy a much larger quantity

Hey, I'm a dumb stoner who broke my mind too. Last weekend, I had a dpdr panic attack. I panicked so hard about being chosen to exist. Everything looked so foreign to me and I couldn't understand why. I even wondered why I needed a room, with meaningless stuff inside. I thought about calling someone, but they felt about as real as my waste basket. I felt as if my mind was physically splitting, and that I wanted to die, but I was outside the realm of dying.

Since then I can't get comfortable. It creeps me out that i can't see myself in 3-D or that I can't see my brain. I don't even feel real. But it makes me feel better knowing there's others like me.

as someone with an addictive personality and lots of addicts in my family tree, weed is good because it remedies my desire for stronger, more destructive addictions. If it wasn't for weed I could quite easily be a raging alcoholic or smackhead

Little did you know, you were as good as high the moment you set foot here

The weed should live for you not the other way around

if weed does have dangers the most real dangers are for the young brain. I had a friend who smoked daily since he was 12 and sadly recently found out that he died in an opiate overdose/ suicide. one of the last things he said to someone was that "drugs are the only thing that make him happy". very sad. i'm glad I didn't smoke regularly until I was about 17-18

>4 drinks in 12 hours
Try 4 drinks in about 2 hours

i like weed because it makes me feel more human and less dead inside

Stuff like weed and hallucinogens always put me off because of the changing of the state of mind. Call me close minded but I am afraid of rearranging my thoughts and changing my behavior. I know not all weed smokers are dumb weedbros but the last thing I need is apathy in my life.

>>stop? why should I stop? I like it
i dont smoke weed and i dont like stoners.
but why should they stop if they like it?
just imagine
>no, I'm not addicted, I can stop whenever I want
>stop? why should I stop? I like it
is about eating breakfast or exercising or whatever.
if someone enjoys it, why would they stop?
not even saying that weed isnt addictive, your argument is just retarded

masochists like to hurt themselves
according to your logic, since they enjoy doing it, there's no reason for them to stop cutting themselves

Been off the weed for about 1 week and a half,i feel so refreshed and with so much energy,i used to wake up after smoking some weed and i would act like an autistic child,not making eye contact and not talking to anyone because i wasnt feeling like it,if you are in a foreing environment please dont do weed it would make you feel like a watered down version of yourself,if you arent an adicct prove it and stay off the weed for some time, i am sure its gonna make you rethink your choices

Everybody just smokes TOO MUCH fucking weed for one sitting. One, maybe two puffs is all you need.

You only needed an entire joint back in the 1960s when weed was all shake garbage

holy fuck youre blowing my mind

I am schizophrenic and weed makes me extremely suicidal

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Weed literally kills people

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