Why are Asian girls so superior?

Why are Asian girls so superior?

>cuter than any other girls
>better personality
>they love white guys
>better fashion
>more intelligent
and I could go on and on

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Because their standards are high enough to not date some fat ugly retarded neet like you

kek Im not old or a neet and they would never date a useless old bag because their standard is really high

Post an actually good looking one next time.

I always do sweetheart

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Nah, the one in the OP looks pretty ugly desu. This one looks good.

I think she is cute desu.....

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I'd say most of the time it's because 99% of us never interact with an asian girl growing up so it only amplifies our love for them even more but in reality they are just like any other type of girl.

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Theres this one photo of an Asian girl in a swimsuit that gets passed around on this site a lot and the girl is honestly the hottest girl I've ever seen in my life. God please someone find it for me. She kind of looked like pic related

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nah girls from other countries and culture behave really differently
this one maybe?

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Thanks for the help user but it wasnt that girl. But she was wearing a blue swimsuit though. I remember that. And she was standing up.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you: The most attractive woman on the entire planet.

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I watch a lot of mainland Asian girl youtubers with subtitles for the cooming and they really do act like normal western girls most of the time. Even the Japanese ones. But they definitely have different mannerisms and ways of saying things. But they're definitely not the pixie dream girls we all assume them to be. they're still way better than western girls regardless

Yeah the dream is snagging a cute Japanese girl becoming my wife but we all know that is never going to happen to me or you.

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sorry that I could not help you
nooooo dont say that we are going to make it 100%

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Japanese girls are hands down the hardest Asian girl to get. Not because they have high standards, but because they're some of the most indirect, shy, and vague conversationalists in the world. Just get a poor mainland Chinese girl. They're pretty funny and outgoing too unlike jap girls.

you are right beside the memes Japanese girls almost never date or marry foreigners

user i'm going to hit 30 in 2years I doubt i'll make it. Maybe you can but not me.

I know they are the hardest to get. I just can't really dig the chinese girl aesthetics compared to the superior Japanese girls.

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Reminds me of my tinder date when i went to japan.

6 months later happily married

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Did you speak Japanese or did she speak English?

Are Asian girls as disgusted by "older then norma" virgins as western girls?

asian girls have cute eyes

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well most japanese men are virgins as well if you look at the declining birthrates over there.

most of them look like feminine teenage boys

no tits no ass that's a pass

>was able to meet a girl, have a relationship with her, propose to her, an organize a proper wedding within 6 months all while dealing with language barriers and both partners living in separate countries
Cute story OP.

>live in city that's over 70% Asian
>asian qts everywhere
Existence is pain.

Asian american? Not the same.