Even trannies have high standards

>even trannies have high standards

Is this the worst timeline?

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Du du du du du duddu

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That is one fuckable tran

Yes it is the worst timeline.
Really, I don't think she's all that.

they are better than women, objectively.

super fake tits but at least there is not a dick down there

Forget about the "timeline". You're a person who worries about how fuckable someone is, instead of a person who fucks. Who's losing sleep over this? Not anyone who's getting laid, especially not with her, she's hot as fuck.

>my anthem: flamingo
of course its the fucking tranny anthem LOL

looks like a dude
fucking faggot

Can't wait to see what the non-suicide trannies look like in 50 years time

No, its just an infected stinking wound thats needs to be manually wrenched open several times a day.

dude, that is probably her best photo of the best makeup of the best angle of it
you live in a fantasy world

she is beautiful, yes.

Maybe she still has a cock. Honestly I'd fuck a tran with a cock, but not a tran with wound between their legs.

I'd take the tran with a fake hole over a tran with a dick any day... but I hope to get like... an actual girl.

>Maybe she still has a cock
Nope. Read the description.

>can pick any name she wants

You're not convincing anyone here to give in to your faggotry.

I won't stop till every sissyboy transitions. Less competition for cis girls, and more boipussy available.

He was obviously inspired by the tranny from It's Always Sunny. Except you know, that tranny looked good because she was played by a woman.

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>I've had the surgeries