What care do you drive robots?

what care do you drive robots?

Trick question: robots can't drive

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So just use your legs

For real just broke af

why dont more people ride bikes? theyre more fun and cheaper than cars.

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1986 Toyota Tercel 4WD wagon

4runner, what good is a vehicle if it can't leave the pavement?

you dumb, hikikomori don't need a car

>being this retardered

a 7 seater scenic, the thing is like a minibus

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darn, how many childrens do you have user?

I drive a 98 mark viii collectors edition. Its a great car I like it. Gas milage could be better but eh.

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Then how the fuck do you get pizza/McDonald's ar 3 am

>Gas milage could be better
how much you getting?
I'm only getting 50mpg and it's driving me nuts, but too poor to buy a new car

I get about 20mpg but you know this boat of a car weight almost 4,000lbs. But on my trips to Orlando I average about 28mpg.

A 1990 celica
Anyone else here doing /NightDrives/?

The true robot's car.

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that's insane, nowdays a 500bhp 3L does much better mpg

I'm a bit of an /o/tist and have spent like $100.000 of my NEETbux on cars and motorcycles between 2008 and 2017. Don't really care much for it anymore though. I no longer ride, and my current car is just a cheap and reasonable econobox.

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had a MX5 for the last year, looking to buy a second car now, thinking of an E30 wagon, 159 Alfa, wagon Volvo or some shit
miata chad

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>159 Alfa
that's a highly tuned one in your pic, also why not get a Giulia

a lot, the side effect of an ultra-fertile wide hipped gf

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>highly tuned
its just a bumper package
>why not just get a giulia
the only ones worth a damn are the QF ones and those are 70k while a 2.4 159 costs like 5k

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Normies hate it, but it's really fun to drive.

Hasn't given me any problems.

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but her shoulders are wider than her hips

At the moment I drive an mx5 na and have had it a few years. I like the car but am looking to get an ae86 when I can.

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>a 2.4 159 costs like 5k
2.4L m-jet?
what year

>Normies hate it
where do you live, I've yet to meet a person who doesnt love these things
>when I can
good luck with that, they're 25k now and getting more expensive by the month, and its not even that good irl
there's a few of them for sale around here, 2007-2008

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one o the most gorgeous things I have seen in my life.

Its fine I like my shitbox. I mean it gets better gas milage than my pops GT350 but whatever. My car is literally just an extremely sporty couch. And the neon light at night is absolutely aesthetic.

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okay well the 2.2L on the Giulia has the same HP and better talk anyways, and I assume much better mpg

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I used to be a car enthusiast as a kid, obsessively reading car magazines, playing racing games etc.
but I never got a license and hate the idea of driving on public roads
driving schools in my country are a scam and will milk you dry, they hire piece of shit boomers as instructors so you're always stressed out and more likely to fuck up
if our tests were as lenient as in the US I'd have considered it much sooner

BMW F80 M3

the difference in mpg dont really make a difference to me, the 159 in terms of looks is lightyears ahead of the giulia

and forgot to mention I want a wagon

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Either samefagging or this guy is delusional. So gross and fat. If you have fucking kids why is your faggot ass on r9k? Sure we're all mostly normalfags, especially in a thread like this, but you're just disgraceful. I hope your kids all grow up to be tranny posters. Fag. Oh and I drive a 94 corolla.

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Yea I know they are expensive af for what they are. I'm not one of the idiots that think they are a magical car with super racing ability's like the one in initial d.

I just really like how it looks and its history. I love classic cars and popup headlights anyway so it's something I want to be able to say I've owned.

I have a decent job so I will get there.

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i agree style wise it's better but basically all bmws/audis from the late 2000s too have it better
it's all about those headlights
5-8k is a good price, you should go for it

Euro-Poor IN
Miata virgins OUT

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alfas from that period have shit interiors tho forgot to mention, examine it well before you buy

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godspeed user, I wish I could get one too, just it isnt worth the 25k, you can get a R32 for that dosh

I've driven multiple 159s and 156s
the interior is fine, way better than modern cars with glossy trim that collects fingerprints like a piano

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i meant the quality of plastics and assembly, they tend to crumble with age originy

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alfa romeo, the italian sports car for people who cant afford a maserati

>94 corolla
no wonder you're so angry

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oh sure that shit happensbut it can be replaced with a bit of car dump scavanging and iirc most of the trim in the 159 is brushed aluminium
>better history
>better looks
>somehow more reliable even though its a fucking alfa
>much cheaper
I'll take the alfa

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>better looks
>alfa romeo grill
pick one

That's a good point. I'm not really bothered about speed though.
Besides after owning an 86 for a few years I would probably sell it on so I'd get the money back if not more as they hold their value. That is unless A: I decide to keep it for good or B: Something bad goes wrong with the car while I own it.

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whats even scarier than being inside a monsterous killing vehicular machine and having to operate it around hundreds of other killing machines? being on a tiny two-wheeled death machine stuck around hundreds of horrifying coffins on wheels

driving is for neurologically healthy normies, not for mentally ill losers

shut it nonce

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>Lancer Evo 8
>NA Miata
Long list of cars before that as well.

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yes look at this marvel of aesthetics, peak of styling achieved to the point it looks like a chevy mixed with a bmw
reminder that this shit is supposed to compete with the sedan version of

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>better looks
imagine unironically thinking that

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you're both autists actually as alfa is to maserati what audi is to porsche

>attempting to compete with
>priced $32,000 more
get real poor fag

>oohh we make the car look angry
>sharp angles to make it aggresive so people know its serios business
>add LED strips into the headlights too so we can get the audi audence too
>thats going to be 150k bro

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>30k more
>alfa still beats it in terms of performance

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For summer, a 95 toyota supra, granted it's not legal anymore (according to country laws) with 850hp (got setup for (740 and 780 maps resp. aswell, still not legal), so can't drive it as a day to day car anymore, just for fun, thinking of selling it, manual of course.
For fall/winter/spring, just a regular Volvo V70, had to do something so installed a crush alpine sound system in it for a nice base, automatic car

this looks like a car from a disney movie

>im only getting 50mpg and its driving me nuts
You do realize youre doing better than 90 percent of the car market?
t. Honda Civic Hybrid owner

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Ghibli is a fake maserati. Nothing alfa makes is comparable to the GT

really? how much you getting on your civic hybrid?
But to be fair I drive masterfully to conserve as much kinetic energy as possible as taught by Jeremy Clarkson in TopGear youtube.com/watch?v=XJSDMRqyBbc
when I was but a wee lad

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alfa looks autistic

Stryker armored personnel carrier

I drive a fucking 18 WRX and it's horrid. Don't buy current gen Subarus. They were good cars in the 90s and early 2000s but they have been shit since the start of this decade. Exception potentially being the 2011 STi Hatchback.

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Northstar swapped Fiero

I BARELY get 42mpg average. Though my hybrid battery is damn near dead. Not willing to shill out 3 grand for a replacement battery yet. Though when I do I expect a comfy 60-80mpg

you say that as if its a bad thing
>i-its not even a maserati, it doesnt count
>muh gt
4c nurburgring time 8:04:000
GT nurburgring time 8:13.600

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I make 200k a year but I drive a Honda civic

2012 Ford Mustang with 6-speed manual transmission
It's cheap, reliable, and fun to drive.

Based minimalist/utilitarian

Man 50mpg is great I only get high 20s when I'm under 65.

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>hybrid cars are a scam
imajen me SCHOK

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These are my vehicles.

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I'm guessing America?
Are manuals as cheap as they claim there?
As I prefer a manual to an automatic, more control and the possibility to drift.
Reason I've heard manual is so cheap is as no one knows how to drive one, when they're child splay to drive.

Based emission-less user. Do you live in PDX by any chance?

>Select all images with Bicycles

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this guy fucks

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>lives his life on a bus drivers schedule

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>where do you live, I've yet to meet a person who doesnt love these things
they're fuck ugly compared to an RX7 and even by rotary standards the engines are a nightmare

>Do you live in PDX by any chance?
Nope, I live in Europe.

>they're fuck ugly compared to an RX7
yeah there are maybe 2 rx7s in the entire country, and the car scene isnt that big either

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An 86

>have had a couple girls approach me and tell me how nice it is

It is a beautiful car. Will probably get the Corvette C8 in a couple years though since the Supra was a big disappointment.

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>cheapest new car in america
>manual windows, locks, transmission
>roomy and good mileage
Yeah it's based.

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I drive this god damn fucking piece of shit jesus christ i hate it so much i want to die

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it gets like 38 mpg and i rarely drive so i only buy gas like once a month if even that
bikes arent comfy. i had one for a few years but it was just too much of a hassle. a car is like a little house, you can store stuff in it and if you ever need to for whatever reason you can pull over on the side of the road, put the seat back and safely go to sleep. but you cant store anything on a bike and youre constantly exposed to the elements. its fun at times but its not worth the high maintenance

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I live in a country with winter

honestly i feel so much more in control and alert on a bike than when im driving a car
some skills you learn on a bike make you a far better driver as well, like head checks and learning to identify problem drivers

>bikes arent comfy.
agreed, a bike is only fun if you ALSO have a car, so you can drive it on your free time on your own terms

Considering thats the only part ive had to replace in its entire history of 122k miles, id say its faired well compared to its gasoline only counterparts.

>worse mpg
>more expensive
>hve to replace the batteries
>RAPES the environemnt
>gasoline counterparts
your car is gasoline not electric btw

Biker bros, im getting my licence in spring next year, ive been driving a car proper for 5 years and consider myself a seriously alert and safe driver, mostly from reading up on motorcycle riding and invisible commuting
Any tips, looking to buy a 125cc bike because theyre cheap as fuck and ill use it only for half a year

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Get a GROM

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I drive a lump of shit but its my lump of shit. Its the only bit of freedom I feel like I have.

recently bought

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r8 my car silly boyz tee-hee

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I roll with the oem rims on my na too. a shame that you've lost a cap.

tfw i have never even technically owned my own lump of shit except for insurance purposes

I need to take some better pics of my car

nice. celicas are always aesthetic

what is it?

rip elantra coupe. nice trips btw

at least it looks classy

don't know how the manuals are but I've been behind the wheel of my grandmas one with the CVT and it drives like a giant piece of shit

damn I wish girls noticed my car. just boomers and and zoomers that haven't graduated highschool yet

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I get about 42-44 mpg with an ordinary non-hybrid 2001 civic. its not that hard if you don't drive like a jackass.