Why does r9k hate trannies?

Why does r9k hate trannies?

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I dont, I've even fucked a few

Also, I'm gonna need some sauce on that girl (boi)

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Tranny discord threads, make robots commit suicide.

I did not until they would not stop posting constantly about it. I do not care who you are, the threads are fucking boring and shit up the board.

Actually I'm just starting to realize she (he) has no ass. The marks on her (his) but are from the panties being lower. She (he) just pulled them up and stuck her (his) but out for illusion

I'm a retard, butt not but
Pls no bully, I was on a non english keyboard with autocorrect

Fuck off ella

There are too many of them on Jow Forums, I get sick of it. If it were a minority few it would not be so bad.

they're annoying try hards that constantly talk bad about people behind their backs

The constant tranny bait threads are obnoxious
Everyone embellishes themselves when taking a pic, this isn't exclusive to trannies and it's not exclusive to ass pics either.

The problem is that they shill their shit everywhere even when they already have their own board.

Honestly, it's probably not even actual tranners, there's a fuckton of them around on the internet and the cutehouse faggots act more like extra retarded robots.

I don't if they're decent trannies. I hate the shitty ones, and I wouldn't hate them all that much if they shut the fuck up and kept to themselves instead of whining incessantly about bullshit and trying to force people to do shit.

Six-foot beastmen in thigh highs calling themselves traps and accelerationists from Jow Forums spamming tranny threads and shitting in diapers for Hitler. Fucking furries with dragon dildos have more decency than this.

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The idea of a bro friend with benefits was hot shit for a couple of years, now many robots see that this is ultimately just as hollow a pursuit as a traditional relationship in that it does nothing to tackle their most deep-seated problems. In fact it's maybe worse as most aren't actually gay and the inevitable lack of attraction with age reflects death all the more at them. That and the blurring line between ebin boypussy UwU and general thottishness touched on by others ITT.

I'm 99% convinced Ella puts no effort into looking like a girl, he's just lucky as fuck and has female traits. If you check his twitter and his pics wearing casual everyday clothing he literally looks like just another pretty boy

Cuz they're mentally ill and they eat shit, how can I respect that? Gas em

Porn is disgusting, destructive and fake. Tranny porn is 1000x worse than ordinary porn and has tricked a whole generation into thinking this shit is normal.

9/10 a transition is caused by porn. It infects people, especially autists who don't know any better. It is an infection. It is worse than HIV. It turns the host into a husk, a monster who deforms their body. And this monsters biggest issue? It is that they will never be an attractive person. So they have to spread the virus more to change reality to reflect what they want.

pretty sure that's ella hollywood

r9k hates trannies because of the idea that even a mentally ill man would still probably reject their advances

You're spreading a sickness people don't actually have, confusing them to the point where they think they have it.
and then you tell them the only way to treat it is to become a woman.

Literally you're like the cunnyposters on /tv/ you're out here to spread delusion and make people think it's practical.

trannies are disgusting, pedophile freaks that are consumed with their sexual fetishes and poison anything they touch, worst of all, their faggot friends and followers and fetishists all cover for them not only socially, but legally and economically too, allowing them to run amok and rape children and convince them to take pills to destroy their body. they are physically REVOLTING and i'll trust my millions of years of bred instincts to be disgusting every time i have to come across one of those demons. i'll stomp a tranny's head in again if i get the chance

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Stop being so delusional, no one in a sane mind would want to fuck those abominations in the first place

>The constant tranny bait threads are obnoxious

I don't even care, I don't look at them. Why even get upset

>Why does r9k hate trannies?
The same reason they hate everything else: they hate themselves.

Trannies are worse than furfags ever were. Imagine if furfags could get surgery to become dogs and then they got political groups behind suporting them who turned all your favorite shows and video games into politically charged vehicles meant to push the furfag lifestyle and agenda onto people.

Because i come to r9k to talk about oneitises and why our lives suck and why normals ruined everything. I dont come here to talk about being a faggot and turning to the evil slaanesh daemon filth. I wish sigmar would exterminate every one of these filthy damned creatures.

I'm in a sane mind and I would fuck the abomination in the OP

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are you sympathizing with furfags? Is this what it has come to? You know this place is flipped upside down when fellow bots are fucking sympathizing with furfags

they ruined anime reaction pics for me

I don't.
I love tranners. I connect with them way more and they can be very cute and fun.
Old hons are another question.

I don't, I'm in a relationship with one. I don't like the twitter-posting eternally-offended types, but that goes for every group and I'm adult enough to realize the annoying, loud ones don't represent everyone.

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Furries were shitting in diapers and drawing babyfur vomit a decade before that discord server was even made.

Anons do we hate furfags more than trannies?
Trannies are just gay shills but furfags are unredeemable.

I read once there was a furry convention where someone was putting used diaps on cars

Bored? why not check this extremely hot active server, for the best llewds of females and traps!

discord gg/E8smxDG

i dont hate trannies im actually kinda jealous of them i wish i was trans tbqh

Ella is such a qt. I want to make her(male) call me daddy.

This. If my only contact with trannies was through Jow Forums I'd probably want to murder them too. It's a bit easier to be sympathetic of people you know IRL

>saying trannies are worse than furfags is sympathizing with furfags

There's that mental illness.

That sounds par for the course.