What is the best drug if you just want to feel good and be more creative like on weed but without the schizo side...

What is the best drug if you just want to feel good and be more creative like on weed but without the schizo side effects

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pretty sure the answer is alcohol used in moderation

avoid any substance that causes anxiety

unironically meth. People act like it's really bad but if you do it right and just take small doses it's the greatest thing ever.

I heard that meth gives you amazing cooms. One of the reason that i forgot to state here that i used weed was because of how great fapping is on it. I would like that as well in a drug.

Seems like amphetamines are the best option, but meth seems like a terrible option. Maybe just straight up amphetamine?

I want something that i can use regularly though and im not sure if amphetamines are suitable for that

Alcohol doesnt give you the dopamine hit that you get from weed. Other than that i agree, its great and has little side effects if you dont get piss drunk and pass out

weed inst a feel good drug for me, i just got really drunk tonight and did some hash and greend out into a fit people were saying it was a once in a life time type of trip, i tried boys.

yeah you might like something like vyvanse or adderall. Maybe even the timed release or something. Really it doesn't matter as long as you dose properly.

Do i have any other option aside from amphetamines? Amphetamines seem good for now but if there is more out there than id like to take a look at that as well

heroin. all good artists in history have used opioids
psychedelics can also be helpful for creativeness


You are either insane or a very bad baiter

pure meth taken orally generally isn't as worse for you than amphetamines as popular perception of it would have you think. the problem is that most meth is never pure and meth users commonly inject or smoke it, which is insanely more potent
and yeah, amphetamines/meth isn't very sustainable in the long term because of the massive tolerance, not to mention the permanent brain damage that meth causes
how so user?

Straight up amph is boring, get meth

Back when I was still doing drugs oddly enough opiates were what brought out my creative side the most, it doesn't have the effect for most people and they just sort of nod but in my case it was the only type of drug that made me feel good enough to stop feeling so depressed, insecure, and afraid which allowed me to express myself in a way I normally wouldn't have. Stimulants are hell on earth for me and psychedelics are russian roulette but pain killers and heroin made me feel alive and happy. I wrote a tremendous amount and made all sorts of weird sculptures during that period. There were a lot of unfinished projects where I lost whatever had been inspiring me but despite how hazy it all was everything somehow just felt so vivid and full of life and love at the same time. I'm not neurotypical and have had paradoxical reactions to quite a few of the medications they've tried for me over the years though so that might have something to do with it.

>dude just take this drug that will cause the worst addiction known to man and severe psychosis when you stop taking it
End your life and learn to read the opening post

What drug is the best for cooming? I liked weed because it not because it made your peepee sensitive but it because it makes you really horny if you are already in the mood. The mental effects of it on sexual arousal are insane.

Sadly weed fucks me up mentally, so i have stopped using it. Is there any alternative?

heroin causes psychosis? where the fuck have you heard this user kek
I'm not the one suggesting OP take meth, that's in many ways worse than heroin especially if you are afraid of schizo side effects. heroin addicts generally just lay around, while meth addicts are the ones who suffer from psychosis and go out and do insane shit

>when you stop taking it
Just kys

still no schizo side effects, unless you consider having a fever to be schizophrenia. I'd love to see some evidence that opioid withdrawal causes "severe psychosis"
please tell me you don't think movies like trainspotting are real life user

Meth is for white trash, dont do it

phenibut. it basically puts you in a good state for a few days. Cabergoline will make you feel more masculine and confident.