Eggman has a gf

>eggman has a gf
What's your excuse?

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is it another tranny?

100% a girl.
The man basically wrote the black pill bible. Then he took some normal pills and is enjoying life.

except he's tall though. being kinda ugly can be made up for by being over 6ft. he's not even that uggo desu

sounds like a cope to me lil guy

I have been dumped by mine last week

>not a chad
fuck off OP with your b8

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height > all

it's science

She looks like she fucking stinks of shit

>Then he became famous and hoes love fame


his live has been on the upswing for awhile now

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Him getting a gf was the final nail in the blackpill coffin, his magnum opus.

>just become a famous eceleb bro

>eggman has a gf
Has. Fucking had.
She dumped him and fucked his life up.

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whatever happened to that tranny pizza? I liked "her" for the longest. any social media?

You don't want to hear the real reason. Even I don't really care to go over the details again.

It sucks. I'm not short. Not ugly. Not fat. Not even a cocklet. And yet for situations beyond my control I will never escape the loneliness of living a life without friends or lovers.

My sole purpose in life is to bury my parents.

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That skank was never his GF, don't even know if he even got to fuck here but Eggman would probably say he did.

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Isn't this the girl that took all his money and cheated on him? There's a screencap of him admitting to all of this.

Eggy has not had a gf in a while now he currentky lives in his aunts basement and makes music

T. Follow all his streams in youtube

I legit have zero personality. I waste all money and never save. I like strip clubs but I can't even maintain a strong boner anymore.

What music where can we listen to this?

Same. Sometimes I even think I'm quite handsome.
It all boils down to my introverted nature.
Whenever i meet someone new i totally freeze up and can't think of shit to say.

Bored? why not check this extremely hot active server, for the best lewds of femalles and traps!

discord gg/E8smxDG

This is his new channel

post more of her and how tall is eggy?

What is my excuse for what? And how does it relate to eggman and his girlfriend, whoever these people are? You really need to be more clear in what your talking about OP because this post might as well be gibberish.

Who the fuck makes these threads? It's like someone is hellbent to make robots constantly feel bad about themselves, always guilt tripping them about their looks, lack of social skills, lack of sex. Can't believe so many mentally ill retarded faggots exist on this board. Or maybe is just one guy, who knows.

Eggman is white, extroverted, and internet famous. It's really not surprising.
Some fat curry manlet introvent who never goes outside preaching inceldom would never ascend.

this is the girl who fucked with Eggy's life
the one in the OP is just some chick he fucked around with for like a month
t. Eggman loremaster

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He has a gf? Last I saw, his life was all fucked and he was streaming drunk on YT occasionally saying obscenities and asking people not to report him to Google.

How tall is eggy loremaster?

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So eggman doesn't have a gf and he's more miserable than ever, now what's YOUR excuse OP for making this retarded thread?

probably feggg grasping at the last straws of epower and fame he has.

not him , but google says 6'1

damn, i mean it's a possibility, but that would be too pathetic, even for someone like eggman

Was literally raised in a new age cult in total isolation

Never spoke to a girl my age until I was 23 about 3 months ago.

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This pic makes him look like a white supremacist

Hes like 6ft 3. Literally JBT (Just be tall)

>well groomed
yes i can totally see that too

>but that would be too pathetic, even for someone like eggman
that pretty much the only reason he had threads in the first place. you think some user "discovered" him? no, he shilled like they all shill. i hope he grows up one day.

Multiple anons on Jow Forums claimed this "girl" is a tranny a few weeks ago

That's a trap, I'm not bisexual/gay like him. Even if he ever did get a gf it'd be because he's tall and white, neither of which I am.

Looks > height

Unless you're below 5'6 then you have zero hope.

I don't follow.. a trap/trans is literally a female

Literally traps and trans are gay crossdressing men who are delusional enough to think they pass as a female. Stop deluding yourself, hon.

>literally a female
not biologically

eggman was always a failed normie, to be fair. he talked about porking women before he got e famous. still love him though. but I suspect he's lying about being bipolar.

Unironically, sincerely, good for him.

>100% a girl.
Trannies aren't real girls.

>tfw no eggirl gf

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she looks familiar. Was she a fembot who posted here?

>thinking about dumping mine if I get into med school
I mean ya she's been there for me throughout this journey, but I feel like I can do better you know?

I'm pretty sure that is one of those male to female photo filters.

No idea. I saved that image back in like 2016/2017. Always thought it was just a eggman photoshop

That girl actually cheated on him and took his money, he showed screenshots for proof of this. Kinda sucks for him being a guy that was once and incel and having his first girlfriend be someone like that, it really just fuels incel ideology.

want that a year ago

This. Just like the bagel manlet