What is the optimal position and angle to kill yourself with a pistol

What is the optimal position and angle to kill yourself with a pistol.

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Talking to a therapist would probably help you.

Just put the barrel to your temple and pull the trigger. Almost guarantees death. See you in the afterlife user

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Not gonna lie Id rather slip and slide off off a very tall building while super high

seen them for over 20 years user I am done

The only nearby building with >4 stories has two locked doors barring my access to the roof.

No, you need to press it to the roof of your mouth to almost guarantee death. You're risking becoming a vegetable if you push it against your skull. Your skull is fucking hard shit, like platemail for your brain.

I am pretty sure this leads to people blowing their eyes out of their sockets and not actually dying.

You're right user. Not planning on dying soon, but it might come in handy some day

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Depends on the gun and ammo from what I've heard

I am using a snub nosed 38

Are there meds you should be taking?

Definitely use the aim it at the roof of your mouth like the other user said. Might I ask what brought you to this point user?

>You're risking becoming a vegetable if you push it against your skull. Your skull is fucking hard shit, like platemail for your brain.
Nigger, every single pistol cartridge will punch through your skull if you put it right to your temple. Criminals have murdered people with .22lr to the head from a few feet away, right up against your skull is guaranteed to punch through. At the very very most, a smallish bullet like .22 will maybe not destroy enough, but every other cartridge is guaranteed to kill yo if you aim it right.
It doesn't not depend on the ammo or gun, it depends on how you aim it. Dumbasses put the gun to their chins and aim straight up. gimme a sec and I'll give you an illustration.

I've been on meds since I was 11 years old and I've had enough friend.
36 years old, I cannot hold a steady job, I hate everybody, my schizophrenia has gotten intolerable and my dog died recently.

Thank you all for the responses and I hope you make it.

I mean a shot from a Colt Python will fucking annihilate your skull from most angles, but I'll allow you to demonstrate user

I wish you a good journey into the afterlife friend. May your next life be an improvement from your current one

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Here. Left is how people just blow their eyes out and become vegetables. Just putting it to your chin and aiming straight up will miss most of the brain. Putting it to the roof of your mouth, or perpendicular to your temple will result in the core being destroyed.
Don't do something stupid that will only cause you more trouble.

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The front of your throat and point up

Thanks user and everybody else in the thread for the advice.
Hope you all have a good time

rest in peace and i hope you have better luck in your next life(if there is one)

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noo dont kill yourself please

Don't attempt suicide, if you fuck it up you'll truly be miserable.

Please just OD on herion instead. Don't add any stats to gun deaths.

what's a good suicide pistol?

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dude why dont you just do someting fucking insane. think of it like this. if you're about to die anyway why not just see if you can get away with a bank robbery just for the fuck of it? if you get trapped you can always just kys,

as someone who has shot themself and survived i have to say things can get better

but in the mouth, 15 degrees up.

Killing yourself isn't something you can psych yourself into doing at any time for most people. Police might trigger self preservation. Prison is miserable.

You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was too low in content (0.00% content). ooga booga

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don't fucking use a pistol, only pansies use them.

Get a 10 gauge slug instead, and point it at an angle like pic related, but it would be better to be comfy when and do it laying down in bed, not on a fucking toilet. shoot your heart (so you cant make blood), then shoot your brain.

or jump off a 10 story building. That produces the best results, because you can reflect in what time you have and die painlessly, but getting access would be hard.

they won't find my corpse so don't worry friend
no gun violecne here

hope it helps my man

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This is going to sound fucking ironic as hell but I feel like putting a gun in your mouth is a hell of a lot scarier than putting it up against the side of your head and I don't wanna do it that route

wtf is this chart yea thanks if i ever kill my self ill be sure to not shoot my nose to do it

how did you know my waifu

prayers said for you m8