How do I stop settling for fat chicks?

How do I stop settling for fat chicks?

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try asking out thin ones.

Bully her into losing weight. If she's worth it she'll acquiesce to your demands.

Step one - stop settling for fat chicks

>tfw so unattractive even fat chicks would never want me

>Step one - stop settling for fat chicks

There may be an earlier step than that - for some guys, they would have to quit drinking. Or at least stop drinking more than three beers at a time.

When you drink too much it's too easy to forget that you don't want to fuck any fat chicks.

>When you drink too much it's too easy to forget that you don't want to fuck any fat chicks.

Oh my god, this. You get dressed and go out telling yourself you're going to bag yourself a cutie. You have a couple of drinks to lighten the mood.
You wake up the next morning next to a hamplanet you realize, with regret, that you've been out hoggin' again.

It's like being Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Chubbychaser.

Find a fat girl with a cute face and a sweet personality, become her bf, encourage her to eat healthy and start exercising with her. Make working out a bonding experience for the two of you. Be encouraging and patient.

>now u have a skinny qt gf who loves u

Holy fucking kek I'm actually lolling for real

No such thing as "settling". You either like the girl or you don't.

>Be encouraging and patient.
And be fucking subtle about it too. If she gets the idea that you're trying to get her to lose weight because she's fat, she's gone.

She wants to be loved for who she is, not who she could be.

>How do I stop settling for fat chicks?
Try to attract girls who are fit. If you can't, then you're not settling at all, you're dating girls who are appropriate to your number.

>you... go out
You lost me

My cousin always brags to me about girls he fucks and every time I see a picture they're always fat. Not obese or anything but fat enough to not be atttactive

Either you only attract them due to your personality or you just have no standards
Either way a larger person, shall we say is malleable to what you wish, be it chubby or skinny or to remain a larger girl with some dedication and work.

At the end of the day you're getting more action them anyone else here so STOP COMPLAINING!

>you're dating girls who are appropriate to your number.
not him and idk if hes fat but the way i see it if you're not fat you shouldn't have to "settle" for fat chicks

I agree. If you're a fit man, the only reason to ever be with a fat chick is if you're a fat fetishist.

>If you're a fit man
i wouldnt call myself "fit" but i'm defiantly not fat, i weight 125lbs. i always feel bad & hypocritical for being disgusted by fat girls yet also longing for a loving gf and i have to tell myself im not fat so i shouldnt have to settle for a lardass gf. other than that im really not picky at all. i really dont give a shit about boobs or ass


There wasn't really anything funny about your post imo.

Sounds like you have a fetish for fat chicks and are too much of a simp to break off contact after a few fucks.

>been out hoggin' again

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Stop trying to delude yourself with some ideal version of yourself that doesn't like fat chicks and face who you are: a man who likes fat chicks.