Room Thread

Hello my friends how's it going?

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what is with the cringe flags and the old lady?

c can't we all just get along?

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>That many thumbtacks in your wall

It physically hurts me

>what is with the cringe flags and the old lady?

Thanks for the bump my friend

Some bullshit so I can post a pic

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Trump tranny

Is that black disk with an x on it a coaster?

Yeah, they are PlayStation controller symbol coasters

recently finished decorating, still a few finishing touches to go
but this is my cozy corner

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>Slut t-shirt


it's a va11halla wallpaper
i would never wear something like that user

Still kinda weird to have that as your wallpaper.

God save the Queen, bud.

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it's a comfy game and a comfy wallpaper
i like it

I don't care about the video game part, its the slut part.

topre topretopre topre

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Guess my age, my KHV status, and if I'm a NEET, wagie, or unicuck based off my room.

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Another room photo ahghghhhh

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aren't you the cringe Canadian autist that's always on Omegle?

More room photos djd6fdygd

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Last photo orgiiiional

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I'll clean it next week.

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I haven't used omegle frequently in months

based topre for comfiest typing experience

You look pretty normie honestly senpai not going to go through those questions one by one. But, you can never really tell for sure, the 'incel' still comes a lot more from social skills (imo) then being into weird stuff.

>three framed pictures of queen liz
>2 orthodox crosses
>two images of the blessed mother
>2 pikachus

im getting mixed signals, opie
are you an 80 year old woman or a 9 year old boy?

Just moved in.

Need to get a job and flesh it out.

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answer his question, fag

>how's it going?

Not too good, user. I wish Cyberpunk would come out already so I could escape this world :(

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>orthodox crosses
>historical canadian flags
>multiple queen portraits
>two globes
i hate you

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I'm not really sure what is to be said. I love my Queen and I love my flags.

The globes are kind of a waste of space imo, I'd like to get rid of them. One of them come from my old next door neighbour, his daughter gave it to me right after he died and I didn't really want it but, she clearly thought I did and it would have been rude to refuse. Guess it should to to good will or something now.

orthodox crosses

Eastern Rite Catholic, part of my family were that at one point but, I'm Latin Rite.

very un-aesthetic

i should clean up
good thing no one comes in

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>Think it'll be okay to use drugs a little bit
>End up having a filthy disgusting room again

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you deserve it for playing splatoon and using a mac

Splatoon was fun. I'm clearly playing Yoshi's Island tho

clearly yoshi's island is a BASED game but i saw the gay amiboo and assumed you were a retarded tranny

full table

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comfy keyboard
cool yoda

yoda says thank you and nice trips

idrc if it looks clean

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based yoda based yoda

looking comfy user

HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH nice rooms guys LEL mine is covered in poop let me know if you wanna see it ill get charlie to take a pic -Steven Butschlo

nice desk, I need to get a new one myself

Yeah cyberpunk looks cool

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Imagine fapping and having yoda staring at you.

I'm not surprised Satan likes it but what about you lad

I moved him off the desk a few minutes ago after I realized that.

i keep meaning to clean but never find the time

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>never find the time
Right now is the time

user it is midnight im comfy in bed

Get a load of this lazy bum

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These threads are getting a bit too common frens

Can you explain your life to me? I see you in all these threads.

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lol I'd entirely forgotten about that video

Thats a comfy room user, Id take down the christmas lights and put leds on the top of your bookshelf

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The intenet is a little shit in this part of the house, though.

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Is your Yoda a clean egg?

I spend so much time here. Would love for it to be bigger

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