Would you date a girl who weighed more than you?

Would you date a girl who weighed more than you?

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she eventually would lmao.
don't see why not.

as long as her BF% is equal or lower than mine don't wanna date a 220lb slob but I would date a 220lb amazoness qt

Yes, my first and only real gf weighed more than I did (and that was after she had lost a lot of weight)
It was pretty great, would do again

Fat girls don't look like the OP pic. They look rotund and circular, not 'thicc' with well proportions. Those girls are not only rare but they typically do workouts as well to maintain that overall shape even if they eat a lot.

Pretty much this. Stronk, tall gf> chubby gf

Of course, but I'd prefer her to start lighter and get heavier as we dated.

I prefer petite short girls to my fat 6ft frame; I like to pick them up like luggage and fuck them like a flesh-light.

This is my fetish, too bad I'm just another fat dude that wants to fuck small-ish girls. I miss my 90 lbs ex-gf

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>tfw sexually assaulted by amazoness with a boyfriend, simultaneously committing cheating and light rape
It's a very unique feel.

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>phone screenshot
>not even cropped
>google images
You have to be 18 to post here

does this ever happen with the genders reversed?

She squatted 4plate and outweighed me by 20 pounds. She left bruises...

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How did you meet her and what sequence of words did you have to utter in order for her to do such wonderful things to you?

I am a bit skelly, so that is pretty much all women.

Math class.
I wrote her a note,
"Would you like to be a genius"
Then I gave her infinite positive encouragement, made it clear I wasnt interested in her, and just wanted to be friends with her and her boyfriend.

So you were very polite and helpful, and in return she raped you?
That's extremely hot user, how did she initiate the sexual assault?
Are you still friends?

Well, on the way back from one of our trips to the beach (I invited her and her boyfriend but only she went since he was busy working a second job to get her a wedding ring she didnt want) she kept punching me in the arm. Im an only child so I questioned wtf was going on and she explained the concept of punch buggy. This left about a third of my arm bruised pretty badly.

That night she asked if I wanted to watch a scary movie, and being single and depressed I couldnt help but let her into my house. She cuddly watched it with me, put a leg over me, and because I gave her no response even massaged me with proper shiatsu technique after. Gotta admit that made me moan a lot ><

As it was getting late I led her to the guest room and before I went to my bedroom she grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the guest room. She stared in my eyes for what seemed like ages, explained she hadnt had sex in months, and then slapped me about as hard as Ive ever been slapped. She proceeded to grab me by the neck and thrash me around until I went limp. Then she mounted me...

Sex is a good thing, so I can understand that, but the slap seems more than a little presumptuous.
Did you not cry out or recoil?
Did she explain herself afterwards?
What race is she?
Did this incident put a strain on your relationship?

After it happened and she realized what she had done, she drove off. Eventually her boyfriend found out and she actually walked into a class we didnt share to grab my phone and delete anything resembling evidence. I still have a picture of the bruises she left lying around somewhere, but she did a lot to delete the physical evidence and started calling me a creep that tricked her. I wouldnt say we are friends anymore.

She was hispanic, 5'11" and at the time was about 190lbs. Had delts that made me feel inadequate.

Some part of me still wishes she had broken up with him first since it mightve worked out if she had. Instead we get a situation where an alpha chadette took what she wanted and got away with it.

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She kinda picked up on the fact that I'm a masochist. She saw through me pretty early on. I havent spoken to or heard from her in years, but I just know she's still playing innocent and blaming me for everything that happened when she's the one that attacked me before doing the right thing and breaking up with her then boyfriend.

She's married now to some guy whose parents own a restraunt. I wonder if she's out there raping subs on the side...

I'm already disgustingly fat, so no I would not date a woman fatter than me. Which is one of the reasons I'm going to be forever alone.

i'm only 92lbs so there's not rly an option for me
but i think chubby girls are cute

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>Would you date a girl who weighed more than you?

Yes, although that's not saying much, since I'm only 145lbs. (5'9")
The heaviest girl I ever was with was my height and weighed 150lbs or so. It was awesome. Huge tits, huge ass, soft thighs, just a wave of warm flesh everywhere enveloping you.

I'm pretty light. As a skinny manlet, women can be heavier than me without being particularly fat. While I wouldnt date an outright fat girl, there's an amount of chub I don't mind and even appreciate.

A 5'9", 150lb girl is not really that fat.

If she's fat, no. If she's taller than me, hell yes.

Hah I am so virtuous and opened minded.

>It was awesome. Huge tits, huge ass, soft thighs, just a wave of warm flesh everywhere enveloping you.
This. There's so much more to grab onto.

i can handle chubby if they arent like 200lb 5'3

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>i can handle chubby if they arent like 200lb 5'3
yeah, but a girl like that stopped being chubby 70lbs ago. 5'3", 200lb is just gross. double-chin, belly-apron, upper-arms-eating-her-elbows territory.

yes please chubby girls are top cute origenally

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I agree 100% its just girls really try saying they are "chubby" with that kind of weight because they dont wanna admit theyre obese. what I said is a bit extreme but ive seen it for sure

yes, i was into a girl who was bigger than me.

>description vs reality
skinny = normal
athletic = a little pudgy but will occasionally run a 5k
average = chubby without huge boobs
curvy = chubby with huge boobs and a colossal ass
chubby = obese
fluffy = stairs are challenge
a little extra = her physician genuinely fears for her life
more to love = description unnecessary, you will have already been drawn into her gravity well.

I already do user, she's 220 and I'm 150. It's great and the cuddles are the best.

No, but I would date a girl with a higher BMI. I've been lifting so I have more muscle as well as fat. A girl heavier than me would likely be a lot weaker and therefore VERY fat. I don't like super fat types that have to waddle when they walk, just somewhat chubby is perfect.

depends, is she willing to change or dead set on her weight?

i wouldn't date an obese girl per se but i would date a girl who was a bit chubby. i'm 5'11 and about 165lbs, if a girl were 5'7 and 170 i wouldn't really care. i prefer girls with a lightweight-mediumweight build tho.

If she was cute and I liked her sure

Slampigs are peak female form.

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I already did she is thick im skinner but tall

Why can you never find feedee Asian girls, or any non white feedee girls for that matter?

>if a girl were 5'7 and 170 i wouldn't really care.
That's not chubby though. That's fat.

That's not too fat, but it's kinda fat.
Still in the "maybe she's well proportioned tho" range.

Considering I'm 225 lbs she would be VERY thiccccccc

I'm 110 pounds. Every girl I date or fuck is bigger than I am. I get mogged by Asian women.

You lucky son of a bitch, how tall are you?

5'8", but probably shorter, because I meet people who are 5'8" and they're taller than me. Also a case of serious babyface.
I get a kick out of girls who consider themselves tiny or dainty being a solid 15 pounds heavier than me and totally able to pick me up.

Do the girls get a kick out of it?
I imagine you make them feel fat by comparison?

This man fucks.

Yes because it's not very difficult. I'm 5'8 and 120lb so yeah, even a fit girl who's near my height would be heavier.

I would only date a girl that weighed more than me.
250 lbs is ideal if she's tall, otherwise 200lbs.

i would prefer it desu

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its my dream to have a girlfriend who is bigger and stronger than me

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i give up. i see no point in living if i cant marry a taller girl

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I had exactly the same dream but I gave up and got a 4'11 girl, at least someone'll get to enjoy being a little spoon.