Do you have tinder? How's it working for you user?

Do you have tinder? How's it working for you user?

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I downloaded it but got stuck at the part where you're supposed to upload pics and realized I have no pics at all so I just deleted it

woah holy sheet, look at that freak!

I've never bothered. I tried OKCupid several years ago when that was the big online dating site. I messaged about 200 girls and never got a reply. There is no reason for me to try Tinder.

im too ugly and shy to make a profile. i want to be in a relationship but after so many years i dont how to

This, except I'm not shy, just ugly.

Damn nigga she ain't a snack she the whole damn meal

i only use it to catfish people. i cross dress and pretend to be a girl and the guys who match me i call them fags haha

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Fpbp. I had a friend who made me get it and then I just said nope once it said I needed like 3 pics cause I have 0

>tfw no giantess gf to ride your cock and crush your pelvis

why yes, it's not like I need all this confidence anyway why not throw it all in the garbage

>i cross dress and pretend to be a girl
P-post pics bro

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terrible. i know im not chad but i never considered myself really ugly. used my best pics, listed 6ft in my bio, have a job and school listed, etc. and after a month of swiping i have 3 likes and 1 match with a fat girl who never replied to me. i guess i am just a narcissist and in reality im way uglier than i ever thought i was

also jannies go ahead and ban me for selfie im trying to quit Jow Forums anyway

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I want her to use me as a dildo

talked to 2 girls for a day each, both ghosted me, but I'm meeting up with a qt 7/10 tommorow

I used to be on all these sites , and they all have the same thing in common.

I am universally ignored , ghosted , unmatched or insulted. This is a constant variable across every site, app , social media platform.

Yeah that's how its worked out.

>I like to travel
Holy fuck what even is women

>tfw no giantess gf to ride your cock and crush your pelvis
>death by snu snu

did she use the poop emojis because she cant wipe her ass properly?

Damn motherfucker bixnood she's a lot to handle but I could do it. She's an absolute unit, my dick is getting hard just thinking about undressing her and burying my face deep in that ass. Holy shit, each cheek must be twice the size of my head. I don't even know where I'd start with her.

>I don't even know where I'd start with her
pussy eating m8, then choke her with your cock

if you didn't get any matches, then I have absolutely no hope in getting any.

my old manager was a fat ugle native american who had a shitty no effort bio and he got matches and fucked girls off tinder all the time i have no clue how he did it yet people like you and me get like one in total

I think it's because we do not smile in our pictures and we just have a creepy vibe. Sometimes I get like a super hot girl but they obviously have really bad taste in men.

i cant fake a smile without it looking obviously fake and even worse. idk how normalfags do it

Yes friend. Same here.

How does she accumulate so much mass?

Same bro. I look even creepier when i try to take a smile compares to not smiling at all

Look at me! Look at me holding my drink all classy in this nice looking room with my big boobies! I am way too good for you!

>every single fucking one

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Daily reminder that tinder is designed to keep you single and on tinder. Going to bars and actually developing your interpersonal skills is one of the only ways to catch up

>call her daddy

i keep seeing this shit what the fuck does it mean?

how the fuck is that weathered old beastie 19

>creepy vibe
I've been outright told this and it makes me feel awful. I don't think i'm particularly unattractive and I get along well with lots of people and can talk but I've been called creepy by about 5 girls my age I've tried to ask out.
I don't know what i'm doing wrong. The irl friends I do have dont understand it either
What type of women do we keep approaching that's just absolutely appalled by us?
last girl that called me creepy looked like this

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>I don't think i'm particularly unattractive
You are, that's why you get called "creepy." That's what "creepy" means.

i mean i guess, that's what id think but i dunno, im fit, tall, and white and i have all my hair so i cant be that ugly.

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That face says 28 and 27+ dicks

It's a shitty podcast they advertise for free about two whores talking about cheating, whoring it up, and advice on how to get away with it. For some reason women are such brainlets they like it enough to advertise it to men of all things on dating apps.

You're handsome bro. Your account probably got bricked because you right swiped too much or something. It happens all the time. I m around just slightly less attractive than you but I got 300ish matches

The last tinder chick I smashed gave me chlamydia. I hate condoms. So I'm done with that shit.

Your haircut looks stupid and you give off school shooter vibes but you can easily pass as a fake Chad if you smile and go do normie shit

I am definitely uglier than this guy and I got plenty matches with nothing written on my profile.

I downloaded it, put up the only 3 half-way decent pics I have from the last two years, and have accumulated like 40 matches. I have not messaged a single one.

>t. boomer who hasn't actually tried to go to a bar in literal fucking years

>go to le bar lel

yes it is still 2009 thank you boomster

Afraid to try it. I've never been in a relationship, and I believe it would be quite awkward.

I am looking for something more long-term than the intended purpose of Tinder, however, I feel that my failure to put myself out there at all is largely to blame.

I know someone who looks like she could be this chicks younger sister

Take bette pics, especially with friends

This is Jow Forums

never tried it, might one day resort to it but would rather find someone in a more old-fashion way (through work/friends) than just some rando on an app

post pics of her feet originig

They banned me because they saw my photos and thought I was underage. I'm fucking 26

Had it for 2 weeks. Got about 15 matches. Half of those didn't respond and conversations died off within a couple of days for the other half. Will probably try it out again once I've lost some weight (210lbs at 6') and I have some half-decent pics (hilariously un photogenic).

Bullshit, creepy doesn't mean ugly, it means that he gives off serial killer/school shooter vibes or something. We saw the pic, he's clearly not ugly he just isn't smiling and looks sulky.

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Cajun soulfood bby, cheese for fucking days I tell you

turn your belt into a noose to pick up edgy arthoes.

Death by snu snu... hot

holy shit I can't imagine what an absolute giga chad she demands. how big must his dick be to be acceptable to her

Some random advice for all you tinder users.
Upload more then 1picture, one of you alone, one with friends and one where you are busy with your hobby or passion. Smile in atleast one of them.

Put only information on your profile that you also find important. Not your height etc. I hate to admit it but I know a lot of girls are too shallow to look further then that. Something funny can help, don't take it too serious.

And most important, if you are actually looking for love don't use tinder. For hook ups it's fine but for anything more serious I would recommend okcupid.
I don't use it myself so what do I know but this is what friends told me they like. Good luck y'all!

Yeah it's originally shit

Most women say the same things and have hivemind profiles.

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I know someone who looks just like this girl + 200 lbs.

Just follow this bro

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I installed tinder some time ago.
I did not like any of the girls. Kept searching and reading profiles for hours and did not find anyone I liked.

>get matches
>don't know what to write, so i don't write
>1/10 of girls writes first
>either don't respond or fuck it up
i'm boring

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Not very well, unfortunately.

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Lol jk. I originally had just the pic with no bio. I just needed an account to keep an eye on thots in my area, see what the dating market really looks like. Also to report whores for inappropriate photos, underage drinking, etc. But I thought it would be funny to spam Pokemon, so

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I've been wanting to but im too shy/don't have patience to pose for pics and i don't have any friends either so that makes it almost impossible.

The most important thing in the Tinder pics, aside from being gorgeous, is to look interesting and fun to be around so you need pics in cool places and surrounded by people. I dont have the art to manipulate that, unless you are model tier you'll never get matches by taking a selfie or looking straight to the cam all by yourself

>95% of the good examples are 8+ brads
Really makes you contemplate huh

I get matches and I talk to people and then they stop replying back.
I try to organise a time for people to go out on a date but they never follow through.
I delete it and reinstall and the cycle continues.
It's fucking weak.

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Pretty much all of these requires you to have someone else take the photo.
That shit ain't possible for all of us.

>no 'player' shots

Wrong. Having photos of you next to attractive women will up your success

>Doesnt want Dick pics

Why is she on tinder, then?

Grow a beard or get some scars.

Same. I rarely take pictures of anything, least of all myself. And I'm not going to take a cringy selfie just for tinder so I guess tinder will never happen for me.

not my real pic, got it off google images

I had two dates so far. First girl didn't like me and I was also not super into her. Second one was really really cute, but just wanted to be friends with me aka. wasn't attracted to me.

I have some matches but the conversations are always a pain in the ass and very one sided. Girls rarely ask any questions back, so it always seems like I'm interviewing them. How do I avoid that?

Atm I'm too depressed to chat up new matches.

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I see. Nevermind then.


This is my ideal woman. I love tall girls why was I cursed to be 6'2

I tried it like 4 years ago when I was a really desperate and horny 18 year old. Had it for around 3 months and got like 3 matches. Never sent anything to any of them and deleted the app.

Kinda worked out because now I find the entire idea behind Tinder disgusting and I've found a GF who I've been dating for 6 months, and we even lost our virginities to each other. I was really desperate and lonely back then, completely depressed and pathetic. Somehow I got my shit together and started getting a lot of female attention in real life since. I would probably regret it very dearly if I ever lost my virginity on Tinder.

yup sure thing budy boyo here is proof

I think I'm shooting for the moon here, but I think I might be her type

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I guess not bad

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>not using Grindr
>not pounding boipucci
>staying a virgin

Try grinder


Why not just go on Grindr and fuck some boipussy?

I'll be your giantess gf (male)

Thanks for this m8

If you used pics like this no surprise. You look like you never leave the house and no girl will swipe on that. You also look depressed and no fun to be around, looks like youll sit and whine all the time. Youre not ugly but there is more to tinder than just your looks.

Robots use Grindr and actually have sex

Look happy in pics

>downloaded the app
>made account
>few bites
>deleted app because I don't have any time or money for dating

reduce student loans and maybe my generation would make more babies

I meet a lot of girls at bars. Tinder is not useful at all.

Bruh, why the fuck is it that the bad is just average dude while the good is nothing but 8+/10 dudes?

Not just student loans. Shit, make EVERYTHING cheaper and more accessible. Why the fuck does everything cost an arm and a leg? Why do the jobs that get me those arms and legs cost arms and legs? Why am I expected to have arms and legs to get arms and legs when I was never given the opportunity beforehand because I didn't have arms and legs? I don't wanna be the "we live in a society" guy, but holy shit this society sucks. I have no idea how me or many other people in gen Z are gonna make it when everyone keeps fucking us over and taking our spots.

Move to better states

Anyone can get an average dude by just going outside

I mean you say that but don't list what those states are

Guys who have actually gotten dates off tinder:

Did you directly ask them on a date or did you have a convo first?

Why do I have to do this work for you user?
Where I live(Alabama) you can live without worry if you aren't a dumbass who put themselves in debt on 2g a month which I make over in a month at $12/hr(Mercedes plant) and will soon move up to $15/hr or $17/hr here.Not to mention could make $30-$60/hr for IT shit. In about a year I'm gonna go do railroad engineering classes and makes around $25/hr.